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Easy Halloween crafts for toddlers

Easy Halloween crafts for toddlers

Halloween is the perfect inspiration for toddlers to get crafty and get involved in some spooky activities. 

These easy Halloween crafts for toddlers are really simple, with minimal prep for you, and they tie in really nicely with the theme!

We’ve made a few of these ourselves, and some are on the list for us to try out!

One of the key things I’ve started doing when we make crafts now is using my glue gun. I find the kids glue just does not keep things like pom poms stuck down, and it all falls apart within seconds. 

I let my toddler do a few key things, such as painting and any stickers, then I will get the glue gun out and assemble what needs to be done. She still loves seeing the whole project through from start to finish, even if she can’t do some of the stages herself. 

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The key things you will need are: 

  • Paint
  • Paper plates
  • Black card
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eye stickers
  • Leftover toilet rolls
  • Glue (preferably a glue gun)

Right, lets get on to the Halloween craft ideas!

Spooky toilet roll monsters

Spooky Halloween toilet roll monsters for toddlers to make

The girls loved making these toilet roll monsters! We made a pumpkin, a vampire and a Frankenstein’s monster. 

First we painted our toilet rolls. At the moment we do most of our painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks. These are brilliant because there’s no pouring paint into a dish and getting out paint brushes. They just use them like they would a pen!

Halloween Frankenstein's monster toilet roll craft

We then used black, red and white to create the various facial features and hair. These took about 35 minutes to make and were great fun!

Lollystick spider webs

Lolly stick spider webs

This is a really nice hand-eye coordination test for toddlers. I had to do the glueing, because I used a glue gun to fix the lollysticks together. 

But `my toddler created the spider web shape first, which was a good lesson in a steady hand!

We then got some wool and wrapped it round to create the web strands. You could go one step further and use a black pom pom to create a spider dangling from the web. 

Paper plate mummy

This is a fun craft your toddler will love! Get a paper plate. You could leave it white or you could paint it green.

Next get either toilet paper, or if you have some spare a few strips of bandage, and stick it to the plate. Leave a small gap and either paint some eyes in or stick some on!

Paper plate monster 

Halloween monster paper plate

This is the easiest toddler Halloween craft you can do! Simply get a paper plate and let your toddler splodge paint all over it in any colours, patterns and blobs that they wish!

Then you get some googly eye stickers and let your toddler stick these down at random all over the paper plate. Voila! You have a paper plate monster. 

This one is great as it requires such little direction from you compared to others where scissors and hot glue is involved. 

Paper plate pumpkin 

Another easy Halloween craft your toddler can do without too much hassle. Get orange paint and let your toddler cover one side of the paper plate with the paint. 

Let this dry, then paint on black triangles and a toothy mouth. You could stick some green card at the top for the stem to make it a bit 3D. 

Paper plate spider 

Get a paper plate and get your little one to paint it black (make sure you use child-safe washable paint for this one). 

Get some black pipe cleaners or black card cut into strips and stick them on the side of the plate for the legs. 

Finish it off with a silly face on the plate. 

Finger paint monster

Get a piece of card and let your toddler finger paint in random colours all over it. Next give them some googly eyes to stick all over the picture, and add a smile somewhere too with either black pen or a piece of string or wool. 

Pumpkin apple stamps

You will need orange paint, apples, plus black and green paint for this craft. 

Get an apple and cut it in half, then use the half an apple as a stamp to make pumpkin shaped prints on paper or card. 

For a really dramatic effect, use black card and then the orange paint apple stamps will stand out so much more. Finish off with black paint for the eyes and toothy mouth. 

Spooky handprint monsters

This is a great craft as your child will really enjoy having their handprint created. You could do it yourself, but if your toddler is able to then let them have a go at drawing around their own hand. 

You can then give them pom poms and googly eye stickers to decorate the monsters. 

Mosaic pumpkin 

Get a piece of paper and draw a pumpkin shape on there. You could cut it out, it’s up to you. Then get your toddler to stick little squares of tissue paper or card inside the lines. 

Just let them use a child-safe glue stick for this activity. 

Halloween slime

There’s not much better for Halloween than some gooey slime to play with!

Halloween slime

We made a fluffy slime (which uses shaving foam along with contact lens solution and glue). Using Elmer’s coloured glue means you can skip adding any colouring to the slime. We used a glitter glue, but the colour really fades along with the sparkle of the glitter, so add extra glitter if you want yours to be really sparkly. 

Monster rocks

This is a great activity as you could go out into the countryside for a walk first to find the perfect rocks for this craft. 

Paint the rocks with glow in the dark paint for a really spooky finish!

Spider handprint craft

This is a really simple but fun craft. You will need black card and some black wool or thread to make the spiders’ web. 

Melted crayon pumpkin 

This is such a cool idea and will make the perfect pumpkin for your front door. It’s something really different and eye-catching!

The pumpkin really needs to be white to make the colours stand out. Get the crayons and glue them onto the pumpkin, then use a hairdryer to melt them. 

Fluffy pumpkin slime 

Make your slime orange and add some features to make a blobby pumpkin!

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween crafts for toddlers. Which one was your favourite?



Easy Halloween crafts for toddlers
Paper plate monsters craft
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