Kindi Kids toy review

Warning! This Kindi Kids toy review contains talk of starting school that some parents (who think their kids cannot possibly be old enough yet) may find upsetting!

The Kindi Kids range of beautiful and fun dolls is all about enjoy the big leap to school and making friends. 

Kindi Kids toy review - Marsha Mello doll

Preparing to send my daughter to school is a huge step for us all as a family. It seems like it was only yesterday that she was a newborn. Now we’re fitting her for school shoes and chatting about how great it will be to learn how to read. 

Starting school is a big deal for everyone, so any little magic we can sprinkle on this time to make it a bit easier is seriously welcome. 

Kindi Kids gets its name from the word kindergarten – the American equivalent of pre-school and Reception class at primary school. The dolls are all supposed to be youngsters getting started at kindergarten, with the additional accessories helping to create the fun classroom environment where the dolls play. 

The message behind the toys is: 

“At Kindergarten and pre-school, you have the magic of a world of discovery, where imagination is boundless. But it’s a scary time – there are no parents to guide you and you can find yourself navigating this new world on your own!

Moose Toys Kindi Kids encourage you to be true to yourself at a time where you don’t know yourself!”

I love the message behind these toys, that getting started at school is all about finding your feet, making friends and letting your imagination run wild. 

What’s in the Kindi Kids toys box?

Kindi Kids Snack time friends doll Marsha Mello

Kindi Kids dolls are sold as single toys with two little  “shopkins” accessories included. We received Marsha Mello (got to love that name!) who has the most amazing rainbow hair and dress. 

The other characters in the range include Peppa-Mint, Jessicake, and Donatina. 

Marsha came with a cute little cake pop and babycino featuring little marshmallows. The cake pop is fab as you can push one corner of it down, making it look like Marsha has taken a bite out of her treat. The babycino features a squeezable base that makes the marshmallows pop up through the straw as if Marsha is really drinking her drink. 

It’s little features like this that make the toys so engaging!

The Marsha doll was very sturdy, with moveable arms and legs. She can stand unaided, which is great, and best of all her head bobbles which I thought was a really nice added feature. Marsha is 10 inches tall, so she’s quite a big doll but still easy to hold for little hands. 

The styling of the doll is just gorgeous, with big sparkly eyes, white hair with pastel rainbow streaks and a dress and shoes that match the pretty pastels. I loved that the doll didn’t look like a skinny fashion doll, but just like a normal little girl which made it perfect for my daughter to relate to. 

The doll costs £24.99 from Amazon and other big toy retailers. 

Kindi Kids supermarket

We were also sent the Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket (£29.99) to try out. The set features a number of “Shopkins” items including bananas, OJ, jam, and an apple, plus there’s a little shopping basket too. 

The actual supermarket is bright and colourful with lots going on, including a till, weighing scales, shelves and a cold storage area. 

Kindi Kids supermarket

Also included with this set is a playmat which opens out to reveal the floor lay out of the supermarket. There’s a special corner for the supermarket, plus a little walkway and another corner where you can place a toy fridge, which is also part of the Kindi Kids range.  

Kindi Kids

We were also sent the Kindi Kids Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart (£14.99). This is such a clever little cart, featuring a happy bunny face at the front that wriggles around as the trolley is pushed and feet that move too!

Kindi Kids rabbit petkins shopping cart

The cart has a platform when you can stand your doll, and they can stand there unaided so your child can then push the cart around. You can fill the cart with all of the shopping from the supermarket!

Kindi Kids shopping cart trolley

All of the small toy foods and snacks feature little smiling faces on them. The designs for all of the dolls and accessories are so bright and engaging, they’re really eye-catching and pretty. 

What can you do with Kindi Kids

Kindi Kids doll

The possibilities are endless with the accessories that help kids to create and act out little scenarios with their dolls. 

They could play shops, pushing their trolley around the pretend store, or go on an adventure with their friends. 

Kindi Kids toy review

As all of the clothing on the dolls is removable, including the shoes, my kids loved dressing and undressing the doll. 

The supermarket has some fantastic moving and interactive features. 

The scales bobble around so your child can pretend to weigh their shopping as they get ready to pay. The till has a card that your child can move side to side to open the cash tray, and two little coins are included with the set for pretend payment!

Kindi Kids toy supermarket

There’s also a “Shop n Drop” conveyor belt that opens when a button is pressed so that the food drops down into the basket below. 

There are lots of shelves too so kids can enjoy stocking up the supermarket before doing their shopping. 

Kindi Kids toys spark imagination through fun and the journey of discovery that all young kids go through as they start school. 

Our verdict on the Kindi Kids toys

If anyone asks me for a toy idea for a pre-schooler/new school starter then this is definitely going to be top of the list. 

There’s so much to do with this toy and the look and feel of all the Kindi Kids range is brilliant. 

The doll is extremely sturdy and will cope with being dropped and having her arms and legs pulled backwards and forwards for hours. 

The lovely sets you can buy to create fun play environments for the dolls are so great, with some awesome little moving features that make them so engaging for kids. 

This is a toy your child will play with again and again as they navigate the discovery and fun of starting school. 

Kindi Kids toy review

We were gifted these Kindi Kids toys in exchange for an honest review.