KonMari method checklist and tips

If you’re about to embark on a KonMari declutter of your entire home then you will definitely be needing this handy checklist. 

Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series Tidying Up has motivated millions to eliminate their clutter and keep only the items that spark joy. 

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, why not download my checklist and get started on your own decluttering journey! All you need to do is subscribe to my mailing list, then follow the instructions to visit the vault where you will find your freebie.

KonMari method checklist

What is Kon Mari?

KonMari is the theory of tidying up in an orderly and thorough way of your entire household and possessions as created by Marie Kondo. 

She has written two best-selling books about how to use KonMari to overhaul your home and give yourself a better quality of life. 

KonMari sets out a process for first decluttering and then reorganising your home so that it “sparks joy”. 

There are five categories to follow under the KonMari method. These are: Clothes, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental items. 

Under the KonMari method you tidy by category, not by location or room. The Komono category is rather large, as it includes the kitchen, garage and all other areas that don’t fall under the other categories. 

Why bother with KonMari?

Because it works! Following this method from start to finish will declutter your home and it will leave you feeling much happier with the state of your house. 

You’ll be able to find things easier and, best of all, cleaning and tidying on a daily basis becomes easier because everything has a place and your storage is not overflowing with stuff!

How to get started with KonMari?

I thoroughly recommend you get yourself a copy of either Spark Joy or the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. These books by Marie Kondo set out the journey and tips in full. They also include advice on any problems you may come across on the journey. 

You could also watch the Netflix series, as Marie sets out the principles behind the KonMari method in each episode. 

Check out my video and post about perfecting the KonMari folding method too!

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What if I have zero time to do the KonMari method?

If you’re a mama then decluttering your entire home can seem extremely overwhelming! However it is possible, it just might take you more time than someone who has entire weekends free without kids to look after!

Try setting aside a couple of hours each week in the evenings when you can devote yourself to one area of the house. 

I have written a post all about KonMari and how to do it when you have hardly any time. 

To get started, download my checklist and go through the stages one at a time. Just subscribe to my mailing list and then follow the instructions to log in to my vault of goodies where you will find the KonMari Method Checklist! Good luck!



KonMari method checklist for following Marie Kondo's Tidying Up