I thought I would share a dinner we had last week as it was so out of this world amazing.

On paper this should be a winter warmer reserved for the colder months.

But something about it just works for summer days too. Maybe it’s the olives giving a little zing of sunshine or the honey making the sauce nice and sticky.

Whatever it is, this dish is a beauty no matter what the weather is like.

I found it in the latest copy of Waitrose Magazine. It’s really simple and really tasty.

I love how the red wine flavours the chicken. It was a breeze to cook and seriously good to eat.

I don’t use olives in sauces much, I normally just snack on them in between stirring whatever I’m cooking. The lovely flavour they inject into this sauce is amazing though. Because the red wine cooks down, I was happy to serve this to my toddler too as the alcohol will have cooked off.


It can be served with rice or pasta. I personally prefer rice!

The recipe:

Serves 4

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion finely chopped
2 garlic cloves finely sliced
2 rosemary sprigs, leaves finely chopped
8 skinless and boneless chicken thighs
100ml red wine
1 tablespoon clear honey
2 tablespoons sun-dried tomato paste (can just be normal tomato paste if that’s all you have!)
Tin of chopped tomatoes
100g olives (seedless)
2 tablespoons capers

Heat oil in a casserole dish and add onions.

Cook until they begin to soften then add garlic and rosemary and cook to a further minute.

Add the chicken and toss with the onion before cooking to five minutes until chicken is golden.

Pour in the red wine and cook for one minute on a high heat.

Add honey, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes and half tin of water from the empty can of chopped tomatoes.

Add olives and capers and cook, partially covered, for 25 minutes.