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300+ cute and unique baby girl names that start with A

Want a beautiful name for a baby girl starting with A?

Whether you want your baby’s name to begin with A because you want to match it with your surname or you just love names beginning with this letter. 

There is a huge variety of stunning names beginning with A for baby girls, from short and sweet girl names to unique and powerful monikers for a baby girl. 

This article will take you through the most popular baby girl names starting with A, as well as cute, beautiful and unique baby name ideas to help you choose! 

We’ve also got the baby name meanings to guide you further. 

Most popular baby girl names starting with A

We’ve analysed the top 100 baby girl names for 2020 (the most recent year for baby names data) to find out which are the most popular girl names starting with A.

They include modern baby name choices plus some vintage baby girl names – which has been a hugely popular trend in recent years.

Amelia. Meaning industrious and striving.

Ava. A Greek name meaning bird and lively.

Alys. A Welsh baby name meaning nobility. 

Alice. Meaning noble. 

Aurora. A Latin name meaning daybreak. 

Ayla. A Hebrew name meaning oak tree

Ada. Meaning prosperous, joyful, happy.

Arya. Meaning noble or air. 

Unique baby girl names starting with A

Aaliyah. Meaning high exalted, to ascend

Abrianna. Meaning mother of many nations.

Acacia. Meaning thorny, as in the Acacia tree.

Acadia. Meaning idyllic place. 

Adalia. Meaning god is my refuge.

Addison. Derived from the name Adam. 

Adara. Greek name meaning beauty.

Adela. Meaning noble and serene.

Adeline/Adelyn. Noble. 

Adelpha. Meaning sisterly.

Aderyn. Welsh name meaning bird.

Aeryn. Meaning mountain of strength. 

Agate. French name meaning precious stone.

Agatha. Good, kind, honourable. 

Ai. Japanese name meaning love

Aida. Meaning helper.

Aideen. Meaning shining, bright.

Aiko. Japanese name meaning the little loved one.

Aileen. Scottish name meaning the light of the sun. 

Ailis. Irish name meaning light of the sun.

Ailsa. Scottish name meaning originating from the name of a Scottish island. 

Aina. Meaning forever. 

Aine. Meaning brightness, radiance. 

Aisha. Arabic name meaning life.

Aisling. A vision or dream.

Alavda. French name meaning lark

Aleena. Meaning light. 

Alma. Nourishing.

Alyna. Noble and kind. 

Alysa. Greek meaning princess. 

Alyssa. Noble. 

Amadis. Meaning love of god

Amalie. Industrious, striving.

Anastasia.  She who will rise again. 

Anata. The goddess of the earth.

Anca. Grace, or favoured by God. 

Andea. A woman of the Andes.

Andie.  Strong. 

Andrea. Strong. 

Andromeda. Greek name meaning ruler of men.

Antoinette. Beyond price, praiseworthy.

Asia. Meaning East. 

Aspen. After the city in Colorado, also the name of a tree. 

Asta. A star. 

Aster. After the flower.

Astra. Like a star

Astrid. Meaning divine strength.

Athanasia. Immortal.

Athela. Noble.

Athena. Greek name meaning wise woman.

Atlanta. The name of a swift runner in classical mythology.

Cute girl names starting with A

Abbey/Abbie/Abby. A shortened version of Abigail, meaning father’s joy.

Abigail. Meaning father’s joy. 

Agnes. Meaning pure, chaste.

Alana/Alayna. Meaning awakening. 

Amalia. Labour. 

Amber. After the gemstone. 

Amethyst. The name of a semi-precious stone.

Ami. Japanese name meaning friend. 

Anais. Pure, chaste.

Angharad. Welsh name meaning much loved.

Angwen. Very handsome.

Anisa. Friendly

Anita. Grace, or favoured by God. 

Aniyah. Meaning god’s favour. 

Apollonia. A Greek name meaning belonging to Apollo.

April. After the month, also the beginning of spring. 

Aqua. A gemstone and colour name. 

Aquamarine. A blue/green colour.

Annette. Meaning grace. 

Annie. Meaning grace. 

Arcadia. Meaning happiness. 

Arden. Unisex name meaning ardent and sincere.

Aretha. Virtuous. 

Aria. Meaning song. 

Ariana/Arianna. Most holy. 

Ariane. The holy one.

Ariel. Meaning lion of god. 

Ariella. Meaning lion of God. 

Arwen. Noble maiden.

Ashanti. Meaning thank you. 

August. After the month.

Aura. A gentle breeze. 

Aurelia. Golden.

Aurora. The goddess of the dawn.

Autumn. After the season. 

Avanti. Meaning an ancient Malwa

Avery. The ruler of the elves. 

Avril. French for the month of April. 

Awsta.  Majestic, or revered. The Welsh form of Augusta.

Ayesha. Life. 

Aylwen. Welsh name meaning a fair brow.

Azura. From the Persian for blue sky.

Baby girl names that start with A

Beautiful girl names that start with A 

Aaliyah. Heavens or exalted. 

Aasia. Meaning hope 

Adelaide. Noble and kind. 

Adele. Noble. 

Aimee. French name meaning beloved. A form of Amy.

Alia. Noble.

Alicia. Meaning the wise counsellor, or the truthful one. 

Alida. The little winged one.

Alisa. Italian name meaning wise counsellor, or the truthful one. 

Alisha. The wise counsellor, or the truthful one.

Alison. Meaning light of the sun. 

Alissa. Truth, noble.

Alita. Spanish name meaning noble. 

Aliya. Sublime, exalted.

Allegra. Spanish/Italian name meaning cheerful, joyous.

Allison. Of noble birth.

Almeda. Ambitious.

Almedha. A Welsh name meaning shapely.

Almira. Truthful.

Aloha. Hawaiian for greetings.

Alohi. Meaning brilliant.

Amal. Meaning hope. 

Amanda. Worthy of being loved.

Amy. Old French name meaning beloved.

Ann. Grace, or favoured by God. 

Anna. Grace, or favoured by God. 

Annabel/Annabelle. Grace and beauty.  

Anne. Grace. 

Aneira. Truly golden. 

Anemone. A wind flower.

Angel. Meaning heavenly messenger. 

Angela. A heavenly messenger, an angel. 

Angelica. The angelic one.

Annamaria. Grace, or favoured by God.

Anthea. Flower.

Antoinette. Meaning praiseworthy. 

Anzu. Japanese name for apricot.

Arabella. A beautiful altar.

Arabelle. beautiful eagle. 

Antonia. Beyond price, praiseworthy.

Arielle. Ethereal.

Ariene. Welsh name meaning silvery. 

Aroha. Maori name meaning love. 

Aruna. The dawn.

Asha. Hope.

Ashira. Wealthy.

Ashleigh/Ashley. From the ash tree.

Ashling. Irish name meaning a vision or dream.

Powerful girl names starting with A

Adriana. Meaning dark woman from the sea. 

Adrienne. Meaning rich.

Alana. Irish meaning the bright fair one, the beautiful child.

Alessa. Protector of mankind.

Alex. The defender, or helper of mankind.

Alexa. Protector of mankind.

Alexandra. Green name meaning the defender, or helper of mankind.

Alexandria. Meaning defender of mankind.

Alexia. The defender, or helper of mankind.

Alexis. Protector and helper of mankind. 

Alina. Noble and kind.

Aliza. Joy.

Alpha. Meaning the first one. 

Alta. Tall.

Althea. Greek name meaning healer, or wholesome.

Altheda. Flower.

Alva. The white one. A nickname from Alvina.

Alvina. A beloved and noble friend.

Anais. Meaning pure, chaste.

Amora. Meaning love. 

Amrita. Immortal.

Angelina. Meaning angel. 

Annabeth. Full of grace. 

Annalise. Graced with God’s bounty. 

Annalisa. Grace. 

Anoush. Sweet.

Aphrodite. The mythological goddess of beauty, love and fertility.

Aria. Meaning song. 

Aubrey. Elf or magical being. 

Aylin. Moon halo. 

Azalea. Meaning dry or flower. 

Baby girl names starting with A

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