How to get more traffic to your new mummy blog

Want to make money from your mummy blog but are worried it’s too new to turn a profit?

I thought it would take me years to start making money from my mum blog, but actually I had my first sponsored post within six weeks. It was seriously exciting making that first £50!

I get sponsored posts every month. It’s brilliant because I often receive lovely free products as well as payment for my work, however it’s hit and miss. Some months I have lots of work, some months it’s quiet. 

I knew that getting more people to my site would help me diversify my blogging income and monetise my blog so much better. 

So I needed to grow my blog traffic, but I had hit a barrier. I hovered around 16,000 to 20,000 monthly page views for AGES. 

I’ve now been blogging for nearly two years and I’ve tried and tested so many different things! I’ve even lost my way a little here and there, wondering if it’s really worth it and where I should focus my attention. 

However I’ve now got my focus back, I’m concentrating on the areas that really work for me, and I’m bringing in regular, reliable income. Hooray. 

So how did I do it? I started focusing on my most reliable sources of blog traffic. For me that is Pinterest and organic search traffic. 

I wanted to use Pinterest smarter, not just create a couple of pins, pop them on my profile and hope for the best. 

I had been using Tailwind, but I didn’t have a strategy, and I didn’t understand the best way to make my pins bring traffic to my blog. 

I started thinking about what posts would do well on Pinterest, what fitted my niche and how I could write blog post titles that would actually help me rank higher on Google.

The real change came when I signed up to Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog for Traffic course. 

Elna’s pins from her TwinsMommy blog popped up everywhere on Pinterest. I read some of her posts and loved her free content. Then I decided to just go for it and sign up to her course! I have not regretted it at all. 

Her course shows you, step by step, how to start your blog, build an audience and get decent traffic. 

Using her Pinterest and SEO tips (which I started implementing in January this year) made this happen to my blog traffic in just over one month: 

Check out this screenshot from my Pinterest analytics:

How incredible is that! What’s important to note is how quickly the numbers increased when I started implementing Elna’s strategy and tips. I could see differences almost daily!

Thanks to Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I became eligible to sign up for MediaVine ads (you need a minimum 25k sessions monthly) and I’m now making actual money from advertising every day. It’s also led to more clicks on my affiliate links. 

One very important thing I want to make absolutely clear. I do not recommend anything that I don’t genuinely love on my site. What’s the point in me telling you that something is amazing, then you trying it out and feeling utterly disappointed? You’ll ignore any future recommendations from me, and probably not visit my site ever again. That’s why I only select products and services I have used, tested and loved to recommend on my site. 

So when I tell you I love Ready Set Blog for Traffic, I mean it! This course took me from doing OK on Pinterest, to hitting 800k monthly page views (on Pinterest of course, that’s not blog traffic, I wish haha!) within a few weeks. It did not take long for me to see some serious results. In the last 30 days I received 46k page views to my site. I feel so much more focused, and it’s not that I’m working harder, I’m working smarter.

So what are the main things I’ve learned:

  • Researching keywords on Google so that I’m getting my blog post headlines right.
  • How to get more backlinks to my site, and increase my DA (domain authority).
  • How to increase the authority of my Pinterest profile.
  • How to write money-generating blog posts.
  • How to revive old pins.

By using Elna’s tips, and she really does share a LOT of them, I finally get Pinterest. 

She also shares an amazing Pinterest group boards file filled with Pinterest group boards to fit every niche. It’s group boards that have been one of the keys to my success, so having her 380+ boards list has been invaluable. 

If you want to find out more about Elna’s course (she explains it way more eloquently than me!), visit Ready Set Blog for Traffic.

So, what are my very best tips for growing your blog traffic? Here’s what I do every week to keep my traffic high:

Make new pins

This is absolutely key. You can’t just write a post, put out two pins and then leave it at that. I make brand new pins for my best performing, evergreen content (content that works all-year round) as often as I have time.

I pin the new pins to my boards and group boards.

Pin every single day

Even if you only manage 10 pins a day, you need to be in Pinterest every single day to get good results, and you need to be pinning your own content.

Write amazing content

This is so obvious I know, but it’s where everything begins. I try my best to think about what my audience would want to read, what are their pain points, what do they need help with.

I then write informative content that answers their questions and is accurate. I’m very particular about spelling and grammar too, because I think poor English in a blog is just off-putting. That’s not to say I never get things wrong, I’m the only one editing my content!

Don’t forget SEO

Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic, it’s my best source of traffic. But I am so aware that if Pinterest were to pull the plug tomorrow, all of my traffic would go with it.

As a blogger, you need to have SEO in mind when creating posts. That means thinking of good key words, using those keywords throughout your post, putting alt text on all of your images, and writing a good headline that includes your keywords.

If you’re looking for good SEO tips, check out Neil Patel’s tips.

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