50 things I love about being a mum

There are way more things I love about being a mum than I hate.

But taking a look through my blog posts I realise I whinge about it quite a bit! Yes the long days and late nights are tough, but there are way more positives.

It’s like with customer service, we always remember and complain about the bad, but we’re not so good at praising it when it’s great.

So I’m changing my tune, for today at least, and coming up with the top 50 things I absolutely love about being a mum.

1. Tiny fingers and tiny toes

So cute you could just eat them up.

2. Those first cuddles

Once the awful ordeal of birth is out of the way, those first cuddles are so lovely.

3. The sound newborns make when sleeping

I wish I had recorded the little gurgles and giggles they make while dreaming.

4. Making my baby and toddler laugh

Nothing sounds better than when you’ve found just the right ticklish spot.

5. My baby reaching out for me

She puts her little arms up and looks at me all expectantly. So adorable.

6. The hand fidgeting

When my baby is feeding she will fidget with her hands and grab hold of things. Her little eyes dart around looking for things to explore.

7. Reading

It’s lovely curling up with a book with both children and seeing them transfixed by the story.

8. Being silly

This takes me back to my own childhood! We’re all young at heart.

9. Playing hide and seek

There’s always big laughs when we’re doing this. Plus because my toddler isn’t that great at being stealthy yet, she’s easy to play it with.

10. Being their safe place

I like being the one my kids cry for when they need something – most of the time! When there has been a nightmare my toddler always cries for me.

11. The pride

I feel proud of every single thing they do – learning to roll over, learning new words and being kind to each other.

12. Those big eyes

Both my children have big blue eyes. I’m biased, but they are totally gorgeous.

13. Discovering new things

Children are so enthusiastic and curious about everything that it’s like seeing things for the first time yourself too.

14. Going to the play park

Seeing your toddler have a brilliant time running around and clambering on things is great. There’s also the knowledge that they’re using up energy and will hopefully go to bed easily!

15. Bathtime

The splashing, the toys, the giggles. The floor may be soaked but at least they’re clean!

16. Showing them new things

Everything is a new discovery for children. I love taking them to new places or to see things I know they’ll like, such as animals, and watching their faces light up.

17. Conversations after nursery

I like to ask my toddler how her day was. I love hearing all about what she’s been up to.

18. Our in jokes

Me and my toddler exchange knowing looks when certain words are said or when we are at certain places.

19. The photos

I love flicking through my pictures from the day when I get in bed in the evenings. I try to make a photo album at the end of every year. It’s nice to have the pictures in your hand to look at.

20. The compliments from others

When people tell me how bright, cute and lovely my kids are, I love it because I totally agree with them.

21. Summertime

Spending long days enjoying the fresh air and exploring new places. It’s bliss.

22. The clothes

I have two girls so if I go shopping for me, I inevitably my budget gets spent on them instead. There are just too many gorgeous outfits for kids in the shops!

23. The in crowd

I don’t have to try hard with my kids to make them like me, they love me already.

24. Treats

I love buying my toddler a sneaky ice cream or slice of cake. Her little face lights up and she’s so excited.

25. Toys

The toys today are way cooler than when I was little, plus the classics are still on sale anyway! My kids have to get in line behind me when it’s playtime.

26. Christmas

It’s just so much more fun with young kids in the family. They love talking about Santa and what they want for Christmas and the whole build up is just so much more exciting with children.

27. Splash happy

Going to the splash pad or paddling pool is always great fun. My toddler loves running around and my baby squeals when I get her feet wet.

28. Watching my toddler nod off

Sometimes I will check on her by spying in the rear view mirror of the car and she will be going through that eyes closing, head nodding forward and then snapping up again phase before sleep. Cute and hilarious.

29. The singing

My toddler loves singing Twinkle, Twinkle and You Are My Sunshine. Both totally melt my heart.

30. Sibling love

Maybe they don’t love each other all of the time, but when they do it is so lovely to see them share a cuddle or a smile.

31. The witty one-liners

My daughter is like the best stand-up comedian ever. She’s only 2.5 years but the stuff she comes out with is hilarious.

32. The mum friends

Nothing bonds you to another woman quite like motherhood. You both know how tough it is and that seeking solidarity with each other is the key to getting through it.

33. The lifelong bond with your other half

You may already be made and/or own a house together, but nothing represents commitment quite like having a child together.

34. Long walks

I love packing both kids into the double buggy and setting off on a long walk. It gets my steps up on my Fitbit and we all get some fresh air.

35. The night feeds

I have a love/hate relationship with these. For the most part I could do without them, but I have had some lovely cuddles with my youngest over the last eight months.

36. My own self-esteem and confidence

It took a knock at first and I still have my days, but I know I’m doing my best for my children and that makes me feel awesome.

37. The gadgets

From the baby monitor to the bath thermometer to the car seat base that beeps when it’s safe, these all make our lives easier.

38. Teaching new things

It’s great when my toddler picks up a new word or understands a concept because I’ve taught it to her.

39. Learning new things

Reading books on dinosaurs, nature and other stuff my toddler is fascinated by means I’m actually learning new things too!

40. The friendship

Yes I’m the parent and responsible for discipline, but my toddler is also my buddy. We have long chats and she’s always there to give me a cuddle.

41. Waking up face

I love watching my baby and toddler when they’re waking up. The way they wrinkle their faces and stretch their limbs out is so cute. Plus that bewildered expression!

42. Making it better

There’s something about mummies that can make anything better. It’s like we have magic powers. Whether it’s a scrapped knee, a bumped head or upset over losing a toy, mummy can make it better.

43. Eating healthier food

I can’t get away with snacking much in the day now as my toddler is by my side in a heartbeat as soon as she hears the rustling of a packet. I want her to eat well, so I have to eat well. I still sneak takeaways and chocolate when she’s in bed though.

44. Playing with the hair

My toddler was pretty bald for a very long time. Now she has flowing blonde locks and I like to put it up in a pony tail and clip it back with pretty clips, when she lets me.

45. Mummy humour

There are loads of hilarious bloggers and meme creators out there who make me laugh out loud every day. I love how we all have these common daily struggles that we can turn into something funny.

46. The art

When my toddler presented me with a birthday card she had made at nursery it was the best gift I could have asked for. Apart from maybe a new handbag.

47. The imagination

Sometimes I find my toddler chatting away to herself as she acts out some imaginary scenario with her toys. It’s amazing what they can come up with.

48. The family dinner

Yes it occasionally descends into chaos but mostly my toddler eats what we eat with no complaints these days. It’s nice to sit down together and chat about what we did that day.

49. The smiles

Those beautiful toothy grins are brilliant at cheering me up when the fatigue is getting to me.

50. It’s always worth it

No matter how awful I feel at the end of a long day or how many tantrums there have been, it is always, always totally worth it.

What do you love about being a parent? Do you think the good outweighs the bad?


50 things to love about being a Mum

50 things to love about being a Mum