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Once our babies turn one we have a whole new list of challenges to deal with. From eating to sleeping, playing and bathing, it’s not the same as with a newborn baby.

As a busy mum of two children aged one to three I’ve had my fair share of baby product disappointment.

There’s plenty of things I’ve bought and immediately regretted it – the baby bath for one.

But now I’m a little more experienced and have had the chance to road test lots of different things, I have found my perfect toddler products that genuinely make my life as a parent easier.

These are items that have been through the wringer with my two and come out the other side retaining their usefulness – so you know they’re pretty amazing!


Here are my recommendations:

1. Munchkin Miracle 360deg training cup

This is by far the best cup I have found for at home and on the go. For your child it’s the same actions to take a drink as if you’re using a normal cup. For parents it means you can trust them not to take one sip then chuck the rest on the floor. I don’t know exactly how it works, but miracle is a pretty accurate word. I’ve tried a lot of different cups and this is by far the best. You can even chuck it in your bag and not worry about leaks.

2. Munchkin Lil Apple plates

These are so simple but the bright colours and apple shape really appeal to my kids. The plates have three sections but one of them is much larger. So you can divide up your kids’ food into veggies, potato and meat/fish or merge it all together in the one large section. My toddler prefers everything to be separated out. My youngest just wants peas!

3. 3-in-1 Grow-With-Me Lion Scooter

The best thing about this product is it’s so very adaptable. It can be altered to three different formats – a walker, a ride along toy and a scooter. It’s absolutely fantastic for a one-year-old. At the moment my one-year-old uses hers as a ride along toy but she also frequently uses it as a walker by holding on and walking behind or alongside it. It also has lights and music too!

4. Skip Hop ruck sack

From age one your child may be starting childcare. These ruck sacks come in such cool designs (I kind of want one for myself to be honest!). I have a unicorn for my one-year-old and a cat for my toddler. They are not bulky but fit four changes of clothes plus a waterproof with a bit of room to spare. They are not the cheapest child’s rucksacks but I would buy it again without hesitation for the cute factor alone.

5. Mitten clips 

I try to keep their mittens on but my two just love to pull them off their hands, even if it is below freezing outside. As they casually drop them on the floor in the blink of an eye, having clips to keep them attached to their coat is essential. Without them I would be buying a new pair of mittens every week!

6. Tangle Teezer

I wish I had bought one of these earlier! It make getting knots out of scruffy hair so very easy. Now if only there was a way to keep it that way all day!

7. Cuddledry towel

Essential from birth and beyond in my opinion, the Cuddledry towels are absolutely fantastic products for parents and kids. They are designed to wrap your child up in snuggly warmth after a bath and get them dry quickly. As a bonus it’s also a great excuse for a cuddle.

The toddler-sized towels have a variety of really cute designs. We have the hood with bunny ears in this house but I also love the cow print one.

As an extra bonus it dries super soft even without a tumble dryer after washing.

8. Cuddledry poncho

The ponchos are perfect for holidays and summer days at the local splash pad. There is even an SPF50 version that is perfect for giving that extra peace of mind when it comes to very hot days.

Simply slip it over your toddler’s head, do up the poppers and they can dry off without losing their towel.

9. Stepping stool

Use this to help your child get to the sink and start teaching them all about the importance of washing their hands and brushing their teeth. It can also be used to help them get on and off of the toilet without as much help.

10. Potette Travel Potty

Potty training may be a while off but please remember this product. It is an absolute must-have when it comes to potty training. It can be used as a travel potty, with disposable bags that you simply tie off and bin once your child has done their business, or as a seat on normal toilets so your child doesn’t fall in. When not in use it folds flat, perfect for transporting everywhere you go.

11. Number books

Teaching your little one to count is easy with the “10 little…” books. My girls love 10 Little Monsters the best!

12. Crayola water pens 

These are such a fab idea, especially if you don’t fancy finger painting all over your walls. Your child can let their inner artist loose and you can rest assured that it’s only water they can spill!

Perfect if you need to turn your back while your child plays. 

13. Balance bike

This is a great introduction to bikes and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

14. Johnson’s Shiny Drops Spray conditioner

This is fab for helping to get rid of tangles after bath time and so easy to apply. I use it on my hair too!

Do you have any must-have toddler product recommendations? I would love to hear your suggestions.

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14 essential toddler products. Brilliant toddler eating, playtime and care items to help busy mums look after their toddler!

Toddler products you actually need

“10 little…” books. My girls love 10 Little Monsters the best!