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Beautiful first birthday party themes

star birthday party theme first birthday party cake and cupcakes

Picking a beautiful first birthday party theme for your baby can be tricky, as there are so many gorgeous options to choose from. 

Whether your baby is a boy or a girl, you want to organise a party that will create lasting memories for your as a family. 

Although your baby won’t remember the day, the first birthday party is a really nice occasion for the grown-ups in your family to celebrate the littlest member of your tribe. 

A first birthday party doesn’t need a theme of course. If you want to pick a colour scheme, or not bother narrowing it down at all, then you’re still going to have an incredible day. 

But for me part of the fun of organising the children’s birthday parties has been picking a theme and seeing it all come together with the food, decorations and birthday cake. 

How to choose a theme for your baby’s first birthday party

So you want to pick a theme for your baby’s party, but there are so many to choose from where do you start?

It’s best to take inspiration from your baby’s favourite things. 

Do they have a Peter Rabbit toy they play with every day?

 Is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star their favourite nursery rhyme?

Are they drawn to a particular colour or a particular type of toy? 

Maybe your baby has a favourite cartoon character such as Chase in Paw Petrol or Peppa Pig? Whatever your little one loves, take inspiration from that. 

If you’re still stumped, then check out these images below and see which one you’re most drawn to. 

All birthday parties can be done on a budget, you don’t have to spend thousands on decking out your entire house. 

Remember that a lot of things can be done on a budget, such as a cake made yourself or DIY decorations. The important thing is that you’re together as a family!

Baby’s first birthday party theme ideas

To give you inspiration for your little one’s birthday party, here are some stunning first birthday party themes!

These haven’t been divided into boy or girl, because you can use all of them for either! Change up the colour schemes to suit your little one, or your own taste. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star birthday party theme for a first birthday

Our youngest daughter had a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star first birthday party theme. 

The main colours were pale pink and gold. I made star biscuits to serve to guests, and cut out star-shaped sandwiches for the children. 

Her cake was topped with a beautiful cake topper featuring her name and a few stars, plus she had some cupcakes with star toppers on them. 

Twinkle twinkle little star birthday party theme for a first birthday

Hawaiian Luau

Want to be transported to an exotic location without leaving your home? Try this beautiful Hawaiian Luau first birthday party theme!

Grandbaby Cakes used tropical colours to make balloon garlands, featuring a few leaf-shaped cut-outs, and fabric flowers to give it a beautiful finish. 

Hawaiin luau party

Biscuits were served featuring bright pineapples, flowers and leaves. All of the food was presented with bright green leaves and florals. The final result is truly beautiful! Just don’t forget to put your baby in a grass skirt!


Enjoy all of the colours of the rainbow with this bright and cheerful birthday party theme!

You could get coloured card cheaply from a craft shop or Amazon and cut flag shapes from it to make your own rainbow bunting. 

Create a beautiful rainbow cake like my friend Hannah from Hannah and the Twiglets.

These cupcakes by Stef’s Eats and Sweets are so gorgeous they’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 

You could also make your own balloon garland using rainbow-coloured balloons. You can buy packs that you simply need to inflate and assemble, or try putting it together yourself.

Rainbow tassels and streamers will also help to finish off the look. 


This is such a unique and fun theme from Amy Lanham! The lumberjack party is all about the great outdoors and hearty food such as pulled pork. 

Little campfire decorations and wooden table settings add some really pretty and fun touches to the party table. 

Bears, moose and other animals can also be used to decorate the party location!

Once Upon A Summer

Can’t decide on a party theme? Merge your favourite ideas together like Play Party Plan!

She took the Once Upon a Time theme and added some extra colour with a summer twist. 

Once Upon a summer first birthday party idea

The result is a party with bright and bold colours. Decorations inspired by crowns, castles and ponies become that much more eye-catching in these playful tones. 

The food needs to be all about summer lushness, such as fresh fruit mixed with indulgent whipped cream, and a Hansel & Gretel donut tower (yes really!).

Pyjama Party

Are you planning to stay in and keep your party relaxed? You can’t get more relaxed than a pyjama party!

Make a bedtime-themed cake topper, and add some dreamy stars to set the scene. 

This theme is great as you can use any colour you want, from pastels to brights. It all depends on what will match your baby’s favourite PJs!

Party animals 

All little ones absolutely love animals! This is a great theme because you can make some beautiful decorations with just the things you probably already have around the home. 

Take this beautiful cake from Lilies and Loafers blog post about their baby’s first birthday party. They took some toy animals and popped DIY mini party hats on their heads. 

This is such a simple thing to do yourself, but it looks so adorable! You could add bunting to the cake with beautiful rainbow colours to add another dimension. 

Elsewhere, your decor could include balloons shaped like animals, stuffed animal heads (the fake, cute kind) and lots of greenery to make the party location look like a jungle. 

Under the Sea

Whether your little one is a big fan of Nemo, or they just love whales and all life under the sea, this is a really fun theme. 

I love the decorations around the cake that The English Family has done for their Under the Sea party.

These fishy cupcakes from Mommys Bundle look really cute and are simple to make yourself. 

Mickey’s Fun to be One

Want to sprinkle some Disney magic on your baby’s first birthday party? Try this Mickey Mouse-inspired party!

The cake features some beautiful Mickey Mouse cutouts and there are Disney details running through the entire party. 

What’s great about this theme is that you can use any colour combinations you like as well. 

Vintage circus

A circus party theme can bring so much colour and vibrance to the occasion!

Popcorn is essential, as are lots of bright reds and yellows. You can have so much fun with this theme, there are hundreds of different combinations of things from the circus you could use from animals to clowns.


This beautiful aeroplane cake is just one of the lovely ways you can style a party around this up, up and away theme!

Get aeroplane-shaped balloons and surround them with white balloons to create the clouds.

Strawberry picnic

This is a beautiful and unique baby birthday party theme! It’s perfect for a summer baby!

Take the humble strawberry and place it centre stage for your baby’s party in a cute picnic setting. 

There are some beautiful details in TikKido’s lovely blog post. From the strawberry bunting, featuring tiny stitched berries on a string, to the gingham red and white table cloth, it’s such a beautiful theme. 

The cake is a real showstopper with the red and white detail created using icing. 


Whether your little one wants to be Iron Man, Bat Girl or Superman, a suoperhero party is the perfect way to celebrate your one-year-old!

Find costumes online to dress up the adults and kids and use reds, blues and whites to decorate your home. 

Star-shaped sandwiches, biscuits and fruit are a fab way to tie the food in to the theme as well. 


Add some extra happy thoughts to your child’s birthday party with a fairy theme. 

You could go in several different directions with this theme, whether it be am enchanted fairy garden or a full-on Disney brightly coloured party. 


A birthday party theme that is as sweet as honey!

Keep the colour scheme to yellow and black, and use fun slogans like these super cute biscuits!

Peter Rabbit

A Peter Rabbit party is an absolute classic for a reason! Take inspiration from the characters of the famous Beatrix Potter books and go bunny crazy for your baby’s party!

I love this extremely tasteful and just gorgeous Peter Rabbit party from U Ready Teddy. You can of course use images from illustrations in the book, but I love how this Peter Rabbit party is a bit more like the book has come to life and jumped off the pages. 


With Frozen 2 being released in the cinema, Frozen birthday parties are set to become a big trend all over again!

Use blue and white to style your tables and decorations, with blue and white balloon garlands and bunting. 

Soccer Mom threw a Frozen party on a budget and the results were magical!

I hope you found some inspiration in these beautiful ideas.

What’s your favourite birthday party theme for little ones?

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