The new Smyths Baby Room catalogue is packed with all of the essential items to kit out a nursery.

It’s a one-stop shop for newborns, so I thought I would have a look through and highlight the essentials for your baby. These include the best items to help you in the first year, plus a few other products to help entertain your baby and develop their skills as they grow. 


Pick your buggy based on where you will be using it. If you use public transport a lot, then you’ll want something light. If you will be doing a lot of country walks, you’ll want something a little sturdier with larger wheels. 

Car seat

There is a lot of choice on the market, but car seats that face towards the rear for longer are the best in terms of safety for your baby. 


For a new baby, a side sleeper can be a great option, especially if you are breastfeeding. It means your baby is sleeping safely, but they are right next to you in bed so if they need a 3am feed, you don’t have to get up. 


This nifty thermometer will glow red if the room is too hot or blue if it’s too cold. It helps you decide what clothes to dress your baby in overnight to avoid overheating. 

Blackout blinds

Teaching the difference between day and night in the early months is made way easier if you can make your baby’s nursery dark at night. Using blackout blinds during the summer can really aid your baby’s sleep. 

High Chair

If space is tight you can always choose a booster seat with a tray for one of your existing dining room chairs. There are also lots of high chairs that fold away nicely for storage between meals. 

Bath seat

A bath seat means you can wash your baby easier as you won’t be using both hands to support them in the water. 

Bath changer unit

Save your back the strain of kneeling over your baby at every nappy change with a changer unit. They are also really handy for keeping baby’s clothes, nappies and toiletries. 

Travel cot

Be prepared for baby’s first holiday and trips to stay with relatives with a travel cot. 


Once your baby is sitting up with good head control, the jumparoo is a brilliant place for them to have fun. 

Safety gate

It’s never too early to get stair gates in place at the essential places in your home, such as stairs and rooms you want to keep off limits to your baby. They will be mobile before you know it!

Sophie La Giraffe

This is the best teething toy I’ve come across! Sophie La Giraffe is a brilliant toy from birth that your baby will love to chew on. 

Cot mobile

A musical cot mobile is a good choice as you can use the lullaby tunes to help soothe your baby to sleep.

Activity gym

An activity gym is a fantastic first toy, as your baby can use it from birth right up until they start crawling away from it. 

It helps to develop their hand-eye co-ordination, as they can reach for the toys, and gives them somewhere to have a kick about while you have a rest. 

Freddie the Firefly high chair toy

The high chair is for eating, but it’s also for playing! It can be a great place to put your baby to play in the kitchen while you do things such as cook, so having a toy like this one can keep them busy. 

Why not check out the Smyths Baby catalogue for yourself. 

This is a collaborative post.