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Beautiful baby names inspired by Netflix’s Bridgerton

Did you love the Netflix hit Bridgerton and want to take baby name inspiration from the romantic drama?

Bridgerton on Netflix

When looking for baby names many parents take inspiration from what they binged on TV. 

Bridgerton has been a huge hit for Netflix since it was launched onto the streaming platform in December. 

And now Bridgerton baby names are set to inspire parents looking for beautiful baby name ideas. 

This blog post will bring the names of Bridgerton characters together in one list and give you the meanings of the names so you can pick your favourite!

The names from the hit show are very traditional as the show is based in Regency era London and follows the romantic entanglements of high society families. 

Bridgerton baby name trend

In the hit TV show the Bridgerton children are named in alphabetical order. 

However the Featherington children’s names all begin with the same letter, P. 

Some parents may want to take inspiration from that, without using specific names from the show. 

But the actual names from the show are brilliant! They suit parents who love the vintage or traditional baby name trends. 

Some of the characters names form Bridgerton such as Rose, Oliver, Henry and Charlotte are already featuring in popular baby name charts. 

Mum thinking of baby names inspired by Netflix Bridgerton

However other names such as Daphne haven’t been popular choices for some time. The popularity of Bridgerton could well help this name experience a surge in popularity!

Bridgerton baby names and meanings 

These are names of characters from the hit Netflix show Bridgerton that may inspired you when it comes to naming your baby. 

We’ve included the meanings so you can make an informed choice about your favourites!

Bridgerton girl names 


The name Bridget means “power, strength” or “noble” so it’s a powerful name. Bridget is not a character in the show, but it’s inspired by the title Bridgerton!


This is a pretty and feminine name meaning “free man” or “petite”. In the show Bridgerton, Charlotte is the name of the Queen, who is a powerful character but also one who has some great one-liners. 


This is a great name choice if you love unusual and rare names. It means “gold”. 

In the show Cressida Cowper is a rival of the main character Daphne. 


The name Daphne means laurel tree or bay tree. In Greek mythology Daphne was the nymph daughter of Peneus. 

In the show Daphne is the lead female character. She gets involved in a scheme with Simon, the Duke of Hastings, to pretend they are engaged. 


The name means healthy and is of French origin. 

In Bridgerton Eloise is the fifth Bridgerton child – hence her name begins with “E” as the Bridgertons were named in alphabetical order. 


A French name meaning “from France”. Can be shortened to Fran or Frannie. 

Francesca is one of the youngest Bridgerton children in the show. 


The name is of Celtic and Germanic origin and means “woman of the race”. It’s a lovely choice if you want an unusual baby name. 

In the show Genevieve is a high society dressmaker working in the Modiste. 


This is such a pretty name and perfect if you love older traditional names. It means farmer. 

Georgina’s character does not feature in the hit TV show but author Julia Quinn has featured her in the Bridgerton book First Comes Scandal. 


A pretty and girly name meaning blue Larkspur or precious stone. 

In Bridgerton Hyacinth is the youngest of the Bridgerton family. 


Not a widely popular name but a very cute choice. The name means pure. 

Kitty Langham is the general’s wife in Bridgerton. 


Meaning from the sea, this is a great unusual choice. 

In the show Marina Thompson is a cousin of the Featherington family. Her character experiences scandal as she is pregnant out of wedlock. 


A Greek name meaning weaver. Can be shortened to Penny. 

Penelope is one of the Featherington children, whose names all begin with P. 

She is the youngest of the Feathering children and features in one of the biggest storylines of the series. 


The name means “lover of horses” and could be shortened to Pippa. 

Philippa is one of the Featherington children. 


The name means poppy, the flower. It is an old English name and has been popular in recent years with parents. 

The character of Poppy does not feature in the TV show. She is a cousin of the Bridgerton children and appears in one of the novels by Julia Quinn, called The Other Miss Bridgerton. 


The name means “an offering”. 

Portia is the mother of the Featherington girls and a baroness. She has ambitions in society and for her children’s marriage prospects. 


A Latin name meaning prudence, or good judgement. 

Prudence is the eldest of the Featherington children. 


The name is inspired by the flower of the same name. It’s been a popular choice as both a first and middle name in recent years. It’s great baby name if you love the vintage name trend. 

In the TV show Rose is Daphne’s maid. 


This is an Italian name, sometimes spelt as Sienna, and means “orange-red”. 

In Bridgerton Siena is an opera singer and is having a passionate affair with Anthony Bridgerton. 


This is a very pretty baby name choice meaning purple. It’s become more popular in recent years and is a great choice if you love the idea of a colour baby name or vintage baby name. 

Violet is the Bridgerton children’s mother in the show. 

Bridgerton boy names 

Baby boy


An unusual and masculine name that means blessed.

Benedict is the second of the Bridgerton men.


This name means “leader”.

The name Duke takes inspiration from the lead character Simon who is the Duke of Hastings.


Colin means “young creature” and is of Irish, Scottish and Gaelic origin.

In the TV show Colin is one of the Bridgerton sons.


This is an adorable baby name for a little boy. It means “peaceful ruler”. Can be shortened to Freddie.

Prince Frederick is a romantic interest for Daphne in the TV show.


The name Gregory means “watchful” or “vigilant”.

In Bridgerton Gregory is the youngest of the Bridgerton children.


This is a really cute choice if you love the royal or vintage baby name trends. Prince Harry’s given name is Henry. It means “power, ruler”.

Sir Henry Granville is an artist in the show who becomes friends with Benedict.


If you are looking for an unusual name that stands out then this is a great choice! The name means “loaf-keeper”.

The TV show Bridgerton focuses on high society in London and so there are a lot of Lords in the series.


This is a great unusual choice for a boy and can also be used as a girl’s name. It means “counsel”.

There is no character called Quinn in the Bridgerton series but the original book’s author is called Julia Quinn.


Meaning “hearing” or “listen”, this has not been in the top charts for baby names for a while so it’s not a top choice in terms of modern names.

In Bridgerton Simon is the lead male character who romances Daphne.


This name means “strong-willed warrior”.

Will is a friend of Simon, the Duke of Hastings, and also a boxer in the Netflix show.

Names of the Bridgerton cast

Taking inspiration from the Bridgerton characters names is a great idea. 

But you can also look to the names of the cast if you are a huge fan of the show. 

Here are some baby names inspired by the Bridgerton cast: 

  • Ben
  • Jamie 
  • Julie 
  • Luka 
  • Nicola 
  • Phoebe
  • Phoebe
  • Ruby
  • Sabrina 

Bonus baby name idea based on Bridgerton: Julia! She is the author of the Bridgerton series of novels on which the TV series is based. I’ve read the first four books of the series and thoroughly recommend you give them a try if you loved the TV show. 

Final thoughts on the Bridgerton baby name trend

My personal favourites from the Bridgeton baby names trend are Daphne, Penelope, Quinn and Henry. 

With a new series of Bridgerton hopefully being made by Netflix soon there should be some more inspiration from this fun show soon.

If you cannot get enough of Bridgerton I recommend you give the books a try!

For baby name inspiration you may also like to take a look at my baby name trends for 2021.

Baby names inspired by the Netflix TV show Bridgerton

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.