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11 genius home storage hacks

Having the right home storage to keep your family’s clothes, toys and other goodies in order is so vital to keeping your home tidy.

I’ve been on a decluttering mission this year and one of the main things I’ve learned is that it’s pointless to reorganise things without the right storage.

So in this post I’m going to share my favourite home storage hacks, from boxes to shelves and how to store things in the right order. 

This will not only save you time when it comes to finding things, but it will make you feel that Marie Kondo spark of joy when you open your cupboards!

1. Add a shelf

I cannot begin to explain how brilliant these little shelves are. I have about four in my house.

We have a fairly small kitchen, so they really help to give some extra space to shelves that are really high with minimal effort. 

They help to separate different sized plates and bowls, or are brilliant in tea and coffee cupboards where you have varying sizes of cups and pots. 

2. Store clothes upright

I don’t  use the phrase “changed my life” lightly, but honestly this method of storing clothing has really made all of the difference to finding outfits every day.

Because baby clothes are so tiny, this can be a real timesaver when it comes to newborn babygros, as you’ll be able to see everything without digging through to the bottom of the drawer.

The Marie Kondo method of folding, also known as KonMari, is detailed in her lovely little book Sparking Joy. It’s packed with cute little illustrations and makes decluttering a lot easier. 

3. Use small boxes to separate items in drawers

You could use shoe boxes and lids to do this, but it does make a huge difference if you have a combined sock and underwear drawer for a toddler.

I’ve recently got a set of these clothing dividers and they are amazing! I’m considering getting another set and using them for my husband’s ties and socks as they’ve done such a great job for my own underwear drawers.

4. Organise your cleaning products by category

I used to just stuff every bottle and spray into the cupboard under the sink and could never find a thing.

We are lucky to have a utility room with some good sized cupboards that are at head height, so the kids can be kept away from the dangerous chemicals. 

I’ve now reorganised all products into medium sized or small boxes by category. So detergent, softener and clothing stain removers in one box, heavy cleaning products in another, dusting and window cleaning in another box and so on. 

It means everything has a specific place and things are easier to find. 

5. Hang kitchen utensils 

This will save you valuable surface space in the kitchen and makes them so much easier to grab!

Try one of these handy hook bars and put it above your hob.

6. Hang your brooms

My brooms and mops used to fall out of the cupboard every time I went to use them. It was so annoying. But this home storage hack has really tidied them away!

This broom holder has clips for broom handles and hooks for things like the dustpan and brush and feather duster. 

7. Handy high shelf boxes

Various shops make these plastic boxes with plastic handles at the short end to make it easy to pull them out from high shelves.

They are also brilliant for organising fridges too!

Fill them with your jars and cans, then pop them on that high cupboard shelf where you normally lose everything. Now you just have to reach up and pull the box down to gain access. No more pulling out a chair to peep at the back of the shelf!

8. Cupboard door hooks

Create space in cupboards without having to drill any holes. I use these hooks to hang up my cleaning cloths so they are stored neatly and easy to find.

You could go a little bigger and opt for a shelving unit that hooks over your door. I use this one in my kitchen pantry.

9. Skinny book cases and shelves

This is a particularly good one for children’s bedrooms that are tight on space. They display books facing out so that the shelf doesn’t need to be as deep. This way it doesn’t take away as much floor space as other book cases might. It also makes it easier for kids to pick what book they want as they are displayed like a gallery.

My book case is from Great Little Trading Company but Amazon have a very similar book case for less than half the price!

10. Maximise storage under beds

Most beds have a little clearance underneath them. Use clear plastic boxes and zip-up material cases to store out-of-season clothes and hand-me-down clothes from my eldest child. 

11. Create beautiful storage corners

Storage doesn’t have to be utilitarian and ugly! Using storage such as this Ikea unit gives you lots of options for decorating. You could use half for books and half for pretty ornaments and pictures. 

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Genius home storage hacks - brilliant products and tips for storing clothes, cleaning products and kitchen stuff.

My favourite home storage hacks to help you organise your house. These are the best hacks I've been using in my home to organise and store clothes, kitchen utensils, cleaning products and books.

Vicky Smith is a mother of two daughters and a journalist. She has been writing and vlogging about parenting for over five years.