Bright Eyes hats review

We were gifted these hats in exchange for an honest review.

With Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas lights to enjoy, there are so many reasons to have fun outdoors in the dark at this time of year. 

So these amazing hats are the perfect accessory to get you through all those winter evenings of family fun!

The Bright Eyes hats are the perfect combination of super cute and a genius idea to keep your family seen, and safe. 

It’s a hat, that thinks it’s a torch! 

There are four animal characters to choose from in the Bright Eyes range. 

There’s Amanda Panda, Cassie Cat, Rusty Raccoon and Una Unicorn. 

Each of the hats has lights in the eyes, which are controlled by a switch and battery pack tucked away in a pocket inside the hat. 

One push of the button turns the lights on. The second push will make them flash and then third push turns them off. 

The lights act as both a torch illuminating up to 10m and a way to be seen when out and about after dark. 

What are the hats like?

The thing I loved the most about these hats, apart from the lights of course, was that the quality of the fabric and finish is so amazing!

Each hat is beautifully designed, with the animals very clearly identifiable. 

There are some 3D elements with the unicorn horn and ears, which make these hats so sweet. The stitching and finish on all of the hats is really beautiful, so I was really impressed with the look of them.

Inside each hat is a lovely, soft fleece lining, making the hats so cozy! It will definitely keep away the chill on snowy and icy days. 

I was slightly concerned how four hats, all of the same size, would fit our entire family! My husband just about managed to get his on – he has a big head, haha – but for the rest of us it was amazing the same hat could fit us all. 

I think it’s been designed really well to fit even heads as tiny as my two-year-old! It meant we could all switch hats depending on whether my kids wanted to be a cat, a raccoon, a panda or a unicorn. 

Having taken the hats on a “test drive” on a few really chilly occasions, they have kept everyone so snug. They really are functional as well as looking amazing!

Our verdict

The Bright Eyes hats are beautiful and fun, plus the lights inside make them both safe and practical too!

The kids were so excited by the different designs of the hats and trying out the lights. 

I loved how powerful the lights were, considering they are relatively small they actually really do act as a torch for when you’re out in the dark!

They’re really warm to wear and the fit is brilliant.

The hats retail at £18.95 for Rusty and £17.95 for all the other hats in the range.