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Shark Klik n Flip Smartronic steam pocket mop review

I’ve been using the Shark Klik n Flip Smartronic Steam Pocket Mop for a year now and I still love it. 

SHARK Klik n Flip steam mop review and demo

I use this clever mop every single week to freshen up my floors and lift up muddy paw and footprints. 

Not long after I purchased the steam mop I filmed a review for my YouTube channel. I thought it would be nice to share additional thoughts one-year after my purchase in a full review on this site. 

If you want to see the steam mop in action, you can check out my video! The mop also features in lots on my cleaning videos on my channel, so you can see I use it regularly. 

The Shark Klik n Flip Smartronic steam mop is an easy-to-use dirt-buster that cleans and sanitises your floors simply by harnessing the power of steam. 

You can use it on all types of hard flooring. I use mine on wood, laminate and tile in our home. 

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How does the Shark Klik n Flip work?

Simply plug it in, fill the tank with water using the measuring cup included with the product, choose one of three steam settings (I tend to go for high) and you’re away!

It tends to take the mop around two minutes to start properly producing steam. I tend to push it around a little to allow the mop pad to get a little wet from the steam before I start cleaning properly. 

Once the mop has “warmed up” it makes very light work of stubborn dirt on your floors. 

The Klik n Flip Smartronic Steam Pocket Mop features a double-sided cleaning pad. 

When one side is dirty, you can quickly remove the pad using a toggle on the handle, flip it round, and use the other side to keep on cleaning. You don’t have to touch the dirty pad to make the switch!

Shark steam mop pad release button
Press the pad release toggle at the back of the Shark mop to release the pad.
Shark Klik n Flip smartronic steam pocket mop easy switching of reusable pads
You can either switch pads or change sides quickly using this no-touch method

If you have stubborn stains on the floor you simply flip the mop head and it delivers a quick blast of powerful steam onto the floor in front of you. This is great for sticky messes. 

SHARK klik n Flip mop flipped over to deliver steam blast
Flip the mop pad like this and powerful blasts of steam are released from the front to tackle tough stains

The product comes with two of the microfibre cleaning pads which are machine washable. This means I pop one in the wash when I’m done cleaning, switching it for the second microfibre cloth. I wash them on a 40C wash and they come out clean, although they are no longer the pristine white they were after I first got them. 

I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t washed them on a hot wash, which the product says not to do, or because I need to use a strong cleaner to get rid of the grime stains on the pads. 

One thing I would say is that the water tank is quite small. It holds 0.38litres and I find that runs out within around 10 to 15 minutes of use at the high setting. However I’m only using it at home, so of course I can easily refill it as and when I need to. 

The super long (8m) cable means I can reach every room downstairs from just one plug point in the kitchen, including the conservatory.

When you’re done using the product, it has clips at the back for the cable so you can tidy that away. I store mine in our utility room. 

What do you get?

  • Double sided microfibre pads x2 
  • Measuring cup to refill tank with water 
  • Instruction booklet
  • Quick start guide 

Is it worth the money?

Shark Klik n Flip Smartronic steam pocket mop

I bought my Shark Klik n Flip mop for £83 delivered from Amazon. They are currently charging £149 which is what most retailers seem to be charging for it. You can check the current Amazon price here.

I thoroughly recommend you add it to your watchlist and wait for the price to drop. Occasionally it does drop back down to the price that I bought it for. 

If you’re absolutely desperate to get your hands on one, I would say £149 is good value for money given how much I use it, the fact I don’t have to purchase any chemical cleaner to use with it regularly and how reliable it is. 

You also reuse the mop pads, so you don’t have to worry about refilling on disposable pads for the cleaner. 

Shark Klik n Flip reusable microfibre mop pad
A used steam mop pad ready for the wash

The one downside I have found is the mop pads now look grey with the dirt. They’re clean, it’s just the stains won’t come out and I can’t wash them higher than 40C. It’s probably that at some point I will buy some new microfibre pads to replace them, but they’re not ripped or torn so I will carry on with those ones for now. 

This is a clean pad that’s been washed but as you can see it hasn’t come out white

Key features of the Shark Klik n Flip steam mop

  • 3 steam settings 
  • Double-sided microfibre pad 
  • Steam blaster mode when you flip the mop head to tackle stubborn stains 
  • Weight – 2.8kg
  • Capacity – 0.38litre
  • Dimensions –  H118 x W34 x D18 cm
  • Cord length – 8metres
  • 2-year warranty 

How does the Smartronic Steam Pocket Mop compare to other Shark mops?

The model down from the Smartronic mop in the Shark range is the Klik n Flip Manual Steam Pocket Mop.

Everything about it is the same, except that it doesn’t have the three steam levels that the Smartronic mop offers. I have to say I wouldn’t miss this feature if it was gone.

However I do prefer the black and red look of the Smartronic mop when compared to the Manual model.

Shark also makes a Steam Lite mop. This is a different design, with no double-sided pad, and you do have to touch the pad in order to switch it with a clean one.

A more expensive option is the Shark Floor and Handheld Steam Cleaner. This offers a liftaway option so you can clean a range of other surfaces such as shower screens and tiled walls.

What do I think of the Shark Klik n Flip mop?

Shark Klik n Flip steam mop review

My long-term use of the product speaks for itself! I’ve had it for a year and still use it every single week. 

It’s a fantastic steam mop that’s so quick and easy to use. I love that I don’t have to buy chemical floor cleaners to put in there. I just top it up with water and we’re off!

I do occasionally spray some cleaning product in front of where I’m about to clean with the Shark mop, especially if the floor is particularly grubby. I find this makes the room smell amazing too. 

The round handle with rubber grip is very easy to hold on to, and the flexible head of the mop makes it easy to get around the room, reaching stubborn corners and getting under furniture. 

Shark claims the mop kills 99.9% of common household bacteria. I don’t have a science kit to test this claim! However I will say that with water alone, it definitely leaves my floors looking and feeling clean. 

I love how easy this mop is to use, especially when it comes to manoeuvring around furniture and how quick it is to warm up. It feels sturdy and solid, but it doesn’t feel too heavy when pushing it around the room. 

This was my first purchase of a Shark cleaning product and based on this one I would definitely try another. 

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