Using the KonMari folding method

Using the KonMari folding method can save you space in your drawers and time when it comes to finding the clothes you need. 

Once you know the principles of the KonMari fold you can use it on all your clothes, bed linen and towels to keep all of your cupboards and drawers organised. 

It’s fantastic for children’s clothes, because by storing them vertically instead of horizontally you will be able to find things so much easier. 

It also keeps clothes less wrinkled and creased!

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How to use the KonMari folding method

First of all I want to say that the Marie Kondo book Spark Joy has some beautiful illustrations and tips for using KonMari to organise your entire home.

It not only explains the folding method, but it also teaches you how to declutter and keep your things in a much more ordered way.

If you want to overhaul your home and have a less cluttered and more ordered wardrobe, I thoroughly recommend Spark Joy!

The basics of the KonMari method are you want to first get the item into a rectangle. 

With a top that involves first bring one side over, then folding back the sleeve. 

KonMari folding method for tees

Next you do the same with the other side, and you should have a long rectangle. 

Folding long-sleeved tops using the KonMari method

You then fold this in half longways, before then folding it into thirds. 

You should be left with a small shape that can stand up vertically on its own. 

folding camisoles and vests with the KonMari method

Using KonMari to fold fitted sheets

Fitted sheets are notoriously difficult to fold. The trouble is you can’t lay them flat in a proper rectangle due to the elastic. 

KonMari folding method fitted sheet

But you can use the KonMari folding method to keep your fitted sheets in order!

Start by laying the fitted sheet flat with the elastic facing upwards. Next bring over one side of the sheet into the middle, then the other. 

Smooth the fabric as you do this to make sure it stays flat. Next fold the fitted sheet in half lengthways before then folding it into thirds. You can see how to use the KonMari method much more clearly by checking out my video. 

Folding baby clothes using the KonMari method

Folding baby clothes with the KonMari method follows exactly the same principles as the techniques for folding adult clothes.

Some baby clothes are teeny tiny, so you may need fewer folds to get them into a neat little rectangle.

This video has some great tips for how to fold baby clothes.

How to store clothes after using the KonMari method

Once you have folded your clothes and bed linen using the KonMari method, it can help to use small boxes to keep them stored upright and neat. 

There are lots of boxes you can find that will fit into all spaces of your home, including drawers and cupboards. 

These are some of my favourites. The first one is the kind of thing that would work well for a linen cupboard and storing your bedding.

For the full KonMari folding method, check out my video!

If you want more help with using the KonMari method check out my KonMari checklist.

HOW TO DO the KonMari folding method
How to use the KonMari folding method