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150+ Soft Baby Boy Names (Gentle and Cute)

Searching for a gorgeous and gentle soft boy name that’s also strong and cool? 

There are over 150 ideas in this list, plus name meanings to help you make a decision! 

A soft boy name are delicate, with soft X, S, O and R letters often featuring to round out the name and take away any harsh sounds. However all of these names are still cool and trendy names for boys – many are very uncommon and are perfect if you want a rare name.

Baby boy in soft bed wearing wool hat

My personal favourites are Huxley, Harbor and Noah. 

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Popular soft names for boys 

These are the some popular names that are sensitive and soft for boys! We think you’ll be familiar with these. 

Alexander – Greek for protector of mankind.

Austin – English for great and Latin for useful.

Archie – German name meaning bold and brave. 

Christian – Greek for anointed.

Dakota – Native American for friend or ally.

Elijah – Hebrew for God the Lord or Yahweh is God.

Ethan – Hebrew name meaning firm and enduring. 

Ezra – Hebrew for salvation.

Flynn – An Irish name for son of the red-haired man.

Ian – Scottish for God is gracious.

Isaac – Hebrew for laughter.

Isaiah – A Hebrew name for salvation of the Lord.

Jasper – Persian for keeper of the treasure.

Liam – Irish and Celtic/Gaelic for unwavering protector.

Luca – Italian for bringer of light.

Lucas – Latin name meaning bringer of the light. 

Miles – German and Irish name meaning soldier or servant. 

Milo – A German name for soft-hearted or merciful.

Noah – Hebrew for comfort or wanderer.

Oliver – Old Norse name for kind one and French for peace.

Oscar – Meaning deer lover or champion warrior., 

Rowan – An Irish name meaning red haired. 

Silas – Latin for woodman.

Theo – German for the boldest and Greek for gift of God.

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Unique uncommon soft boy names 

These unique gentle boy names tap into the aesthetic trend and are so adorable! 

Adler: German for eagle, symbolising strength and courage.

Adley: A combination of Adam and Lee, meaning son of the red earth or meadow.

Adonis: In Greek mythology, Adonis was a handsome youth loved by Aphrodite, symbolising beauty.

Albie: A diminutive of Albert or Alfred, meaning noble or wise.

Albus: Latin for white or bright, often symbolising purity or light.

Ambrose: Greek for immortal, often associated with eternal life.

Amari: Of uncertain origin, possibly meaning eternally beautiful.

Auberon: Germanic for noble or royal bear.

Auburn: Refers to a reddish-brown colour, often associated with hair colour.

Aubrey: French and English for elf ruler or ruler of the elves.

Baris: Turkish for peace.

Bexley: Of English origin, meaning woodland clearing where the box tree grows.

Booker: English for scribe or maker of books.

Birch: Old English for white or birch tree.

Cassius: Latin for vain or empty, also associated with the historical figure Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali).

Cedar: English for cedar tree, symbolising strength and endurance.

Crew: Latin for chariot, suggesting a group or team.

Darcy: Of French origin, meaning from Arcy or dark one.

Dream: English word name, symbolszing aspirations or imaginative thoughts.

Emerson: Means son of Emery, where Emery is German for brave.

Ezra: Hebrew for help or helper.

Forest: Old French name for out of the woods.

Finneas: A variant of Phineas, meaning oracle or serpent’s mouth in Hebrew.

Griffin: Welsh for hooked nose or strong lord.

Happy: English word name, suggesting joy and contentment.

Harbor: English for sheltered port, symbolising safety and protection.

Hartley: Old English for stag meadow. 

Hollis: Old English for holly trees or near the holly trees.

Huxley: Old English for Hugh’s meadow, combining hug (mind) and ley (meadow).

Jagger: English for carter or peddler, often associated with the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.

Kaden: American for companion or friend.

Kellan: Gaelic for slender or fair.

Koa: Hawaiian for warrior or brave.

Lennox: Scottish for lives near the place abounding in elm trees.

Lumi: Finnish for snow.

Oakley: Old English for from the oak meadow.

Nova: Latin for new or star, symbolising brightness.

Pace: English and French for born on Easter.

Phineas: Hebrew for oracle or serpent’s mouth.

Pip: A diminutive of Philip, meaning lover of horses.

Rune: Gaelic for red-haired or German and Scandinavian for a secret.

Shiloh: Hebrew for peaceful or tranquil.

Sunny: English for bright disposition or cheerful.

Wells: Scottish for man of the village who fetches water from the well.

Zion: Hebrew for highest mountain or monument.

Cool soft names for boys 

Here are some lesser used baby boy names that tap into the sensitive and gentle trend. 

Abraham: Hebrew for father of multitudes or father of nations.

Arlo: Possibly derived from Old English elements meaning fortified hill or hill dweller.

Arthur: Celtic and Welsh for bear, or it may be derived from the Roman name Artorius, meaning noble or courageous.

Asa: Japanese for born in the morning and Hebrew for healer.

Asher: Hebrew for fortunate or happy.

Atlas: In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan who carried the world on his shoulders.

August: Latin for great or magnificent.

Axel: Old German for father of peace and Swedish for divine source of life.

Bailey: French for bailiff and Old English for fortification.

Basil: Greek for royal or brave, and it is also the name of an aromatic herb.

Beau: French for beautiful or handsome.

Benji: Diminutive of Benjamin, meaning son of the right hand.

Bentley: English for meadow with coarse grass.

Bishop: English for overseer or guardian.

Bodhi: Sanskrit for awakening or enlightenment.

Bowie: Welsh for son of Owen.

Bronson: English for son of the dark man.

Caleb: Hebrew for faithful or devotion.

Callum: Scottish for dove or peace.

Camden: Old English for winding valley.

Cameron: Scottish and Gaelic for bent river.

Cassidy: Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic for clever.

Chandler: French for candle maker.

Charlie: Old English for free man.

Christian: Latin for follower of Christ.

Cohen: Hebrew for clergyman or priest.

Cyrus: Persian for like the sun.

Declan: Irish for messenger.

Drew: Greek for courageous and Welsh for wise.

Elias: Greek and Hebrew for the Lord is my God.

Ellis: Welsh for the lord is my God.

Emery: German for brave.

Everett: German for strong boar.

Finley: Celtic and Scottish for fair-haired one.

Gabriel: Hebrew for God is my strength.

Gale: English for lively.

Gareth: Norse for enclosure and French for watchful.

Grey: An Old English name meaning to shine.

Gus: A short form of Augustus, meaning great or magnificent.

Harrison: A German name for house ruler.

Haven: Dutch and English for harbour, also used as a unisex name.

Hayden: Old English for hay valley.

Hayes: Old English for hedged area.

Heath: English for wasteland.

Henry: German for house ruler.

Hudson: Old English for son of Hud, possibly referring to Hugh.

Hugh: German for bright soul.

Ira: Hebrew for watchful.

Ivan: Russian and Slavic for God is gracious.

Jamie: Hebrew for he who supplants and French for I love.

Jesse: Hebrew for God’s gift.

Judah: Hebrew for praise.

Jude: Shortened form of Judah, meaning praise.

Julian: Latin for youthful and English for love’s child.

Kane: Hawaiian for Eastern Sky.

Keanu: Hawaiian for cool breeze over the mountains.

Lachlan: Scottish and Gaelic for from the land of lakes.

Laine: Finnish for wave or path.

Lewis: English for famous warrior.

Louis: Old German and French for famous warrior.

Maddox: Welsh for good fortune.

Marvin: English for beautiful sea.

Micah: Hebrew for gift from God.

Miles: Latin for soldier.

Murray: Latin for dark-skinned and Celtic for sailor.

Neville: A French name for from the new farmland.

Nico: Italian for victory of the people.

Noel: Latin for birthday and French for Christmas.

Nolan: Gaelic for champion.

Remy: French for fun-loving.

Rhett: Welsh for passionate.

Rhys: Welsh for ardent one.

Riley: Gaelic for valiant.

River: English for by the riverbank.

Roman: Italian for from Rome.

Rory: German for famous one and Gaelic for red king.

Rupert: Germanic for famous wolf.

Samuel: Hebrew for heard by God.

Shane: Hebrew and Irish for God’s grace.

Shepherd: English for one who tends sheep.

Tate: Old English for cheerful and Native American for long-winded talker.

Teddy: Diminutive of Theodore, meaning gift of God.

Theodore: Greek for gift of God.

Tobias: Hebrew for God is good.

Tucker: Middle English for tailor.

Virgil: Latin for staff bearer.

Walker: Middle English for cloth worker.

Warren: German for watchman or gamekeeper.

Yael: Hebrew for mountain goat.

Zachary: Hebrew for God remembers.

Zeke: Short form of Ezekiel, meaning the memory of God.

Soft boy names
Soft boy names

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