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100 Posh Baby Names With Timeless Appeal

Posh names are classic, bold and beautiful, so it’s not surprising parents-to-be may be seeking out this type of moniker for their baby. 

What actually makes a baby name posh? The fanciest names are ones that are used widely among the upper classes – I checked the birth announcements in the Telegraph to find the most used names there. That includes names such as Frederick, Albert, Charles, Oscar, Kitty and Beatrice.

And names that sound elegant and have that old money feel also make it to this list, such as Atticus, Arthur, Edward and Penelope.

I’ve picked out the top 100 fanciest baby names for girls and boys to help you with your search.

If you need more inspiration the browsing society magazines is a great place to look, as you’re bound to find both timeless and more unusual ideas there.

We checked out Tatler to find some of the posh magazine’s top picks for classy names.

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Posh names for boys

Here are over 50 posh names for boys – perfect if you are looking for something with timeless style!

Frederick: Peaceful ruler or Peaceful king.

Archibald: Genuine, bold, or brave.

Atticus: Possibly derived from a Greek word meaning man of Attica or man of Athens.

George: Farmer or earth worker.

Henry: Ruler of the household or estate ruler.

Max: Short for Maximilian, meaning greatest.

Oscar: Possibly derived from Old English elements meaning deer friend.

Charles: Free man or Manly.

Albert: Noble, bright.

Alexander: Defender of the people or Protector of mankind.

Alfred: Elf counsel or wise counsellor.

Cosmo: Derived from Greek, meaning order or beauty.

Jack: Originally a diminutive of John, meaning God is gracious.

Theodore: God’s gift or gift of God.

William: Resolute protector or Strong-willed warrior.

Arthur: Possibly derived from the Celtic word meaning bear or man.

Edward: Wealthy guardian or prosperous guardian.

Gabriel: God is my strength or God is my hero.

Hector: Steadfast or hold fast.

Hugh: Heart, mind or spirit.

Hugo: Mind, intellect, or spirit.

James: Supplanter or he who follows.

Orlando: Possibly derived from the Germanic elements meaning famous land or renowned in the land.

Walter: Ruler of the army or army ruler.

Christopher: Bearer of Christ or Christ-bearer.

Felix: Happy or fortunate.

Hamish: Scottish form of James, meaning supplanter.

Harry: Diminutive of Henry, meaning Ruler of the household or Estate ruler.

Kit: Diminutive of Christopher, meaning Bearer of Christ or Christ-bearer.

Lachlan: From the land of lakes or Warlike.

Laurence: From Laurentum or Man from Laurentum.

Leo: Lion or brave.

Otis: Wealth or prosperity.

Otto: Wealth or fortune.

Percy: Uncertain origin, possibly derived from Old French meaning pierce the valley or pierce the hedge.

Rory: Red king or red-haired.

Rupert: Bright fame or famous one.

Luther: People’s army or famous warrior.

Spencer: Steward or keeper of provisions.

Phineas: Possibly derived from Hebrew, meaning Oracle or serpent’s mouth.

Barnaby: Variant of Barnabas, meaning son of consolation or son of prophecy.

Leonardo: Brave lion or lion-hearted.

Edwin: Wealthy friend or prosperous friend.

Julius: Possibly derived from the Roman family name Julius, which could be related to the Greek god Apollo.

Nolan: Noble or famous.

Florian: Flower or blooming.

Quentin: Fifth.

Sebastian: Venerable.

Inigo: Fiery and ardent.

Willoughby: Meaning farm in the willow meadow.

Monty: A playful posh boy name meaning Mountain.

Edgar: Meaning fortunate and powerful.

Posh names for girls

These are 50 posh names for girls that you will fall in love with! Full of grace and class.

Clementine: Gently, mild or merciful.

Eliza: Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning my God is abundance or oath of God.

Cecily: Variant of Cecilia, meaning blind or sixth.

Charlotte: Free man or petite.

Clara: Clear, bright, or famous.

Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, meaning glory of the father.

Harriet: Ruler of the household or estate ruler.

Lily: A flower name, symbolizing purity, beauty, and innocence.

Martha: Possibly derived from Aramaic, meaning lady or mistress.

Matilda: Strength in battle or mighty in war.

Olympia: From Mount Olympus or heavenly.

Ottilie: Wealthy or prosperous.

Poppy: A flower name, symbolising remembrance.

Serena: Serene or tranquil.

Alice: Diminutive of Adelaide, meaning noble or of noble kin.

Amelia: Work of the Lord or striving.

Athena: The name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilisation, and law.

Beatrice: Blessed or bringer of joy.

Bonnie: Derived from Scottish, meaning beautiful or good.

Cara: Dear or beloved.

Cecilia: Blind or unheeding.

Constance: Constant or steadfast.

Darcey: Meaning dark one.

Emilia: Rival or eager.

Gracie: Diminutive of Grace, meaning grace of God.

Hebe: In Greek mythology, the goddess of youth.

Juno: In Roman mythology, the queen of the gods.

Kitty: Diminutive of Katherine, meaning pure or clear.

Lucy: Light or brightness.

Miriam: Meaning sea of bitterness or rebelliousness.

Octavia: Eighth or born eighth.

Olivia: Possibly derived from Latin, meaning olive tree or olive branch.

Penelope: Weaver or with a web over her face.

Phoebe: In Greek mythology, the goddess of the moon.

Rosie: Diminutive of Rose, symbolising the flower.

Tiggy: Meaning tiger.

Winifred: Blessed peacemaking or Holy, blessed reconciliation.

Evangeline: Bearer of good news or messenger of good news.

Anouska: Variant of Anna, meaning grace or favour.

Ophelia: Possibly derived from Greek, meaning help or aid.

Jemima: Dove or beautiful as a dove.

Bunty: A term of endearment, possibly derived from Scottish meaning plump or petite.

Elizabeth: God is abundance or oath of God.

Hermione: Meaning stone or earthly.

Valentina: Strength or health.

Florence: Blossoming or prosperous.

Genevieve: Tribe woman or woman of the people.

Hero: In Greek mythology, a priestess of Aphrodite.

Pandora: In Greek mythology, the first woman created by the gods.

Petra: Rock or stone.

Sylvie: Wild or woodland.

Diana: In Roman mythology, the goddess of the moon and hunting.

Xanthe: Meaning golden or yellow.

Venetia: A Latin name meaning city of canals.

Noella: A sweet girl name meaning Christmas.

Laurel: A nature name meaning bay tree.

Victoria: Meaning victory.

Zara: Meaning radiance.

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Posh baby names
Posh baby names

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.