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Prettiest Cottagecore Names for Girls 

Cottagecore names are a relatively new trend in baby names that tap into the love for nature and aesthetic names. 

They are tied to a romanticised rural life and have gorgeous rustic vibes. 

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Many of these cottagecore names are vintage classics like Winifred, however you will also find some unusual word names like Fawn among the nature monikers in this list. 

There are over 100 baby names for you to check out in this beautiful list of names filled with the charm of beautiful wildflower meadows and outdoorsy life. 

Nature cottagecore girl names 

These nature names are as beautiful as a sunset on the prairie! You’ll find floral, tree and animal names in this list. 

Acacia – Thorny

Amaranth – Unfading

Anise – Spice

Arden – Great forest

Aspen – Quaking tree

Autumn – Fall, the season of harvest

Azalea – Dry flower

Blossom – Flower-like

Briar – Thorny bush of wild roses

Cedar – Cedar tree

Cerise – Meaning cherry

Clover – Meadow flower

Dahlia – Valley flower

Daisy – Day’s eye

Dove – A bird symbolising peace

Fawn – Young deer

Fern – Someone who lives among ferns

Hazel – The hazel tree

Honey – Nectar

Iris – Rainbow

Ivy – Climbing evergreen plant

Jasmine – Jasmine flower

Laurel – The laurel tree

Lilly – Lily flower

Luna – Moon

Magnolia – Magnolia flower

Maple – One who lives near maple trees

Marigold – Golden flower

Meadow – Grass, field

Olive – The olive tree

Peach – Persian apple

Poppy – Red flower

Prairie – Meadow, grassland

Primrose – First rose

River – A flowing body of water

Rose – Rose flower

Sage – Spice, wise

Sunny – Sunshine

Summer – The season of summer

Terra – Earth

Violet – Purple flower

Willow – Freedom

Winter – Winter season

Wisteria – Wister’s flower

Wren – Small songbird

Gem-inspired cottagecore names 

A name inspired by gemstones is the perfect choice for your precious little one. 






Old-fashioned cottagecore names 

These vintage girl names are in some cases still popular among parents, but you’ll find some here that are little used such as Betty and Blythe. 

Agnes – Pure

Alice – Noble

Alma – Nourishing

Annabelle – Beautiful grace

Annabeth – Graceful house

Annie – Grace

Audrey – Noble strength

Beatrix – Bringer of happiness

Beryl – Green gemstone

Betty – God is my oath

Bridgette – Strength

Blythe – Happy

Bryony – Vine

Cecily – Blind

Celeste – Heavenly

Charlotte – Free

Dorothea – Gift of God

Eliza – in the oath of god 

Elsie – God is my oath

Florence – Flourishing

Greta – Pearl

Gwendolyn – Blessed ring

Harriet – Home ruler

Ida – Industrious

June – Sixth month

Mabel – Lovable

Madge – Pearl

Maisie – Pearl

Marjorie – Pearl

Marion – Sea of bitterness

Matilda – Battle strength

Myrtle – Evergreen shrub

Nellie – Light

Ophelia – Help

Phoebe – Bright

Posey – Bouquet of flowers

Sylvie – From the forest

Vera – True

Virginia – Pure

Winifred – Fair

Rarely used cottagecore names

Here are some rare names from this trend if you love the idea of a name that is not in the top 100.

Amara – Eternal

Carmine – Vivid red

Gretel – Pearl

Hattie – Home ruler

Linette – Little lake

Lottie – Free

Paisley – Patterned fabric

Rue – Regret

Saffron – Yellow flower

Reverie – Daydream

Seraphine – Fiery, angelic

Sweet cottage core names

These super cute girl names are full of whimsy and rustic charm. 

Aurora – Dawn

Belle – Beautiful

Bonnie – Pretty

Clementine – Merciful

Coraline – Maiden

Daphne – Laurel tree

Diana – Divine

Esme – Beloved

Faye – Fairy

Flora – Flower

Georgie – Farmer

Ginger – Red-haired

Gwyneth – Blessed

Heidi – Noble

Imogen – Innocent

Melody – Song

Mielle – Honey

Paige – Attendant

Piper – Flute player

Pippa – Lover of horses

Rosalie – Rose

Tessa – Harvester

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Cottagecore girl names

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.