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Beautiful ways to use IKEA spice racks in baby’s nursery

Designing your baby’s nursery on a budget?

The IKEA Bekvam spice rack is an amazing way of creating storage and decoration in your baby’s room!

It costs hardly anything to buy, is easy to put up, but there are so many uses for this handy little spice rack that go well beyond storing your herbs and spices in the kitchen. 

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This post is going to give you some beautiful inspiration for how the IKEA Bekvam spice rack can be used in your baby’s nursery. 

Via Halcyon Years

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Uses for the IKEA Bekvam spice rack in your baby’s nursery: 


IKEA Bekvam storage shelf used as decoration for nursery

Before we get to all of the practical uses, it’s worth pointing out you can do so much with the Bekvam to add some colour to your baby’s room!

It’s not just about what you can put on the shelves, you can easily paint them to add colour pops that tie in with your nursery theme. 

The shelves come in parts to be assembled, so it’s easy just to paint the bar at the front for a small pop for colour, or the entire thing once it’s assembled. 

I used spray paint for my Bekvam’s and this was so quick and easy to do! 

I love how this Bekvam by Where the Smiles have Been has been used as part of a gallery wall, plus has been made practical with the rail used to hang up sunglasses.

IKEA Bekvam nursery use

Book storage

Hang up your Bekvam in a convenient reading corner and it’s perfect for keeping books like New Mummy Blog did.

Having the books facing out like this means they become like a picture decorating the wall of the room. 

Picture via Dove Cottage Blog

Consider hanging them a little lower than your usual bookshelves so that when your baby is a little bigger they can pick books off of the shelves. 

You could have the bookshelves lined up next to each other or you could have them vertically on the wall. 

Picture courtesy of The Pramshed

Toy storage

The Bekvam shelf is perfect for popping stuffed toys and action figures on. 

Use it as a way to display toys and sentimental items that were gifted to your baby. 

Nappy changing kit storage

Need somewhere to keep all of your nappy changing items? This is a great way to keep it organised, tidy and just within reach!

Hang the IKEA Bekvam shelf, or two, above your changing table and pop all of your essentials in there. 

It’s just the right depth for holding bottles of moisturiser, a few nappies, barrier cream and wipes in a handy spot. 

A hanging rail

Picture courtesy of Dove Cottage

Flip the Bekvam upside down and you can use the rail as a place to hang your favourite baby outfits. 

This is a lovely way to add colour and personality to your baby’s room. 

IKEA Bekvam storage

You can play around with the order of the shelves, so have one upside down and another the right way up to next to it. There are some beautiful ways to use more than one Bekvam in combination with each other. 

Back of door storage

Running out of space in your baby’s room? You could hang the Bekvam on the back of wardrobe doors or bedroom doors as a handy place to keep essential items. 


One day soon your baby will be wanting to play with crayons, ribbons and paint! The Bekvam can come in handy as a little craft store. 

You could use the rail as a dispenser for ribbon, which would make a fun game for a baby of any age. 

Genius hacks for using IKEA spice racks in baby's nursery
How to use IKEA spice racks to decorate baby's nursery

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