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100+ Brilliant Names Meaning Wise, Smart & Intelligent

Searching for a baby name that means wise and smart?

Many parents like to choose a name with a specific meaning, and the concept of wisdom and intellect is a strong option.

These strong and powerful names meaning intelligence are the perfect choice for parents looking for names ideas that transcend trends. 

Wise baby

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Best names meaning wise 

These are the most popular and cool names that are connected to the meaning wise and intelligence. 

You’ll find some familiar favourites here as well as some unique ideas for boys and girls. 

Albert – German boy’s name meaning intelligent.

Alden – A cool English name for boys meaning old, wise friend. 

Alfie – An English name meaning wise counsellor. A shortened version of Alfred.

Alfred – English name meaning wise counsellor.

Athena – Pretty Greek girl’s name meaning goddess of wisdom. 

Cato – A sweet name meaning wise. This is a gender neutral name that works for boys or girls. 

Conrad – A German name meaning brave counsel. 

Conroy – Gaelic name meaning wise.

Ethan – A Hebrew name meaning wise, strong and firm. 

Hugh – A French boy name meaning intellect. 

Hugo – A boy name that means mind or intellect. 

Jada – A girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning wise. 

John – English boy’s name meaning clever and quick. 

Odin – A boy’s Norse name meaning god of wisdom. 

Phoebe – Greek name meaning bright. 

Prudence – A pretty virtue name meaning good judgement. 

Quinn – A gender neutral name meaning wise. 

Rae – A pretty Scottish one-syllable girl’s name meaning wise and grace. 

Ronald – A boy’s name of Norse origin meaning wise counsellor. 

Sage – The name is often associated with the herb, but as a word sage also means wise. 

Sonya – A pretty girl’s name meaning wisdom. 

Sophia – A Greek name meaning wisdom. 

Sophie – Greek name meaning wisdom. 

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Adorable names that mean wise for girls 

These bright names are simply stunning and all connect to wisdom and intelligence. 

Alberta – A German name meaning bright and noble.

Alohi – Cute Hawaiian name meaning brilliant.

Alvie – A unisex name meaning intelligent or noble friend.

Arinya – A Thai name meaning beautiful and knowledgeable woman.

Aqila – An Arabic name meaning gifted with reason and wise. 

Beren – A Turkish name meaning strong and clever.

Bertha – Meaning bright one. 

Brilliance – A lovely word baby name meaning brilliant.

Cassidy – An Irish name meaning curly headed and clever.

Dana – Meaning pearl and wise.

Eirdis – A pretty Icelandic name meaning wise and merciful protector. 

Galena – A cute Spanish name meaning small intelligent one.

Hikma- An Arabic name meaning wisdom.

Huberta – German name meaning brilliant mind.

Hye – Korean name meaning intelligent woman. 

Imala – A Native American name meaning strong-minded.

Ismene – A Greek name meaning knowledgeable.

Ismintis – Latvian name meaning a person with wisdom. 

Karasi – African meaning life and wisdom.

Kayla – Arabic name meaning wise child.

Kiara – A Greek name meaning one who is knowledgeable. 

Labiba – Arabic name meaning wise and intelligent. 

Magee -An Irish name meaning from the intelligent one.

Maiara – A Brazilian name meaning clever and intelligent.

Manisha – Hindi name meaning intellect and goddess of mind.

Michiko – A Japanese name meaning wisdom and beautiful wise child.

Minerva – A Latin name meaning of the mind; intellect

Minnie – An English name meaning of the mind and intellect.

Monica – Latin name meaning advisor.

Monique – French name meaning wise counsel. 

Najiba – Arabic name meaning intelligent.

Nuha – An Arabic name meaning intelligent and intellect or comfort. 

Orinthia – Irish name meaning to stir the mind

Pallas – Greek name meaning wisdom.

Prudence – A name of English origin meaning intelligent. 

Ramona – Spanish name meaning wise protector. 

Rainier – A sweet name meaning wise army.

Reina – Spanish name meaning wise.

Rhetta – Dutch moniker meaning wise advisor.

Ruxana – Arabic name meaning brilliant. 

Saffi – Sweet Greek name meaning wisdom.

Sage – A lovely nature baby name that is connected to the herb sage but also means wise in Latin.

Salvia – Latin name meaning wise. 

Sana – An Arabic name meaning brilliant.

Saraswati – A Hindi name meaning goddess of learning.

Shannon – An Irish name meaning old and wise. 

Sofia – A Greek name meaning wisdom.

Sonia – Slavic name meaning wisdom.

Sophina – Greek name meaning wisdom.

Sorcha – An Irish name meaning intelligent.

Sunita – Hindi name meaning wise. 

Ulima – An Arabic name meaning wise. 

Veda – A Sanskrit name meaning knowledge.

Veta – A Spanish name meaning intelligent.

Vidya – A Hindi name meaning knowledge. 

Zakieh – A Arabic name meaning smart, intelligent and clever.

Zariza – A Hebrew name meaning brilliantly bright.

Zella – African name meaning one who knows the way.

Zelmira – Italian name meaning brilliant one.

Zofia – Polish name meaning wisdom.

Zosia – Hebrew name meaning wisdom. 

Boy names that mean wise 

Here is a list of male names that mean wisdom or something similar:

Aakil – A Hindi name meaning intelligent and smart.

Aariv – Indian name meaning king of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. 

Aatos – Finnish name meaning thought and idea.

Aldo – Italian name meaning old and wise.

Aldrich – English name meaning wise ruler.

Aleem – Hindi name that means knowledgeable. 

Alger – English name meaning clever warrior.

Alvis – An Old Norse name meaning all-wise.

Astutu – A Corsican name meaning smart.

Aydin – Turkish name meaning intelligent. 

Basir – Turkish name meaning intelligent.

Bertrand – French name meaning intelligent.

Bilge – Turkish name meaning wise.

Boman – A Persian name meaning great mind. 

Cato – Latin name meaning intelligent and all-knowing.

Chalu – Indian name meaning clever and smart.

Cuthbert – English name meaning brilliant. 

Dara – Hebrew name meaning nugget of wisdom.

Eldridge – An English name meaning old, wise ruler.

Elvis – A Scandinavian name meaning wise. 

Farzan – Persian name meaning intelligent and highly knowledgeable.

Favian – Latin name meaning man of wisdom.

Feivel – Hebrew name meaning bright one.

Fiksu – Finnish, meaning smart.

Filbert – English, meaning bright.

Fitzhugh – English and German meaning intelligent man’s son.

Frode – Norse, meaning wise one.

Frodi – Norse name meaning wise and learned. 

Gliocas – A Scottish name meaning wisdom and cleverness.

Gyan – Sanskrit name meaning wisdom and enlightenment. 

Hakim – Arabic name meaning learned and wise.

Heller – A German name meaning bright and brilliant.

Hewett – French, meaning small intelligent one.

Hubert – German name meaning bright.

Huey – German name meaning intellect.

Hughes – French, German name meaning mind and intellect.

Hutchings – An English name meaning mind and intellect. 

Jakintsu – Basque, meaning wise man.

Kavi – A Sanskrit name meaning wise man.

Keen – English name meaning wise.

Kendry – Meaning wise man.

Kenzo – Japanese name meaning wise one.

Klart – Icelandic name meaning smart. 

Lambert – German name meaning land brilliant. 

Manish – Indian name meaning god of mind and intellect.

Matalino – Filipino, meaning clever and smart.

Mendel – A Hebrew name meaning intelligence.

Mika – German, meaning intelligent.

Mudar – Arabic name meaning intelligent.

Mudrost – Bosnian name meaning sagacity. 

Naauao – Hawaiian name meaning wise man.

Nakos – Native American name meaning wise.

Nester – Greek, meaning intelligent. 

Ogbon – Meaning a person with wisdom

Osbert – English name meaning divinely brilliant. 

Phoebus – Greek name meaning shining and brilliant. 

Rafiki – African name meaning intelligent.

Raghnall – Latin name meaning smart and powerful.

Rainer – A German name meaning wise army.

Ray – German, meaning wise protector . 

Raymond – German, meaning wise protector and intelligent. 

Redmond – Irish name meaning the one who is the intelligent protector.

Reginald – An English name meaning counsel power. 

Rishi – A Sanskrit name that means someone who is smart and scholarly.

Sabino – Spanish and Latin name meaning wise.

Sabio – Spanish and Portuguese name meaning clever. 

Saggio – Italian meaning wise and learned.

Sago – Portuguese, meaning insight and wisdom.

Savant – French, meaning learned person.

Seanan – Irish meaning little, wise man.

Senan – Irish name meaning old and wise.

Shanahan – Irish, meaning wise and clever.

Socrates – A Greek name meaning ancient philosopher.

Solomon -A Hebrew name meaning enlightened and smart.

Solon  – A Greek name meaning the wise one. 

Talib – Arabic name meaning seeker of knowledge. 

Tallis – A Persian name meaning wisdom.

Tark – English, meaning smart, wise and intelligent.

Thanh – Vietnamese name meaning brilliant. 

Ugo – A German, Spanish name meaning intelligent. 

Ved – Sanskrit, meaning sacred knowledge.

Vivek – Indian name meaning wise. 

Wilbur – German name meaning brilliant. 

Zeki – Turkish name meaning clever.

Zeky – Turkish name meaning man of intelligence. 

Names meaning wisdom, clever, smart and intelligent
Baby names meaning wise and intellect and smart

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