Do your kids love to read? I’m guessing the answer to that is a resounding yes! If you’re looking for something a little different to nurture their love of reading, then I have got a brilliant recommendation for you.

The Moonlite Storytime Projector brings books to life using your smartphone to combine sound and images to make reading even more exciting. 

With popular classics and modern stories available, this projector brought a bit of extra magic to our storytimes, especially at bedtime. 

Reading is one of our absolute favourite things to do together in our house, but it’s particularly nice to cosy up together with a good book at bedtime. 

If you have been finding it tricky – like me – to get the kids to settle down and listen to their bedtime story, this nifty little device is the solution!

Jessica has been absolutely spellbound by the projector ever since we opened it and she is transfixed by the pictures and how we can make them bigger and smaller on the wall. The sound effects and music are brilliant too, both engaging and relaxing to help with the bedtime story process!

How does it work?

Once you have one of these light and pretty projectors, all you need to do is download the free Moonlite app to your smartphone.

Pick the story that you want to read (we had a selection of Mr Men stories with our projector) and pop the reel into the projector.

The app asks you to enter an activation code that comes in the box, then guides you through how to attach the projector to your phone, with a bullseye showing on the screen to tell you exactly where to fit the projector. 

The app activates the torch on your phone, so that the light shines through the reel attached, shining pretty pictures onto the wall, duvet, floor, hand or anywhere you want to shine it!

You can adjust the focus of the image, to get it just right. 

When you start reading the story, relaxing music plays as you flick through the pages like you would any other ebook. 

We were really excited to see that the Mr Men stories also had added sound effects for certain words, such as giggle, tickle and splash. All I had to do was tap the relevant word and it would play the sound effect as many times as my daughter wanted. 

This is a brilliant way of bringing the story to life and sparking little ones’ imaginations!

What was in the box?

We were sent the Mr Men package, which included a Moonlite Storytime Projector and five Mr Men stories – including Mr Men at Bedtime, Mr Men go to the Park, Mr Tickle, Mr Men go Swimming, and Mr Men on Holiday. 

This retails at £39.99, but there are lots of other packs at a range of prices. The starter pack, featuring two stories and a projector, is just £19.99. Extra stories can be bought for £7.99.

The projector works with nearly all phone devices. I had an iPhone 6S when I started reviewing the product but switched to a Huawei Mate 20 Pro partway through the testing process after upgrading my phone. It worked absolutely fine on both, there was no difference at all. 

What did we think?

This is a fantastic way to read books for both little ones and grown-ups. 

The way you can shine the pictures from the book anywhere in the room is brilliant fun and draws the kids’ attention to the story. 

I love how this combines children’s stories with modern technology, it makes bedtime stories much more exciting for parents and kids.

The girls loved the sound effects that came with each story, and asked to hear them again and again, especially ones like “bump” and “splash”. Being able to project the pictures from the books anywhere you want is so fun. We read with the pictures on the ceiling, the duvet and even our own hands – Jessica loved it. 

The actual projector is really easy to use – just load your chosen book and open the app. The app tells you exactly where the projector needs to be placed, so it’s easy to get going with your chosen story. You can turn the actual reel with just one finger, so it’s not fiddly to keep it in the same spot.

The Mr Men stories have always been big favourites of mine, so it’s lovely to see these classic characters from my own childhood come to life in a unique way.

The fact that you can buy more stories in reels means the Moonlite Projector will never get dull. 

This is a lovely way to inject a bit of extra magic into story time, and would make a brilliant Christmas gift for a child. 

Find the Moonlite Storytime Projector at Amazon.

This is a collaborative post with Moonlite. All opinions are my own. 

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