How to keep babies and toddlers cool in hot weather

Summer is here and you want to make the most of all that gorgeous sunshine with your baby.

But if you’re anything like me you may be feeling a bit anxious about keeping your baby cool in the summer.

Here are my top tips for keeping babies and toddlers cool in the hot summer months, including one thing you should never do with your baby in the heat:

Top tips for keeping babies and toddlers cool in the summer


Staying cool during the day


Strip them down to their nappy

You might have lots of great summer clothes, but sometimes just stripping them off can be the best thing. Be careful if you’re outside and make sure they have plenty of suncream on and are in the shade.


Keep bath temperatures warm but not hot

A cold bath is not the answer, but keeping baths a degree or two cooler than normal can help to make your little one more comfortable.


Make ice lollies

Buy or make ice lollies for your child to eat. This can be a fun summer activities. All you need is either a cheap lolly mould from somewhere like Lakeland or Tesco and some fruit juice.


Frozen breastmilk popsicles

This is a great way to help keep your breastfed baby hydrated and cool. Express some breastmilk, pop it in an ice cube tray or lolly mould, freeze, then serve.


NEVER cover the buggy with a blanket

You do want shade for your baby during the summer and the hoods of buggies never quite seem to create enough of it.

But don’t be tempted to cover the buggy with a blanket to create more shade. This can actually trap heat where your baby is sitting and be quite dangerous.

A test where a buggy was covered had the following results:

Without a cover: The temperature inside a buggy left out in the heat was 22C.

With a thin cover: In 30 minutes, the temperature rose to 34C. And after an hour, it was at 37C.

Invest in a parasol for your buggy, or avoid going away from shady spots between midday and 2pm on very hot days.


Offer extra water

For new babies you can give some cool boiled water if you want to. However extra breastfeeds will also keep them hydrated.

For toddlers and babies who are weaning, always have water with you and offer it frequently.


Trips to the beach

If your child is going to be splashing in the water, remember to keep applying suncream every couple of hours. Even the waterproof stuff!

When packing the bag take a hat, a light top to cover their shoulders when playing in the sand, suncream, lots of water and sunglasses.



Keep them in the shade

Keeping your child out of direct sunlight is one of the simplest ways of keeping them cool.


Have the right clothing

Buy a sun hat with wide brim that covers their neck too. If you’re taking your child to a paddling pool of splash pad, you can buy waterproof hats that go with swimwear.

Light clothing is best and in really intense sun it’s a good idea to keep their shoulders covered.


Be suncream aware

Not all suncreams are created equally! It’s not just SPF that you need to be looking at but the UVA star rating as well. Four out of five stars plus is the ideal that you want to be getting.

Buy child-specific suncream and make sure you cover every bit of bare skin. You may find it easier to put the cream on before you get them dressed.


Open the loft hatch

This can help to cool your house as the heat travels upwards.


Keeping baby cool at night


Know the room temperature

I have a GroEgg in each of my children’s rooms and I thoroughly recommend it.

The Gro Company has a fab graphic telling you what your child could wear to keep them cool at night with sleeping bags depending on the temperature.


Don’t be afraid to put them down in just a nappy

When I put my kids down at night and it’s 25C plus, I tend to just put them in a nappy and cover them with a light blanket.

Otherwise I have short pyjamas for both children and a one tog sleeping bag for my youngest which I use in temperatures of 20C plus.


Leave a window open

Remember to only leave it open a crack and if you do this with your toddler, get some window safety limiters that stop them from pushing the window open any wider and potentially having a nasty accident.


Get fans

Have a small fan in the room can really help. Don’t have it pointing directly at your child as you’ll find they will get chilly in the night in a direct breeze.

Some people also swear by putting large bottles of frozen water in front of the fan to cool the room.


Move their bed

If downstairs is cooler, then consider moving their Moses basket or cot downstairs.


How are you keeping your baby cool in the hot weather?



How to keep babies and toddlers cool in hot weather


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