Playing with the LeapStart 3D Paw Patrol activity book

LeapStart 3D learning with Paw Patrol and PJ Masks  We’ve been reviewing the LeapStart 3D learning system and it’s been perfect timing with my four-year-old due to start school in just a few months. 

LeapFrog recently sent us a couple of new activity books to try out with the LeapStart 3D and my daughter has been loving these. She’s especially thrilled as the books – Around Town with Paw Patrol and Moonlight Hero Maths with the PJ Masks – involve two of her favourite TV shows. 

In case you haven’t heard of the LeapStart 3D, check out my review of the learning system over on an earlier blog post. 

The LeapStart 3D brings books to life through sound, interactivity, pictures and moving 3D images. 

There are a wide range of LeapStart activity books that can be slotted into the device. Your child then uses the special stylus to tap areas of the book to make it come to life. 

Each activity has a easy and difficult version so your child can go back and test themselves on a harder version once they have mastered a skill

Your child can either play specific games, where they are challenged to choose the right answer to questions, mathematical sums, brain teasers and problems, or simply tap at the pictures to hear the device describe what they are looking at. 

Your child uses a stylus to interact with each page and engage with the challenges

Every activity is fun, engaging and rewards children positively for solving problems, but more than that it’s teaching them valuable skills and they don’t even realise it!

From maths to reading and writing, the LeapStart range covers a huge range of skills that compliment learning at school or nursery. 

It’s suitable from age three. My four-year-old has gotten the hang of using it really quickly, although she still needs a bit of help with some of the challenges. She loves playing it and I really like to see her engaging with such educational activities that give her so much fun. 

The LeapStart 3D costs around £40 from Amazon and the books are around £10 each.

Around Town with Paw Patrol

In this activity book, your child joins Rubble, Chase, Ryder, Rocky, Skye, Zuma and friends on a series of challenges around Adventure Bay. 

All of the favourites from the Paw Patrol TV series are there, plus some familiar settings from around the town too. 

The voices of the characters are all there too, which is a great way of making it feel that bit more realistic for your child. 

The book contains more than 30 activities which your child can play again and again. 

The 3D screen features images that link to the activities your child plays, including the pups bouncing around as part of the game

One of the best things about the games are that they are not too long, so your child can keep up their conversation with one activity to see it through to the end, then move onto the next one before they get bored. 

All of the LeapStart activity books are organised into levels of difficulty so that you can pick the right one for your child’s age and ability.

This one is at Level 2, which is suitable for ages three to six. 

The key themes of the Paw Patrol book are navigation and map reading. It’s a brilliant introduction to using grid references to find things, with games challenging your child to find a relevant character or place and then figure out the grid reference. 

There’s also a game teaching the basics of using a compass – with the player challenged to choose the right direction their favourite characters need to head in. 

The great thing about the games is that they involve a story – an adventure with the pups – but that’s rooted in real learning. 

Moonlight Hero Maths with the PJ Masks

This book follows similar patterns to the Paw Patrol one. The characters from PJ Masks have different adventures on each page, with children challenged to help the PJ Masks save the day. 

As you can see from the title, this book focuses on mathematical skills and it does it in such a lovely and engaging way for little ones. 

Games include solving simple equations and learning about patterns. 

As children go through each adventure, they can choose between easy or a harder version of the games, so once they have mastered one particular skill, they can move on to the more difficult game. 

Children are rewarded after mastering a particular skill with stickers at the back of the books

There are reward stickers towards the back of both the PJ Masks and Paw Patrol books. Your child is prompted to place a sticker on their reward chart in the book once they have completed enough games correctly to master the different skills such as measurements and shapes.

The only downside of the stickers is that eventually they do run out, however it’s not the stickers that keeps my daughter going back to play with the LeapStart, she just loves playing the games. 

Our verdict 

The Paw Patrol and PJ Masks activity books are like giving your child their very own episodes of the beloved TV shows to star in. 

The illustrations are all colourful and just like the actual cartoons so your child feels like they are interacting in their own episode of their favourite show

All of the favourite characters are there and each page of the books has a new adventure to get involved with. 

Both books contain dozens of activities between them, so there’s hours of entertainment there plus as you can change the difficulty rating, they won’t get bored with playing the same game again. 

It’s a brilliant way of engaging your child with learning without it being boring!

I love using the LeapStart 3D as a way of complimenting my daughter’s learning and I’m sure it will give her a great head start when it comes to school. 

We were sent these books and the LeapStart 3D in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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