IMG_3367I use thighs in this recipe as they come out so juicy and tender but it’s fine to use breast meat if that’s what your prefer. I am a huge fan of one-pot meals. All you have to do is dump everything in one pan then use one hand to stir and another to hold your glass of wine.

This recipe is also pretty flexible and you can add other veggies if your want (maybe some parsnip). If you have a fussy toddler, you could put the carrots, leek and onion in a food processor until it’s very finely chopped up, then when it cooks and softens it just melts into the sauce. Yummy!

Makes 8 toddler portions

Pack 6 chicken thighs
Olive oil
Two carrots peeled and diced
One leek sliced and diced
One small onion
Few sprigs of herbs of your choice – thyme leaves are lovely in this
4 medium sized potatoes peeled and cut into 8 roughly equal pieces
One jar passata or tin chopped tomatoes
Low salt chicken stock cube (I use Kallo)


Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan then add chicken thighs and brown all over for a couple of minutes.

Add onion, carrots and leek. Fry with the chicken for a few more minutes.

Add the potatoes, passata, herbs and chicken stock cube. I usually add about 100ml of water as well by topping up the empty passata jar and tipping that in. Give everything a good stir.

Bring to the boil then lower to a simmer and cook gently for one hour.

This freezes really well and can also be blended into a purée for babies. My toddler devours this meal every time!