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How to prepare mango for your baby

Mango puree or mango strips are one of the best first foods for your baby.

Mango is packed with vitamin C and because it is sweet and juicy, most babies absolutely love it.

Mango fruit chopped into pieces for baby-led weaning

When I first started feeding my baby mango, I remember cutting away at the skin then struggling to get the fruit off the pit in the centre.

It was a total mess, and I wasted so much fruit!

Finally I have the best technique for preparing mango for your baby, which makes the most of the flesh on the fruit and is so much easier for you.

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The best method for preparing mango

It involves cutting the mango away from the pit in slices, then cross-crossing the flesh of the fruit with a knife before pulling the segments away from the skin. So easy, and hardly any waste!

Preparing a mango for baby
I used to attempt to peel the skin away from mango then cut away the flesh from the pit. This method is much easier!

Of course there’s always a little fruit left on the pit in the centre, but you could suck and chew on it yourself as a snack while baby enjoys their mango!

If you are doing baby-led weaning, making mango puree is easy once you have removed the fruit from the skin.

I prefer using the Kenwood Mini Chopper to prepare baby food. It’s perfect for blending small portions of food and is easy to wash up. The chopper is generally available on Amazon, you can check the latest price here.

You could also use a stick blender. The great thing about mango is that once its ripe, it blends to a puree really easily. And you don’t need to add anything to it!

How to serve mango

If your baby is getting started with weaning, then give them mango on its own as part of your introducing baby to first tastes.

I used to offer my babies mango puree as a dessert after dinner once they were on three meals a day.

You can also add mango puree to yoghurt, baby cereal, and porridge or use it as a topping on pancakes.

If you are doing baby-led weaning, then you could add chunks of mango together with slices of banana for a little fruit salad.


Mango puree for weaning babies

Mango puree for weaning babies

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 6 minutes

An easy way to cut up and prepare mango for babies. If you are doing baby-led weaning simply skip the puree process and serve to your baby in small chunks they can grab with their fist. This recipe makes enough for around 10 tbsp of mango for your baby.


  • 1 ripe mango


1. Place mango on a chopping board. Hold it upright with one hand, and using a knife with the other slice downwards on one side of the mango as close to the pit in the centre of the mango as you can.

2. Repeat motion on the other side of the mango. You will have two slices of mango with the skin on plus the centre section.

3. Take one of the mango slices and using a sharp knife cut down into the flesh in lines to create a criss-cross pattern. Be sure to cut right down so your knife hits the skin.

4. Use your thumbs to push the skin side of the mango slice, so that the criss-cross section is pushed outward. You should now be able to pull the small cubes of mango you have just created away from the skin. If they won't come away easily, use a knife cutting closely to the skin to remove them.

5. Repeat with the other large slice of mango.

6. Take the pit and slice away the two small remaining sections from either side of the mango. Run a knife along the skin to remove the fruit from these two sections.

7. Place your mango fruit into a food processor and blend until smooth. This will take less than a minute.

8. Serve to your baby on its own. Also goes great drizzled on pancakes or on their morning porridge, or mixed with baby rice.

Nutrition Information:
Serving Size: 3tbsp
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 30
How to prepare mango for your baby

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