My haul from Wicked Uncle – gifts for six kids for just £41.70

If you thought your nan was difficult to buy for, then maybe you haven’t got a small army of pre-teens to please this Christmas.

What do you do when you’ve got nieces and nephews who are a far bit older than your own kids, so you have absolutely no idea what they would be into? What does a 10-year-old boy think is a cool gift? I have no clue, particularly seeing as my idea of a cool gift is a magnum of prosecco.

I might have two kids, but I am most definitely not down with the kids.

I could give you chapter and verse on the Fisher Price catalogue of toys, but when it comes to children aged over three, I don’t know what they like apart from Lego.

My number of nieces and nephews doubled in the last couple of years after my brother got engaged to a lovely lady with three little monkeys of her own.

With all the stresses of Christmas, I just want someone to do the hard work for me.

Enter Wicked Uncle, although Wicked Auntie would be more appropriate for this particular challenge!

Wicked Uncle

The online kids gifts shop is packed with inspiration for children of all ages and it makes it incredibly easy to narrow down your search.

You can look by gender, age and particular interests, such as outdoorsy, brainiac and role play.

I decided to set myself a challenge of finding six gifts for six kids for £40. I thought it would be tricky, and I was tempted by a lot of goodies priced at between £15 to £20 that looked so awesome.

However I’m pleased with my choices, and I spent £41.70. Not bad to make sure I’m the cool auntie rather than the one who wrapped up a book on maths for an eight-year-old.

Check out what I picked!

The Waboba ball, £5.95

This is no ordinary ball – it skips and bounces on water. It will be perfect to take on their next visit to an outdoor pool in the summer or their next holiday abroad.

Glo Shooting stars, £4.95

I’m bringing the galaxy to their bedroom with this collection of stars, shooting stars and planets. You just use the peelable sticky pads to fix them to ceilings and walls.

Unicorn poo, £6.95

This rainbow-coloured squishy poo is mouldable, sticky and squishy. It splats and sticks to surfaces like walls and windows.

Dinosaur torch and projector, £6.95

I love how this torch combines two things that kids just love. Playing with torches and dinosaurs. The torch can be used to project images of dinosaurs around the room. Cue lots of hilarious dinosaur roars and lots of chasing on Christmas Day.

Lockable journal – traveling owl, £7.95

I had something like this when I was younger and I just loved that it had a padlock on it so I could keep all my thoughts top secret.

World Football Cube Book, £8.95

This is a must for football fans. The cube unfolds to reveal 12 pages about world football. There’s loads of stats about national teams and top goal scorers, plus loads more!

For more exciting gift ideas for kids that will make you the favourite aunt or uncle this Christmas, visit Wicked Uncle.