10 things you forgot to pack in your changing bag

When you’re rushing out of the house with two it’s easy to forget the essentials, let alone the extras that might make life easier

We all know the obvious essentials that should be in your changing bag, but what about the stuff that you forgot.

These are all the goodies I wish I had known that I needed in the early weeks of life with two under two but it’s taken me a good 10 months to perfect the bag’s contents.

It’s about more than just nappies and changes of clothes, it’s about thinking one step ahead. For wherever you’re going, what’s the most annoying thing that could happen?

What could go wrong and what items would make your life easier?

I hate to be a cynic, but it is so satisfying to have items on hand to help when something goes tits up while we’re out and about.

It helps to have a big changing bag! I have the Storksak Bobby in Charcoal and I love it, it has so much space and it’s easy to carry.

Here are the 10 items that you’ve probably forgotten to pack in your changing bag.

Spare top, nappy sacks, water bottle, power pack, bib and hand sanitiser. Just some of the items that should be in your changing bag

1. Power pack

This has revolutionised my life on the go. There are a variety on the market, I got one that has five to seven iPhone charges.

It means that I can be on a long walk in the middle of nowhere and simply plug my phone in to charge in my bag.

It’s not all about being able to take pictures whenever I want, although that is important to me. It’s also about being able to call home in an emergency. I’ve got this one, but you can get much smaller and lighter models. I like it because it has so many charges I don’t have to remember to plug it in all of the time.

2. Stain remover pens

Some stains need dealing with immediately. Having this pen to hand means that stain on your toddler’s top won’t have to wait until the evening to be dealt with.

It’s handy for your own clothes too. You don’t want to be constantly worrying about clothes getting dirty, kids will be kids after all! Having this in your bag offers good peace of mind.

These 3pk Tide To Go, Instant Stain Remover Pens are brilliant.

3. Bibs

I never forget muslins but am always forgetting bibs. They’re not only good to feeding but also when babies are teething they can soak through tops and hoodies in no time with the amount of dribble that they produce.

There are so many bibs in beautiful prints available. I like these ones that have a rubber bit that baby can chew on when their gums are sore, it’s brilliant because it’s attached to the baby so they can’t chuck it on the floor like other teething toys.

I think these are so adorable and they come in loads of different designs.

4. Wellies

Wellies are a must-have item for us at all times

Thanks to Peppa Pig my toddler always wants to jump in muddy puddles. This is not an activity to be done while wearing canvas shoes.

I was forever forgetting her wellies but I’ve now started keeping them either in the car or in a plastic bag by the door so I don’t forget to pop them in at the top of the changing bag.

5. Small board books

Many come with little straps or rings that mean you can attach them to the outside of your bag rather than clogging up the inside with more stuff.

They’re great for distracting your baby when they’re board of just sitting in the buggy.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (Buggy Book)

6. A spare top for you

You’ve got spare clothes for the kids, but I bet you forgot about yourself.

When you’re a parent there are different stages of cleanliness. It’s not just about freshly washed and worn. There are several stages added now before I’m prepared to put something in the wash.

A tiny milk stain? No big deal. A large milk stain? Borderline. Pasta sauce? If I can hide it with my jacket then it’s fine.

Poo is obviously a deal breaker.

7. Nappy sacks

You’ve had to change your baby while out and about. You had a little changing mat, wipes and nappies. But, where do you put the dirty nappy when you’re not near the bin?

Nappy sacks are vital to prevent a nasty smell lingering in your bag.

8. Breast pads and milk catchers

I had no idea about Medela Breastmilk Collection Shells when I was breastfeeding. What a brilliant idea. They are like small cups that go in your bra so you can catch all that breast milk that leaks wherever your are.

Spare nursing pads are also an essential, because no one wants two damp circles on their top, it’s not a good look. I always had a couple tucked away whenever I went out, just in case.

9. Hand sanitiser

We spend a lot of time at the petting zoo and other mucky places with my toddler now.

I’m not a crazy germaphobe but there are certain times a baby wipe just doesn’t make me feel quite reassured enough.

You’re never near a sink and soap when you want to be, so a tube of this stuff is very handy.

10. Water bottle

You’ve remembered water for your toddler and copious bottles for your baby, just in case, or if you’re breastfeeding you’re covered for all eventualities.

But you’ve probably forgotten to grab yourself a drink. I was spending £1.50 on plastic water bottles everywhere I went. I’ve now invested in my own reusable bottle so I’ve always got a drink to hand for me.

It’s important for nursing mums to drink loads, so this is worth remembering.

I hope this helps! Do you have any changing bag essentials that you have discovered and now can’t live without?


10 items you forgot to pack in your changing bag

10 changing bag essentials you forgot to pack for new mams and babies

10 things you forgot to pack in your baby changing bag