Sometimes they look at you like you hung the moon. However a significant chunk of your toddler’s day is spent screaming at you for failing to give in to their every whim.

It is the curse of every mother that although your kid loves you more than anything, that love also means they will save pretty much every bit of their rage for you.

You are their safe place, their constant, their touch stone, their protector. All that lovely stuff comes with a price, it makes you the focal point for their tantrums.

There’s no rhyme or reason to tantrums. They strike without warning and are one of the hardest and most irritating bits of parenting.

You can’t sugarcoat it and claim its all part of the magic of raising kids. It sucks.

So here are the reasons your lovely little one hates you:

1. You’ve refused to put Peppa Pig on

How dare you deny them time in front of the TV with the UK’s most annoying pig.

You let them watch Paw Patrol for an hour this morning, but that is totally irrelevant. They want Peppa now.

2. You won’t let them eat ice cream for breakfast

Who cares about a balanced diet when you’re two? They know what they like and aren’t afraid to demand it.

It’s no good trying to deny that there is any ice cream. They’ve already clocked what came with the weekly grocery delivery yesterday and they saw that vanilla ice cream.

3. You’ve strapped them in to their car seat or buggy

Safety is meaningless to a toddler. How are they supposed to know being hit by a car is actually quite horrendous, it’s never happened to them.

They may be small but trying to strap a toddler in when they’re arching their back is right up there with one of the most challenging moments in parenting.

In your mind you’re keeping them safe, in their mind you’re locking them up in prison.

4. You won’t let them go out without shoes on

It’s been tipping down with rain and there are puddles an inch deep outside. At the very least shoes are needed, preferably wellies.

You don’t want them to catch a cold. They think you are worse than the Wicked Witch.

5. You have to go to work

You’re going to work to earn enough money to keep the roof over your heads, the heating and water on and food in the fridge.

But your toddler just thinks you’re abandoning them at nursery so you can go home and play with their toys on your own. You selfish human being!

6. You won’t let them doodle wherever they want

Pens and pencils are brilliant fun when you’re little. You can draw whatever your imagination conjures up.

Why then would grown-ups want to stifle this? When you stop your toddler drawing a rainbow on the wall using black pen you are just being mean.

7. You wont let them spit water out all over the carpet/furniture/your clothes

It’s hilarious to your toddler to fill their mouth with water and the spit it out wherever they’re standing.

You don’t want your home to be covered with puddles of water. Is this an unreasonable request? In the world according to your toddler, it absolutely is.

8. It’s time to leave

Your toddler has been playing for well over two hours. It’s lunchtime, you need to get home to prepare the food and make sure everyone is fed.

However you are just a killjoy to your toddler, who makes their protest known by running off and hiding in the most awkward hidden corner of soft play.

9. They want a birthday party today

The trouble is it’s not their birthday for another six months. However in your toddler’s mind it’s their birthday when they say it’s their birthday.

How could you have forgotten this important occasion. Where are the minion cupcakes, the Peter Rabbit themed party games and the mountain of birthday gifts?

Shame on you.

10. It’s bedtime

This is surely the biggest reason for parental loathing. They have had a hectic day and there’s more planned for tomorrow. They skipped their nap.

The child is exhausted but they are in complete and utter denial. All they know is, you have interrupted their fun and informed them it’s time for it all to end.

Bed is boring and they had nearly finished ripping off all of the flaps from their Where’s Spot book. You’ve interrupted important work.

It’s important to remember in any of these scenarios that your child would not be acting as if they hate you if they didn’t love you so damn much. So sit back, roll your eyes and take whatever silly tantrums they hurl at you. Tomorrow you’ll be back to being their hero.




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