Fun in the sun is what summer is all about, but keeping babies and toddlers safe in the sunshine is important. 

Littles ones have thinner skin which is far more sensitive to UV rays, meaning they can burn quicker and far more seriously than adults. 

But you don’t want to spend the entire summer worrying about keeping your little ones safe, so here’s a handy list of essentials for the season, along with some links to my top picks for babies and toddlers. 

1. Sun screen

This is the absolute number one must-have for summer time with your little ones. Don’t just look at the SPF factor, but check out the UVA star rating as well when choosing which product to buy. You want a minimum four-star rating. 

2. UV swim gear

Getting a unsafe one or two-piece is a really wise purchase. Go for something that covers the shoulders, especially if you’re taking it abroad somewhere really hot. 

Two pieces are easier to get on and off, especially if you have a potty training toddler with you!

3. Poncho towel

The benefit of these are you can get your child wrapped up and sit them down with a snack while they dry off, and you don’t have to keep wrapping the towel back around them every minute. 

You can get a brilliant SPF50 poncho towel from Cuddledry. It’s super soft, washes really well and folds up nice and small for easy travelling. 

4. Toddler shades

If you can convince your toddler to keep them on, these are really handy for days out for keeping little eyes safe from the sun.

5. Sun hat

You want to go for a hat with a wide brim that offers coverage for the back of the neck and face. 

6. Water play table

If you have a garden you will want to get one of these! They are so entertaining for little ones and the best bit is they cool them down as well. 

Although you still have to supervise your children while using them, they are not as worrisome as a paddling pool where you need to watch them like a hawk.

7. Insulated snack bag

Get a small ice pack that fits inside so that you can keep sandwiches and drinks cool when you head out for the day.

8. Huge picnic blanket

I love taking our big picnic blanket out to National Trust properties and relaxing in a beautiful place for the afternoon. A super big picnic blanket gives the kids room to crawl about and play, plus space for quick nappy changes. 

9. Sandals

Go for flexible plastic ones that can be worn in a paddling pool rather than canvas shoes. A lot of outdoor pool areas are slippery so these will give your child extra grip. These ones from Peacocks are great value.

10. UV tent

Your child will love playing inside this and you will be able to relax because they are out of the sun. Try this one from JoJo.

11. Arm bands or pool float

If you’re planning to hit the beaches and pools this summer, it’s a good idea to invest in some arm bands or a float. 

You can also buy zip-up float jackets for little ones, such as this one from JoJo.

12. Light clothes

In the summer sunshine it’s a good idea to pick outfits that cover the shoulders and are made from light material. If you’re going to be out until late, grab a light cardigan as well because the temperature can plunge quickly.

13. Swim nappies

Never leave home without these in your changing bag! Lots of play parks have splash pads these days and many insist your child wears a swim nappy to keep the play area clean. 

We use the Huggies Little Swimmers!

Do you have any top product recommendations for the summer?




13 summer essentials for babies and toddlers