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Baby name trends for 2021

Wondering what baby names are set to be huge in 2021?

There are some very clear trends that are going to be big among new parents welcoming babies. 

Baby name trends for 2021

The top 100 baby names for boys and girls have seen some surprise climbers and new arrivals in the last few years.

Popular culture and celebrity baby name choices have had a huge impact on what parents decide to name their babies.

This trend is set to continue in 2021, with some very specific baby name trends in this area including the Netflix baby name trend which you can read more about below.

I love talking baby names – it makes me want to have 10 more kids just so that I could use my favourites, don’t tell my husband that though!

These baby name trends are the ones that will influence choices made by parents in 2021.

We may not see a huge amount of change in the top 25 baby names for 2021 – although a few names are at risk of dropping out of favour altogether in the next few years.

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Baby name trends for 2022

Future baby names for 2021

In order to predict the popular baby names for 2021 you only need to look at what has been emerging as big names in the last two years.

We will see last year’s big climbers continue to be popular, such as Dua which has leaped up in popularity inspired by the popstar Dua Lipa.

Boy names set to be big news again in 2021, having climbed into the top 100, include Alfred, Chester, Hudson, Lara and Mabel.

Check out this book featuring the best Baby Names for 2021 for more ideas!

What are the top baby names for 2020

We can predict what will be big name choices for 2021 by looking at the top names for babies in 2020.

It’s likely these names will remain in at least the top 25 baby names – its highly unusual for a name to drop from a top spot out of the top 100 in the space of just one year.

The top 10 baby girl names were:

  • Olivia
  • Amelia
  • Isla
  • Ava
  • Mia
  • Isabella
  • Sophia
  • Grace
  • Lily
  • Freya

The top 10 baby boy names were:

  • Oliver
  • George
  • Noah
  • Arthur
  • Harry
  • Leo
  • Muhammad
  • Jack
  • Charlie
  • Oscar

These baby names may give you some great inspiration for what to call your newborn, but we’re now going to look at trends and themes that are set to be big when it comes to naming babies in 2021.

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Popular baby names for 2021

Vintage baby names 

The vintage, or granny name, trend has become huge in recent years.

Certain names such as Ava have climbed back to the top of the charts after falling out of favour for some time.

Other vintage names have just recently started to make a comeback such as Ada and Mabel.

Pretty vintage names with an ethereal feel are also expected to be big. Think names such as Ambrose, Bear, Clover, Faye, Flora, Jack, Jane, Jasper, Maisie, Matilda, Nellie, Opal, River, Rowan, Silas, Theodore and Wilder.

Vintage baby girl names 

Mabel. This is an adorable baby name of English origin meaning loveable or dear.

Edith. This is an old English name meaning riches or blessed.

Edie. This name means wealth or fortune.

Ada. A pretty, feminine name meaning nobility.

You can find lots more vintage baby girl name inspiration on this post.

Vintage baby boy names 

Alfred. A masculine name that could be shortened to Alfie or Fred. It means “wise counselor”.

Chester. This cute name means “fortress” or “camp”. It’s not a highly popular name but its very on trend if you love vintage.

Atticus. An old Greek name meaning “from Attica”, a region that contained Athens.

George. The name has been popular in recent years after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge called their first son George. It means farmer or earthworker.

Baby name trends for 2021

Baby names inspired by rainbow colours 

The rainbow became a symbol of hope and support for the NHS in the UK during 2020. 

As a result many parents may look to the rainbow to seek inspiration for their baby’s name!

The wonderful thing about names inspired by colours 

Rainbow baby names for girls 

Cerise. Meaning cherry. The colour is a deep reddish pink. 

Clementine. Meaning orange. 

Indigo. This is a unisex name, and also makes a great middle name. As a colour, the shade is a deep violet blue. 

Iris. This refers to a flower but also means a rainbow of colours. 

Rainbow baby names for boys 

Cole. A deviation from the name Coal, meaning coal black. 

Hunter. Meaning deep, dark green.

Jet. Meaning dark black. 

Double-barrelled baby names 

Parents looking for unique baby names, but nothing too far out there, can create something unique by using a double-barrelled name.

This type of name, where you join two names together with a hyphen, has really started to gain traction in recent years.

There are some names which are particularly popular for the second part of the double-barrel, as they just lend themselves well to this type of name.

For girls this includes Rose, Mae or May, Grace and Rae.

For boys this includes Lee and James.

A few examples for girls and boys include:

  • Bella-Rose
  • Freya-Mae
  • John-James
  • Quinn-Lee


Elements as baby name ideas

This baby name trend is fantastic if you love powerful name – there are so many choices here.

The key elements are earth, wind, fire and water.

This trend is really a sign of parents wanting to go back to basics with baby names.

Its also inspired by the nature baby names trend, which has been huge in recent years.

Baby names inspired by the elements for girls

Amber. The name comes from the fossilised tree resin called Amber but also refers to a colour which is a red-orange shade.

Aura. This is a heavenly baby name meaning light.

Fern. A pretty and simple girl’s name referring to the leafy plant.

Flora. A very feminine name meaning flower.

Enya. The name means grain in Irish and fire in Celtic. This baby girl name is set to grow in popularity in 2021.

Misty. Meaning covered with mist or dew.

Nova. This has been a big name choice among parents wanting a rare baby name. It means new and it’s also a unisex name.

Skye. This Scottish girl’s name means cloud.

Baby names inspired by the elements for boys

Ash. The name of a tree but it also means happy.

Ember. The name means spark or burning low.

Heath. A simple but masculine name meaning land of heather and grass.

Ocean. It’s clear what this name means! It’s a powerful and unique baby boy name choice.

Phoenix. The name phoenix means blood red and is of Greek origin. It also refers to the image of a phoenix rising up from the ashes of a fire, so has message of rebirth too.

River. A rare baby name but one that has been growing more popular recently. It can be used for a boy or girl.

Zephyr. A Greek name meaning west wind.

Netflix baby names 

Watching Netflix for baby name inspiration

Netflix is more popular than ever and with the online streaming platform offering more and more content, parents are set to take tons of inspiration from the TV shows and movies. 

Modern television has already provided so much of the inspiration for popular baby names, with unusual names from shows such as Game of Thrones becoming surprise hits. 

Netflix has created shows full of cool and pretty names, such as Ozark and Emily in Paris, and more recently Bridgerton.

Netflix inspired girl names

Charlotte. The name of one of the kids in the drama show Ozark. It’s already a popular baby name but the hit show is likely to push it to the top of people’s baby name lists. 

Emily. The name Emily dropped out of the top 10 UK baby names for the first time in decades in 2019. But its set to make a comeback thanks to the hit show Emily in Paris, all about an American girl experiencing life working in the French capital. 

Elle. Stranger Things series 4 will be huge in 2021! The show has already been one of Netflix’s biggest hits. Eleven, or El for short, is the young superhero who helps her friends fight dark forces. Elle is a great choice for fans of the show. 

Chloe. Lucifer was almost cancelled early on but its been a big hit for Netflix. The show’s titular character Lucifer may not be a big choice among parents of boys, but the lead female role Chloe could provide a lot of inspiration in 2021. This is already a popular baby name. 

Penelope. One of the characters in Bridgerton is called Penelope. The show has been a huge hit with viewers and is set to inspire lots of baby name choices this year! This name means weaver.

Daphne. A rarely used baby name but one that may spike in popularity this year as Daphne is a lead character in Bridgerton. The name means laurel tree.

Netflix inspired boy names 

Archie. This name is already set to be popular after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose is as a baby name and inspiration for the name of their new charitable foundation. But Archie is also a lead character in the hit show Riverdale. 

Geralt. The name of the lead character in The Witcher. This would be an unusual baby name choice, but Game of Thrones which is set in a similar mythical world also provided a lot of inspiration for baby names during its peak. 

Benedict. One of the Bridgerton brothers is called Benedict. The name means blessed.

Maxim. Netflix had a recent hit with the adaptation of the classic novel Rebecca. The leading man in the dramatic tale is Maxim de Winter. This could prove to be a popular choice especially as it can be shortened to Max. 

Don’t forget – if you’re really stuck on finding a baby name you may find a baby name book like this one handy for easy access to thousands of name ideas.

Gender neutral baby names 

Not all unisex names began as such. Many started as a boy or girl name exclusively but have gone on to be used for both sexes.

In some cases the name has become more popular for the opposite sex than it was for originally. Names such as Madison started as a boys’ name but now is pretty much only used for girls.

The gender neutral name is a great choice if you are not finding out the sex of the baby before you give birth. This way you have hedged your bets for whatever sex you have.

Charlie. The name means free man.

Finley. This name means white or fair. The name Finn is more popular for boys but Finley has a fairly even split between the two sexes.

Justice. Meaning to do the right thing.

Frankie. This name means free or truthful.

Royal. A really strong and standout name. It means “of the king”.

Storm. This name means “the tempest”.

Morgan. A Welsh name meaning sea chief.

Bailey. Meaning steward. This is a cute name for a boy or a girl.

There are lots more unisex baby name ideas here.

Hopeful baby names 

In tough times people look for hope and there isn’t anything full of more hope than welcoming a new baby.

For this reason baby names inspired by positivity and hope will be huge in 2021 as people look to the future.

The wonderful thing about baby names inspired by hope and positivity is that they are timeless. Hope never goes out of style after all!

Hopeful baby names for girls

Charity. Meaning kindness, with supporting charities proving so important this year, this rare baby name choice could be a big hit. 

Haven. A pretty unisex name meaning safe place. It’s proven more popular for girls than boys.

Hope. The ultimate hopeful baby name! I think this one is also a beautiful middle name choice. Try pairing it with a name like Isabella – I think Isabella Hope has a lovely ring to it.

Joy. Meaning happiness.

Faith. This meaning of this name isn’t just tied to the faith of religion but also keeping faith in positivity and hope.

Vera. A Russian name meaning Faith. 

Hopeful baby names for boys 

Aymes. Meaning friend in French.

Benedict. A beautiful boys name, and prominent in popular culture due to the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Means blessed. 

Kit. The name means hope. 

Dillon. An Irish name meaning “ray of hope”. 

Lucius. Meaning light. 

Modern baby names 

The vintage baby name trend has been huge in recent years. But thanks to the influence of celebrities and the desire for rare baby names, people are also seeking out modern monikers for their baby.

The wonderful thing about modern baby names is the theme includes an eclectic mix of names, from very simple but bold names to more complex and unusual names.

These modern baby name ideas are so gorgeous – I particularly love the name London.

Modern baby boy names

Ashton. This is an English surname but also proves to be a strong boy’s name. It means “ash tree town”.

London. After the capital of England.

Ludo. The name is German in origin and means famous fighter.

Oakley. It means oak tree field.

Toivo. An unusual baby name meaning hope.

Modern baby girl names

Aurora. From the Latin word meaning dawn.

Ayla. This pretty name means light or earth.

Mabli. A pretty, Welsh name meaning “loveable”.

Mila. A Slavic name meaning “people’s favour”.

True. Meaning real or genuine.

Verity. Meaning truth.

Magical baby names

The baby name website Nameberry predicts magic will be another popular theme for baby names in 2021. Here are some gorgeous magical themed baby names:

  • Adonis
  • Aurora
  • Blaze
  • Captain
  • Cyrus
  • Delilah
  • Evander
  • Guinevere
  • Harley
  • Iron
  • Jupiter
  • Kali
  • Katana
  • Kismet
  • Legend
  • Loki
  • Luna
  • Marvel
  • Messiah
  • Noble
  • Nova
  • Odin
  • Onyx
  • Ophelia
  • Oz
  • Pandora
  • Persephone
  • Phoenix
  • Power
  • Sage
  • Savita
  • Shuri
  • Solstice
  • Thor
  • Titan
  • Valkyrie
  • Venus
  • Wolf
  • Xavier
  • Zatara
  • Zuri

Baby names ending in -ari

The -ari sound is set to appeal to parents in 2021. There are so many names that end in “-ari’ but here’s a selection.

  • Akari
  • Amari
  • Azari
  • Camari
  • Emari
  • Imari
  • Jahari
  • Kamari
  • Khari
  • Kiari
  • Sakari
  • Zamari

Direction and Ever baby names

This theme is really positive and it makes for some very pretty and bold baby names.

  • Easton
  • Ever
  • Everard
  • Everest
  • Everett
  • Everlee
  • Everleigh
  • Everley
  • Everlyn
  • Evers
  • Everson
  • Everton
  • North
Baby name trends set to be huge in 2021

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