Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop review

We’ve been trying out the Slurp N Slime Goo Drop toy featuring the cutest little goo alien you’ve ever seen. 

Slime is such a huge hit with my two kids! 

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop

They love the gooey stuff so much that I think they would quite happily bathe in it if they could. Luckily I’m around to make sure they don’t go quite that far!

The Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop is a little alien – also known as a Goo Drop – which you can feed with slime! You mix up your own glittery batch of the gooey stuff and then slurp it up in a syringe before feeding it to the doll. 

Once it’s inside the doll, your child can poke and squeeze their body to see the slime moving around inside the Goo Drop.

Goo Goo Galaxy Goo Drop toy

It’s a really fun and engaging process to play with the toy, and really helps to spark kids’ imaginations. 

How does the Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime work?

Bowie Beamheart

The Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop comes in a box that looks just like a rocket. It’s bright and colourful. 

Goo Goo Galaxy Bowie Beamheart Slurp N Slime Goo Drop

The second the girls looked at the box they were itching to get inside and take a look!

Included in the box are 15 items. 

You get the Goo Drop doll, who is called Bowie Beamheart (my kids loved that name). Bowie has a hard plastic head and a squashy body which is see-through. The slime is fed into his mouth and it fills up his body. 

The box also includes the reGOOvinator, which is a syringe used to suck up the slime and feed it to Bowie. 

Mix up some glitter slime and feed it to Bowie!

Inside there are two sachets of powder to make two batches of slime and five different types of glitter. 

The kids chose the glitter they wanted to add to their slime, and then we got to mixing!

The box also includes a bowl, which features a line showing where to add water to, and a whisk for stirring up the water and slime powder. 

First you add the water to the bowl, then pour in the powder and give it a good mix for at least 60 seconds. 

Mix the slime powder with water for 60 seconds using the whisk included in the box

This was one of the most fun parts of the whole process! 

Once the slime was the right consistency, we added the glitter and gave it another stir until it was thoroughly mixed together. 

Goo Drop slime toy
Slurping up the slime with the reGOOvinator to feed Bowie!

Next it was time to slurp up the slime with the reGOOvinator. 

Giving the slime another stir with the whisk

This was the stage that my eldest daughter loved the most! The syringe is nice and big, so easy for small hands to use. 

It fits into Bowie’s mouth well and then you push the syringe down and fill Bowie’s tummy with the glitter slime. 

Once the tummy is full, you pop the Candy Comet (which looks a bit like a dummy) into his mouth and this stops the slime coming out. 

Bowie also comes with a stand so you can pop him anywhere in your child’s room so they can see him and his glittery slime tummy. 

When you’re ready to change the slime, take out the Candy Comet, squeeze Bowie’s tummy and he vomits up all the slime! 

Goo Drop toy review
Just take out the Candy Comet and squeeze Bowie’s tummy to make her vomit up all the glitter slime and start all over again

Then you can mix up another batch of slime to feed to Bowie. 

Inside the box there are also some stickers and a passport featuring a little bit more information about Bowie’s story!

The toy is marketed at kids aged five and over, which I think is the right kind of age bracket.

What did we think?

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop

The whole process of playing with Bowie was so much fun. 

The girls absolutely loved picking out their favourite glitter to add to the slime, and stirring up the gooey mixture. 

Feeding it to Bowie was also brilliant, and seeing the slime move around in his belly had the girls fascinated. 

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop review

The toy also has a lovely story to it, which really sparked the kids’ imagination. 

She’s a cute little Goo Drop who travelled through space looking for a nice friend to look after her! Both girls loved Bowie. The design of the doll is so cute, especially those big galaxy eyes!

Where to buy

The Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp N Slime Goo Drop is available from Smyths Toys and other good toy retailers for £29.99. 

You can also visit the Character Options website for your chance to win your own Bowie!

We were sent this toy in exchange for an honest review.