Easy 5-step potty training technique

How to potty train your toddler - tips for potty training

Potty training your toddler might seem daunting but it really doesn’t have to be too stressful. 

Once you have decided you and your toddler are ready for potty training to begin, you can follow this easy five-step technique to keep things stress-free!

Be sure your toddler is ready for potty training

It’s easy to make the mistake of rushing in to potty training, because you want to ditch nappies immediately. I totally get that, nappies are expensive and take up space.

However rushing ahead to potty training is pointless. Your child won’t catch on quickly, and they could end up hating the potty, which is going to make this an uphill battle. 

They are ready if they tell you when their nappy is dirty, and they show an interest in using the potty. Have regular chats with them about using the toilet and you will get a sense for when they are up to the challenge. 

You can read all about signs your child is not ready for potty training in this post. 

Get the right kit

Planning ahead and arming yourself with the right tools will set you up for success. 

You will need: 

Underwear – get your child to pick this out as it will help them get enthusiastic about ditching nappies. 

A potty 

A step for the toilet 

A travel potty – this one is brilliant. It’s so handy to have and I’ve had to whip it out beside the road, at parks and in playgrounds. 

Speak to your child

Tell them before you start potty training about what is going to happen. Show them the potty and talk them through what using it will involve. 

When you start training, remind your child to use the potty, but don’t do it every five minutes. They will just start to automatically say no (see below for how frequently to ask them to use the potty).

Have the potty close by and if your child wants to sit on it, make the experience fun. Chat to them while they are sitting on it. You don’t want them to associate using the potty with being bored. 

Put them on the potty regularly 

If you struggle to remember to remind your child they might need to use the loo, set a timer on your phone or use a kitchen timer.

In the first few days you want to be trying to get your child to use the potty every 30 to 45 minutes. I know this seems like a lot, but it won’t be like this every single day. 

In the early days of potty training you want to remind them to try going to the loo. 

Always remember to put them on the potty before going out of the house – I’ve made this mistake many times!

Have a positive reward system

Giving your kid sweets every single time they squeeze out a wee on the potty is going to lead to them consuming a LOT of sweets. They will be on that potty all the time.

Instead I suggest a sticker chart if your child is really struggling and definitely be super excited and positive every single time they use the potty successfully. Make it a really big deal and praise your child a lot. 

I hope these steps give you all of the information you need for stress-free potty training. If you have any questions at all, please just drop me a message!



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Easy potty training technique for toddlers - 5-step solution to help you potty train your toddler gently
Tips for potty training your toddler - how to potty train in just a few simple stages. This technique can help you potty train your toddler in just a few days.

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