How to clean your house fast!

How to clean your house fast

You want your house to be clean but you have no time to get the chores done!

Once you have children, keeping your house clean feels like an impossible task. When your kids are babies they cry until you hold them, leaving you with no choice but to give up on anything else you were trying to do.

Once they are toddlers, they demand your attention all of the time. They do not accept no for an answer and in the end it’s just easier to give in and focus all of your energy on them.

I totally understand this, cleaning when you have kids is hard. If you’re anything like me, having a clean and tidy house is pretty important to you! You want to spend time with your kids and be a good parent, but you would also like a house that looks more like a home and less like a tip.

I’ve put together a list of brilliant hacks for cleaning your house fast. 

If you have any to add, please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear how you speed clean your home!

1. Use a microfibre mitt

These mitts are intended for car cleaning but they have made cleaning my home so much faster!

I just pop it on my hand and spray either my diluted Zoflora mix or some Mr Sheen dusting solution on to it, then wipe things such as our TV stand, shelves and our wooden blinds. It’s also brilliant for the staircase and banisters. 

2. Grab a basket

Do you find that things like clothes, toys and hairbrushes end up in the most random places in your home?

I use our laundry basket and go from room to room, picking up the stuff that doesn’t belong in that place. I then sort it out into piles and put them where they belong. 

3. Clear the sides before wiping

It feels tedious picking everything up from the side you’re about to wipe and putting it on the floor, but it’s way faster than shifting everything out of your way as you try to wipe. 

As you put things back on the side in their right place, give them a quick wipe with your cloth, or mitt, too. 

4. Keep your cleaning products clean

A dirty mop or brush is not going to be efficient at cleaning. 

I love these cloths for wiping down my kitchen and bathroom surfaces and tiles, as they can go into the washing machine at 40C every so often. Easy. 

This mop features a removable pad that can be washed at 60C. I make sure to do it weekly as I tend to mop every day. 

5. Put a load of washing on in the morning

Load the washing machine up as you collect washing throughout the day, then first thing in the morning when you wake up put it on. Try to do this every day, if you create as much washing as I do!

6. Do the 10-minute challenge

Time is tight when you’re busy with kids, work, life in general. However try to find 10 minutes in your day every now and then. During that 10 minutes, focus on just one area or room. For example, vacuuming all carpets or cleaning one bathroom. 

This system can help you to stop dashing from room to room in a blind panic trying to do 50 different jobs at once, which isn’t efficient and always leaves me stressed out!

7. Create a list

This links nicely to the previous item. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the housework tasks and are not sure how you will get it done, break everything down into a list and tackle it one item at a time. 

You’ll find it easier to separate specific tasks, rather than rooms. For example, dust the house all in one go and vacuum in another segment of time. This way you have the tools you need in your hand already as you go about getting stuff done. 

8. Get the right cleaning products

I’ve found that having the right products in the house makes everything so much easier. I always make sure I have the following:

Soda crystals – I’ve made a video about how to clean with them here:

Bicarbonate of soda – I’ve got another video for bicarb cleaning right here:

Flash bathroom with bleach

White vinegar



Method kitchen cleaner

With these products I can get ride of any marks and grime in my house. Soda crystals are fantastic for clearing blocked drains, and I also use them to create a solution to soak laundry with heavy staining. Bicarbonate of soda is fab for absorbing bad smells, and lifting stains from fabric. White vinegar and bleach is what I use the most to get rid of hard water stains in my toilets. 

Zoflora is fantastic for disinfecting and creating a lovely smell in your home. I use a diluted solution to spray on our hallway rug to lift that area of the house. I also pour Zoflora down the loo (with no other chemicals there to avoid bad fumes) to make the bathrooms smell good. I clean my floors with a mixture of Zoflora, dish soap and water in a spray bottle. It’s brilliant!

9. Work with your kids

You really need to pick your moments for cleaning when it comes to kids. My two-year-old can be so clingy at times, and I just cannot clean when she’s pulling at my top asking to be picked up. 

Find a time when your kids are distracted, or get them involved with cleaning by challenging them to pick up as many toys as possible. You could give them a toy basket each and ask them to fill them with toys from the floor that need putting away.

Check out my post about how to keep your house clean with small kids around. 

10. Get smart with cleaning hacks

If you have some major hard water stains to deal with, or a stinky plughole in your kitchen, you need to get smart with your cleaning hacks so that you’re not spending ages dealing with just one cleaning job. 

I have an entire list featuring amazing cleaning hacks

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How to clean your home fast
Tips for cleaning your home faster
tips for cleaning your home faster

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