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Gro Anywhere blackout blind review

Honest review of the Tommee Tippee Gro Anywhere Blind

We purchased the Gro Anywhere Blind in a bid to save our sleep in the lighter summer months. 

Our three-year-old has been waking up at 5am every day since the days became longer and she’s also unwilling to sleep at night when her room is light. 

Gro Anywhere Blind review
Reviewing the Gro Anywhere Blind and whether it can help your child sleep better on sunny days

So I decided to try a portable blackout blind to see if it can give us a little help at keeping her in bed for longer!

This Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind review will tell you everything you need to know about the blind, plus whether it actually worked to get my three-year-old to stay in bed for longer in the mornings. Spoiler alert: It did!

The Gro Anywhere Blind features this adorable Ollie the Owl print to make it appealing for your child. You can also get it in a moon and stars fabric. 

The blind is made by The Gro Company, which was purchased by baby product giant Tommee Tippee in 2018. 

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Tommee Tippee Gro Anywhere Blind adjusted to fit a bedroom window of a child's room
The blackout blind has been adjusted for my daughter’s bedroom window and looks great with the owl and stars print

This portable blackout blind was already a product being made by Gro, but it now has the Tommee Tippee name attached to it as well!

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The Gro Anywhere Blind features suction cups that stick to the window plus velcro squares that enable you to adapt the blind for smaller windows. 

But the most important element is the blackout fabric, which is designed to block out the light when your child is either trying to nap in the daytime or trying to sleep when the summer sunshine is out for longer. 

How does the Gro Anywhere Blind work?

Using the Gro Anywhere Blind is really simple. You adjust the blind to the size you need, stick it direct to the glass of your window and it blocks out the light. 

You use the velcro to shrink the size of the blind to fit your window and then just stick the blind up using the suction cups!

Ollie the Owl print Gro Anywhere Blind attached to a bedroom window of a child's room
As you can see a small amount of light leaks around the edges but the room remains way darker than without the blind and it’s great for young kids who don’t nap on sunny days

I love that this blackout blind is adjustable so that you can take it with you on your travels. 

The fabric is super thick and I can report no light peeps through it at all. But I did find there were some gaps around the edge of the blackout blind. 

The Gro Anywhere Blind Velcro and suction cup fastenings

I suppose this is inevitable if you have to resize the blind as the pleats tend to gape out a little bit from the glass, allowing light to spill inside. 

BUT, it’s so little light that for me personally, who has kids who need night lights all night anyway, it really doesn’t matter. The point is it blocks the vast majority of the daylight from the room and makes it feel like night in there. 

Gro Anywhere Blind review
The blackout blind sticks easily to the window but does allow a little light around the edges where the pleats are. However it does block out the vast majority of light to make the room dark enough for sleep

The blind comes with a handy pouch with a handle. It’s very easy to get it back into the pouch by folding it up. This makes it ideal for travel. You can take the blind with you on holiday if you’re worried about your child getting any sleep in a very sunny location or somewhere without decent curtains. 

Gro Anywhere Blind travel pouch
The blind comes with this handy travel pouch for holidays

The blind works with windows to a maximum size of 130cm by 198cm

How to install the Gro Anywhere Blind

Installing the Gro Anywhere Blind is super easy. Simply: 

  1. Size the Gro Anywhere Blind to fit the window using the Velcro fastenings. 
  2. Fix the blind direct to the glass of windows using the suction cups. 

Start by getting the Gro Anywhere Blind sized correctly. You do this by sticking the Velcro fastenings together to create small pleats in the fabric. 

Using velcro to adjust the size of the Gro Anywhere blackout blind

I found I needed to fasten together around three along the width to make it fit my daughter’s bedroom and two to bring the height down for the window in her room, which is quite small. 

The individual Velcro fastenings match together with the Velcro directly next to it, so to size it right you need to create several little pleats in the fabric. I got confused the first time I used it and tried to just bring two bits of Velcro together to make a giant pleat. It doesn’t work well when you do it that way!

Adjusting the size of the Gro Anywhere Blind using the velcro to create pleats
Stick the Velcro to the Velcro directly next to it in order to create pleats in the blind to shorten it to fit your window

Once you have the blind sized correctly, you need to stick the suction cups to the window as close to the window frame as you can get them. 

I read several reviews that said they struggled to do this and get the suction cups to stick. 

Making the Gro Anywhere Blind suction cups stick to the window
Sticking the suction cups to the window

In order to get the blackout blind suction cups to stick to the window, I just wet the cups ever so slightly with a little water. You don’t want them soaking wet, just a little damp. 

Next press the cups to the window, and hey presto you’re done!

If you have needed to resize the blind then you may just need to smooth the fabric out a little around the edges to cover any bits of light peaking through. 

In the mornings after my daughter woke up I simply peeled the suckers off the window and let the light back into the room. 

I find it takes roughly two minutes to put the blind up every evening before she goes to bed. So not much time at all. 

Do blackout blinds crack your window?

The only thing that made me hesitate when it came to buying this product was reviews from some users saying their window had cracked when using the blind. 

Obviously I don’t want to fork out hundreds of pounds on a brand new window!

After a little research it seems that this is a possibility if the window already has some weakness and you use the blind constantly without giving the window any time to “breathe” and cool down. 

So just to be safe, I remove the blind every morning after my girls have woken up. I like to let light into the room during the daytime anyway. 

Gro Anywhere Blind: What you need to know

  • Size: Fits windows to the maximum size of 130cm by 198 cm.
  • Machine washable: Yes, at 40C. Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Includes handy travel bag with popper fastening and carry handle.
  • Fixes to window with suction cups.
  • Size adjustable with Velcro fastenings.
  • Weighs 200g.

Final thoughts on the Tommee Tippee Gro Anywhere Blind

It’s a big thumbs up from us on the Gro Anywhere Blind. 

We’ve been using it every single night for three weeks now and it has stopped our three-year-old from coming into our room early in the morning. 

It’s so nice to finally be sleeping until a reasonable hour!

These blinds are perfect for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers who are struggling with a bedroom that’s too bright in the mornings or evenings.

I thoroughly recommend the Tommee Tippee Gro Anywhere Blind if you’re planning to go abroad and want a portable blackout blind or at home if your child is struggling to sleep in the long summer days. 

At £34.99 from John Lewis I’m happy with the price of the product for the quality, and the result it has given us!

Other portable blackout blind options 

There are lots of different portable blackout blinds out there featuring either the same suction to stick method, or other options such as magnets. 

These are some of the other blackout blind products your could try for your toddler or baby to help them get a decent night’s sleep.

Amazon Basics

Amazon has its own portable blackout blind with is incredibly similar to the Tommee Tippee Gro version but cheaper!

It also comes with a travel pouch and features a pretty moon and stars design.

Find out more about the Amazon Basics Blackout Blind here.

SunAway Blackout Curtain

This also uses suction cups and has a travel pouch for convenience.

This blackout blind is also adjustable using Velcro fastenings.

Find out more about the SunAway curtain here.

Blackout window film

You could also try using some blackout window film which sticks directly to the window.

There are lots of different manufacturers selling this type of product over on Amazon.

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind review

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