Baby Clementoni ride on unicorn

Do you have a little one desperate to find a unicorn under the tree this Christmas?

My girls have been going on about wanting to ride on a unicorn for ages, but short of sticking a horn on a pony at the local stables I wasn’t sure how I was going to make that happen. 

Baby Clementoni ride on unicorn review

Enter the Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn. This sweet little toy has galloped in and saved the day for us. 

This isn’t just a toy your kids can sit on, it’s a rocker and a ride-on toy with a brilliant activity centre featuring fun buttons, lights and sounds. 

How easy was it to assemble?

Very, although having two desperately excited children did not help the process to be honest!

There is some assembly required, although it’s not too taxing as long as you distract your kids for 10 minutes while you do it. 

The main body of the horse is intact in the box, but you need to attach the wheels, which requires a little bit of strength but I managed quite easily on my own. 

The rockers also need to be slotted together and then screws installed to keep them together. 

Finally the handles need to be screwed together as well. After that it’s just a matter of popping the handful of stickers needed to decorate the toy, but this bit is easy peasy.

What’s it like to use?

Once the toy has it’s wheels and stickers on you are ready to roll.

My youngest is very nearly two and raced all around the downstairs of our house on the unicorn. It’s the perfect height for her to sit on and push herself along with her feet. I would say she is about average height for her age group. 

The rocker fits easily to the unicorn with four clips. It’s a little trickier to detach the unicorn from the rocker base, but just needs a little bit of force to get there. 

The rocker mode is just as fun, and is extremely stable. My little one really goes for it when she’s rocking back and forth on it, but she hasn’t tipped over yet!

I love the bright pinks and blues that decorate the unicorn, it really is very inviting to kids and has that unicorn magic about it!

The horn is soft, so provides a slightly different texture compared to the rest of the toy which is plastic. 

My toddler got the hang of the buttons on the activity centre, which is located on the mane of the unicorn, very quickly. It makes loads of sounds, including riding and neighing noises, as well as talking and singing. 

When play time is over, the toy is not too big and bulky, so we just pop it in the corner of the room until the girls are ready to play with it again in the morning. It’s perfect for small nurseries and playrooms. 

Key features

3-in-1 ride-on, rocker and activity centre.

Educational bilingual talking toy. English and Spanish.

5 interactive buttons with lights, sounds, nursery rhymes and songs.

Senses when you rock and ride.

Detachable rockers.

Batteries Required: 2 AAA batteries (Included).

What the kids thought 

Both girls are totally enthralled by this toy. They absolutely love the fact they can choose between using it as a rocker or a ride-on toy. 

My toddler manages to get up to quite a decent speed while zipping around our living room on it, but it’s a really stable toy so I don’t worry about her at all.

The electronic mane teaches kids their ABCs, numbers and colours, plus a few Spanish words if you fancy changing the language! The girls loved the realistic horse noises. 

My verdict

The Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn costs £39.99, which I think is pretty brilliant value for a rocking and ride-on toy. 

The fact that it has dual function plus the interactive element makes it a great Christmas idea for kids. The fact that it’s a unicorn is the icing on the Christmas cake!


We were sent this toy free of charge in exchange for an honest review.