101 things to declutter and throw away right now

Are you decluttering your home and wondering where on earth to start?

These are 101 things you can declutter and get rid of right now!

If you are looking for more decluttering motivation, check out my post about the top reasons why you need to get going with decluttering today!


1. Expired coupons

2. Old receipts

3. Old diaries

4. Filled notebooks

5. Old wedding invitation guest information sheets (store sentimental invitations)

6. Empty pens and random lids

7. Electrical manuals for products you no longer own 

8. Electrical manuals where you can replace with a digital version available for download

9. Stationery you have no intention of using – including notes and post-its 

10. Old birthday and Christmas cards

11. Old train tickets (check you don’t need them for business expenses)

12. Takeaway menus

13. Out of date product guarantees

14. Magazines

15. Newspapers

16. Supermarket recipe cards you have no plans to use

17. Very old payslips (older than three years)

18. Business cards 


19. Old make-up – you shouldn’t keep eye and face products longer than six months

20. Excess make-up brushes

21. Empty or dried up nail polish

22. Perfume you never use

23. Out of date medicine and vitamins 

24. Hair ties where the elastic has broken

25. Miniatures – use them this week or bin them

26. Sample sachets

27. Excess hair pins

28. Expired sunscreen

29. Old razors

30. Old toothbrushes 

31. Mouldy bathroom toys


32. Wooden spoons (you only need two!)

33. Old plates and crockery you never use

34. Chipped glasses and mugs

35. Extra pairs of scissors

36. Extra cups and mugs

37. Plastic cutlery38. Expired food

39. Ingredients you will never use

40. Extra cookie cutters you never use

41. Travel mugs and flasks you don’t use

42. Gadgets you never use – for example pasta roller, masher

43. Baking trays and pans that have become scratched and too worn for use

44. Excess boxes of matches you haven’t used 

45. Recipe books you have never used or use very little

46. Old shopping bags

47. Disposable shopping bags

48. Freezer items past their best

Linen or airing cupboard

49. Towels you never use

50. Duvet and pillow covers you haven’t used in a long time

51. Excess bed sheets

52. Baby sleeping bags your child has grown out of 

Living room

53. Books you’ve read and won’t be reading again

54. DVDs – Be really ruthless with these as so many films are now available to stream through services such as Netflix that you probably already have!

55. Old CDs 

56. Old technology you don’t use such as MiniDiscs and VHS tapes

57. Unusable candles


58. Dried out glue sticks

59. Empty markers

60. Dead batteries

61 Old computer games

62. Old computer parts and accessories


63. Clothes you never wear

64. Socks with holes

65. Odd socks

66. Gifts you have never used

67. Old sunglasses

68. Odd earrings

69. Tarnished jewellery

70. Excess make-up and toiletries bags

71. Hobby kit you never use or do not need

72. Excess coat hangers

73. Bags and purses you never use

74. Belts you don’t wear

75. Shoes that give you blisters

Kids’ rooms

76. Toys they never play with

77. Nappies that no longer fit

78. Socks with holes

79. Clothes that don’t fit and can’t be handed down to a younger sibling

80. Books they never read

81. Toys with missing pieces and parts

82. Broken toys

83. Completed colouring and sticker books

84. Old drawings and craft projects – I know some people want to keep everything but I think you need to draw a line if your child is making 10 things a day at nursery! Keep the stuff you really love and means something to you, and get rid of anything else. 

85. Dried up wet wipes


86. Old paint

87. Excess floor tiles and material

88. Furniture that will never make its way back into the house

89. Broken tools

90. Excess tools

91. Christmas lights that don’t work

92. Christmas decorations that are broken or you won’t use again

93. Sports equipment you never use

94. Broken outdoor chairs

95. Mouldy outdoor seat covers

96. Old pet supplies

97. Dried up paint brushes and rollers


98. Old mobile phone covers and chargers

99. Old mobile phones

100. Store loyalty cards you don’t use

101. Spare change – bag it up and pay it into the bank!

101 things you can throw away and declutter right now