The new Britax B-Lite adapts for you and your family

Having two toddlers to wrangle when we’re out and about means that I am pretty clear on what I need from a pushchair.

Over the last three years there have been highs and lows with my buggies (I own three very different ones) and so I like to think that I know what makes a good set of wheels for your little one.

That’s why I was really excited to get the chance to try out the new Britax B-Lite pushchair.

This stylish and sleek pushchair is a fabulous option to take you through from newborn to toddler, because it’s so darn adaptable.

Perfect for busy parents on the go, this is Britax’s lightest buggy AND it’s a travel system to boot. So you can get your car seat and pop it on the chassis for those quick trips out in the car. You can also purchase a carry cot to make a cosy place for newborns if you wish.

This combination of factors is a huge selling point for me. There’s no doubt that having a lighter buggy is way easier on you in the early weeks and beyond. It’s exhausting lugging a heavy pushchair in and out of the car and lugging it up and down steps when you’re out and about.

The low weight combined with it being a travel system – making it adaptable for parents on the go – makes this a must-have new addition to the family.

You can also connect a car seat to the Britax B-Lite

The B-Lite comes in four different colours – steel grey, cosmos black, coral peach and lagoon green. I think that lagoon green colour is just gorgeous, but I love the steel grey version I was sent.

The buggy has a generous and comfy seat, but it’s not too bulky so good for when you’re out and about at the shops

I think neutral colours are really nice for a buggy as you can jazz it up with colourful blankets and buggy books if you want to, or just stick to that subtle, stylish shade.

When it came to unboxing and constructing the Britax B-Lite it couldn’t have been easier. The instructions for building the buggy didn’t have words with the pictures but it was all very straight-forward. You can check out my video of me unboxing the B-Lite here:

My first impressions of the B-Lite when it was standing in my living room were I loved the padded seat. Many buggies need extra seat padding to be purchased at an additional cost to make it comfier for little ones, but this comes with a lovely, soft seat already installed.

It has a five-point adjustable harness which was really easy to clip in and out, not stiff at all as some can be.

The 5-point harness is easy to adjust and comes with comfortable padding for the shoulders

I also found the padded handle made gripping and pushing the buggy very comfortable.

But perhaps my favourite feature of the B-Lite is the lie-flat option for the backrest. When you are trying to get a baby or a toddler to nap on the go, creating a comfortable setting is absolutely crucial. I love the fact that you can make a cosy bed for them so easily.

It has a very simple mechanism for adjusting the backrest using a toggle at the back of the buggy.

There are not many buggies that you can make lie-flat, most of mine can be tilted right back but there’s still a bend in the seat where it joins the leg rest.

The lie-flat position is one of the best things about this pushchair – it looks so comfortable for nap time!

This also has adjustable calf support too, so you can change it depending on whether your child is napping or not as well as their size.

The size of the hood is impressive, it provides a brilliant amount of cover for little ones when fully extended plus it has UPF 50+ to provide protection from the sun on summer days.

My baby looks super chilled when we’re out and about in the B-Lite. I have the option to let her sit up and see the world, or lie her right back to shut it all out and catch a nap.

Grass or pavement, this buggy can handle it

Another important area for me is the size of a buggy when it’s folded down. I have an Astra so the boot is not the smallest in the world, but it’s not the largest either.

The B-Lite folds down to a very compact size, making it easy to pick up and carry up steps or on the underground when travelling, or to fit in snug boots.

The buggy folds down to a really compact size in a matter of seconds

It’s also a one-piece fold which saves a lot of faffing around when dismantling the buggy when you’re trying to get it in the car.

The folded buggy

I road tested  the B-Lite on trips into our local high street, the supermarket and the park.

It’s slim and extremely easy to manoeuvre. It’s light to push and the basket has plenty of space for any shopping or drinks and snacks for the kids. My only issue with the basket is that it doesn’t have a large access point, so putting a big bag of shopping in there is tricky unless you put every item in there separately.

At the park the buggy handles bumpy footpaths and grass without an issue.

As you can see this buggy has lots of room to grow. I think it’simpressive how much space it has for taller children given how light it is, many lightweight buggies don’t have this much space.

At £180 I think this is a very reasonable price for such a reliable and stylish travel system.

If you’re a city or town-dwelling gal with a baby in tow wanting a buggy that’s light and slots right in to your busy life, the Britax B-Lite is a winner.

What I loved

Very easy to assemble.

How comfy the seat unit is.

The lie-flat recline option. For me this makes nap time on the go so much easier. Being able to put your child in a nice and comfy position makes it way more likely they will get a decent snooze when you’re out and about.

The easy fold. This was a doddle to do, check out my vid if you don’t believe me!

Being able to slot your car seat on to the chassis.

Being able to add a carry cot.

The compact size when folded. This is a very crucial area for me.

The recline mechanism. So easy to use.

The choice of hood colours. That green colour is so very vibrant.

The black chassis. I think black is so much nicer than super shiny chrome.

Puncture-free tyres. 


The niggles

Cannot be adapted to a double stroller. I know this is picking holes here but if you’re going to invest in a buggy it is nice to know you have the option to add another seat in future.

Basket a bit tricky to access with larger items due to the chassis.

Handlebars are not height adjustable. For me the height of the handlebars was absolutely perfect, but I know others may prefer to have the option to fiddle with this.


What you need to know

Age range: Birth to 3 years

Weight: Up to 15kg

Dimensions when folded: 77 x 31.5 x 40 cm

Weight of buggy: 7.4kg

Price: £180

For more information visit the Britax Romer website here.


Britax B-Lite pushchair review



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