We were gifted this toy in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

While your child’s imagination is limitless, it’s lovely to find a toy to spark that magic.

The HugARmals toys take a cute cuddly toy that will be your child’s best friend and make it come to life!

The toy combines something your child can physically cuddle up with and live action movement where your child can see their pet dance, eat and walk around the room. 

We received the red dragon HugARmal, but there’s also a beautiful unicorn version. 

Mardles HugARmals toy review

The dragon is seriously cute, with beautiful sparkles on his fur and sweet littler wings. The sparkles on his skin look just like scales, and he looks so cute with those white ears.

The fur is really soft and he’s very cuddly, so perfect for your child to snuggle up to in bed at night. 

How do HugARmals work?

Mardles HugARmals toy review

After getting the HugARmal you simply download the free Mardles app to your smartphone or tablet. 

The HugARmal dragon has a plastic badge on one foot which you then scan with your phone or tablet. This alerts the app that you have a dragon or unicorn character, and then using your own device’s camera brings the character to life in your room. 

Looking at the screen, your child can use direction keys in the app, or instructions to tell the character to dance, eat, sleep and even fly. 

The dragon’s eating involves blasting a small block of wood with fire until it’s black and then eating it. 

Both girls got really excited to see the dragon get up and fly around the room. 

The best part was when the girls realised they could stand in front of the camera and have pictures or video taken with their new best friend. 

HugARmals demonstration

There is also the option to customise the colour of the dragon in the app. 

The dragon is a decent size at about 30cm high, and he feels like good quality and can stand the test of time with eager kids playing with him all day. 

Our verdict 

The HugARmals are a lovely toy because they can be used both in active, imaginative play and as a comforting best pal your child can have in their bed. 

The live action moves of the dragon are really cool, and it’s a great feature that kids can choose their favourite colour to customise the little dragon.