*This is a paid collaboration with Stikets*

Do you have a child getting ready for school or nursery and need to label a huge pile of clothes?

With two girls in nursery I was pleased to be invited to give Stikets a try. These magic labels come in a pack of varying shapes and sizes, making them perfect for all those varying items of clothing you need to mark to keep them safe. 

Being a parent is a massive learning curve. You don’t give birth and magically develop all of the right answers to every practical question, you just have to learn the mum hacks that work as you go along.

When I sent my first daughter to nursery I ordered fabric name labels and spent ages sewing them into her clothes. I am not good and sewing, so not only did it take me ages but the result also looked pretty rubbish. 

Then she grew out of her clothes, and I was faced with doing the entire process again. 

I have also tried using a marker pen to write on the labels of her clothes, however this wasn’t particularly easy for people to spot and she has lost quite a few items of clothing at nursery as a result. 

I realised that when it comes to labelling clothing, you need bright and clear stickers that are quick and easy to apply. 

I’m now a total convert to stickers when it comes to labelling clothes – it’s one of my favourite mum hacks. But of course these need to be strong and reliable, as kids’ clothing goes through lots of washes, muddy puddles and little spillages.

We’ve been testing out Stikets, which are a colourful and practical way of labelling your children’s clothing. 


What are Stikets?

Stikets produce a variety of types of label for clothing, shoes, luggage and other items. 

The contents of the basic pack

All of their stickers are personalised, so you can choose the colour, font and illustrations that decorate the labels before adding a name and a contact number.


Start by choose the name and you can add a phone number too, then pick the font type you would like


There are plenty of colours to choose from to personalise your labels!

As well as lots of colours, shapes and animals, you can also choose an illustration that highlights an allergy your child has, which I think is a really useful option.

Let your child pick the icon they want – there’s something for everyone!

Some of the stickers simply peel off a pack and are stuck into place. The clothing labels need to be ironed on. 

The stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We tried out the basic pack which came with a fabulous selection of different types and sizes of label. 


How easy are Stikets to apply?

The Stikets iron-on labels come with a very clear set of instructions printed on the back of the pack. 

The key things to remember are not having any water in the iron and covering the label with the silicon paper provided. 

Each label takes just a few seconds to be ironed on to the fabric, so you can do an entire pile of clothing in just a few minutes. Perfect for busy parents who are short on time. 


Did the Stikets labels survive the washing machine?

Yes they did! They came out looking just as pristine as they normally would!

I wash most of my children’s clothes at 30C but I do sometimes use a 40C wash if things are particularly stained. The labels have not broken up or fallen off. 

For me this was the most important test for the Stikets, as there’s really no point in going to the trouble of ironing them in if they are just going to fall off at the first rinse cycle.

But they are still looking fabulous after several washes. Thumbs up!

What comes in the Stikets basic pack: 

72 small iron-on clothing labels.

82 name stickers for objects (36 minis, 24 small, 20 medium, four big).

Eight shoe labels. 

Two luggage tags. 


What do I think of Stikets?

The variety of colours, shapes and sizes make Stikets ideal for parents wanting to label piles of clothing for their kids. 

I love that you can order different designs and colours for each of your children, making it easier to not mix up school uniforms. 

The order process is really easy and the stickers are delivered in lovely packaging with clear instructions on how to use them.

The basic pack costs £19.95, which I think is very reasonable given you get more than 150 stickers for this price.

Check out  the Stikets website to design your own labels!