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The Casdon Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is a brilliant replica of your own Dyson vacuum, giving little ones the chance to be just like mummy and daddy when it’s time to clean up.

If your kids are anything like mine then they are probably itching to help out when it’s time to do the housework.

I hear that teenage children aren’t quite so fascinated by chores, so I’m keep to attempt to indulge their fascination with helping out wherever possible.

When I’m dusting the shelves I can give the girls a cloth or muslin to pretend to help me out, but with the vacuum cleaner that’s a big person job. 

So it’s been fab trying out the Casdon Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, which is modelled on the real Dyson cordless vacuums, from the colours right down to the moulding of the plastic. It really does look like a mini-Dyson!

I love this type of imaginative play toy, because it helps your child get really immersed in the game if what they’re playing with looks just like what their parents would use. 

The Casdon Toy Dyson comes with two attachments, which pop on and off in a very similar way to a real Dyson vacuum! It’s easy to use and my four-year-old has had no problems switching over the long attachment and short attachment.

Unlike many other toy vacuums, this one has actual suction! Granted it’s not particularly strong, but you wouldn’t want it to be dangerous for them to use!

When the trigger button is push down, the vacuum starts up and tiny, colourful pieces of plastic spin around inside the clear collection bucket of the cleaner. This makes it look like your child is actually picking up bits as they go!

Even better, the vacuum can be emptied out by hitting a red button on top of the handset, so your child can copy exactly what you do from start to finish.


We loved this little vacuum cleaner. It’s compact size and realistic detail make it ideal for your mini-mes who are desperate to be just like mummy and daddy.

You can buy the Casdon Toy Dyson from Amazon for £28.28.

This is a collaborative post. We were sent a Casdon Toy Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

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