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Aesthetic Names for Girls: 60+ Beautiful & Unique Ideas 

If you are looking for a stunning baby girl name then these aesthetic names are the perfect place for look. 

The aesthetic trend is all about beauty, whimsy and artistic expression. 

Cute baby girl

This collection of names features unique and more familiar choices. All standout thanks to their beautiful sound, plus many have stunning meanings that parents will love. 

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Aesthetic names for boys

Aesthetic names for girls 

You will fall in love with these simply stunning aesthetic names, featuring short and long girl names that are enchanting and artsy.  

Alma – A pretty two-syllable name meaning nourishing, kind and soul. 

Ideal for parents who love a short and sweet baby name

Alora – A name of Latin origin meaning my beautiful dream or dreamer, and “the lord is my light”. 

This sweet name works perfectly for people wanting a name full of hopes and dreams. 

Auden – This is a sweet unisex name more typically used for boys but that makes a gorgeous, trendy choice for girls. It means old friend. 

An ideal artsy choice, as it is associated with the poet WH Auden. 

Aura – This soft sounding girl’s name has a pretty meaning: soft breeze. It has Latin roots and also is associated with Greek mythology due to the goddess of breezes being called Aura. 

Aurelia – A unique baby name – perfect if you love the name Amelia but want something less widely used. This name means golden one and is of Latin origin. 

Avanthi – This utterly beautiful baby girl name is of Hindu origins. It is the name of a historical city – so perfect if you love city baby names – and means light and love. 

Beau – Beau is a pretty unisex baby name of French origin meaning beautiful. 

I love this name for the aesthetic trend, as I think it ties into the aesthetic connection to fashion and style with the name sounding like Bow. 

Boheme – This is one of my all-time favourite unique girl names. It’s so pretty. It means literary or artistic person. A real luxe baby name! 

Blythe – A sweet one-syllable name meaning cheerful or pleasant. 

BreezeWord baby names work really well in the aesthetic trend. A word baby name is, as it suggests, a word you may not typically expect as a name, but it works! This gender neutral name is perfect for people who love nature, earthy baby names. 

Brenley – An earthy and modern name meaning burned meadow. I love how this is such a unique and underused name but it has such a pretty and bold feel to it, without being wacky.

Brooks – A gorgeous gender neutral baby name that means water or small stream. Baby names meaning water are perfect for the aesthetic trend. 

Capri – A short two-syllable name meaning Italian island or goat. This is a name of Italian origin, and is also associated with the island of Capri, a beautiful holiday destination in Italy. 

Destination baby names are perfect for the aesthetic trend as they tend to sound exotic and be unique.

Calliope – A name straight out of Greek mythology. It means beautiful voiced. In Greek mythology Calliope was a goddess of poetry, song and the arts. 

Calista – A sweet girl name meaning most beautiful. This is of Latin origin and is a rarely used name. 

Caraway – This unusual name works for girls and boys. It comes from the edible plant used in seed and spice form for cooking. 

Coco – It’s hard not to love this playful little girl’s name! It is of French origin and translates to cocoa. 

This is an ideal choice if you like the aesthetic trend due to its ties to the fashion world, namely Coco Chanel! 

Crescent – You’ll struggle to find any babies with this name! It’s truly unique and conjures up images of the moon, making it a lovely outer space or nature name. It means increasing and growing and is of French origin. 

Daphne – A feminine girl’s name meaning laurel tree. This is of Greek origin. 

Doli – This girl’s name sounds very similar to the name Dolly, however it is of Native American origin and means bluebird. Perfect for parents who love nature names. 

Dorothea – A sweet alternative spelling to Dorothy. This name means gift of god and is of Greek origin. 

Ebony – A gender neutral name meaning deep black wood.

Elowen – I adore this sweet and pretty girl name. It is of Cornish origins and means the one who is strong like an elm tree, or simply elm. 

Enya – This Irish girl name means fire, little seed and kernel. 

Evadne – A Greek name meaning well or good. 

Everleigh – A variant of the name Everly. This name is of English origins and means boar meadow. Can be shortened to Ever. 

Faela – A pretty twist on the name Faye or Fae. This name means little wolf and is of Irish origin. 

Halsey – An Old English name meaning Hal’s Island. Halsey has become a popular name, especially in the aesthetic trend, due to the singer Halsey.

Haven – This zen name means a feeling or place that makes you feel safe and comfortable. 

Harlow – A pretty girl name that’s both soft and also conveys strength. It means rock hill or army hill. 

Ianthe – A rarely used girl name meaning purple flower. Perfect if you want a colour name, or are expecting a rainbow baby. 

Indra – A name of Sanskrit origins that means possesses rain. 

Inez – This name is similar to the popular girl’s name Isla. The “z” on the end is a cool twist for the aesthetic trend. It means pure and chaste. 

Isabeau – A name of French and Hebrew origin meaning god’s promise. 

Kendall – A cool surname that also works as a first name. It means royal valley. 

Lark – This nature baby name refers to the playful and lighthearted songbird. It’s a one-syllable short and sweet name, but because it ends on a strong “k” it feels bold and punchy at the same time. 

Lavender – A delicate girl’s name meaning purple flower. 

Liora – This pretty and unique girl’s name is of Hebrew origin and means my light. 

Lorelei – A beautiful name of German origin that means alluring enchantress. 

Lottie – A French name that means little and womanly. It’s often used as a nickname for a person named Charlotte, however we love this nickname as a given name. It’s playful and gorgeous, so works well for the aesthetic trend. 

Lyria – A rarely used name that’s close to the popular name Lila. It means lyre and is of Greek origin. 

Maple – A sugary sweet name that refers to maple trees. It also means piece of cloth and is of Old English origin. 

Marlowe – I adore this name which is similar to Harlow. It is of French origin and means from the hill by the lake. 

Nixie – A lighthearted and cute girl name that means water sprite or fairy. It’s full of whimsy and wonder, making it ideal as a aesthetic name. 

Nyx – A one-syllable gender neutral name of Greek origin meaning night. I love how unique this name is, with no vowels and a mysterious vibe. 

Pandora – A name of Greek origin meaning all gifts. 

Peony – A pretty, blossomy flower and also a pretty name!

Poema – I love the names Poet and Poem – they’re lovely word baby names. However Poema feels particularly special and stunning. It means poem or pearl. 

Posey – A floral girl’s name that means bunch of flowers. 

Sabine – This is a lovely rarely used girl name that means woman of the Sabine people. The Sabines were an ancient Italian tribe, known for being fierce in battle. It is of Latin origin. 

Sage – A gorgeous nature and colour baby name. It has a cool and serene feeling to it. It means wise and healthy, and also refers to the herb. 

Shiloh – A soft girl name that means tranquil, abundance and his gift. It is of Hebrew origin. 

Shula – This lovely Hebrew name means peace. 

Sloane – A bold Irish name that is gender neutral. It means raider or warrior. 

Snow – This name evokes feelings of purity and new beginnings. It’s a lovely winter baby name! It’s also perfect as an aesthetic name thanks to its soft sound and connection to nature. 

Sonnet – A word baby name that means little song. 

Sunday – An uncommon baby name that refers to the day of the week.

Sutton – A simple two-syllable name that feels stylish and bold. It means southern settlement. 

Tawny – An unusual colour baby name that means golden brown. It is of Irish origin. 

Titania – A gorgeous name of Greek origin that means giant or of the Titans. A perfect name if you want something with a lot of strength, both in how it sounds and in meaning. 

Whimsy – This gentle and boho name is of English origin and means whimsical or fanciful. 

Wisteria – The wisteria is a stunning plant made beautiful with its purple flowers. 

Wrenley – A nice alternative to the name Wren, which has grown in popularity in recent years. It means small songbird. 

Wylda – A perfect name for your little wild child! The name Wylda is of Old German origin and means “untamed”. It’s full of whimsy and playfulness, perfect for the aesthetic trend. 

Wynter – A British name meaning born in winter. I love the twist of spelling this name with a “y”. 

Yara – A gorgeous name of Swiss origin that means small butterfly. 

Zuri – A lovely name of Swahili origin meaning beautiful, which is ideal for the aesthetic trend. 

Final thoughts 

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Aesthetic names for girls

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.