On demand television has given us so much variety for what to watch now that we are absolutely spoiled for choice.

Staying in is definitely the new going out, so whether you’re watching on Panasonic Oled Televisions  or your smartphone screen, who needs heels and cocktails when you can have PJs and popcorn!

This is what I’ve been watching on Netflix recently. It’s a real mish-mash of genres, so I hope you’ll find something you love from my recommendations!

The Sinner

Jessica Biel is so amazing in this series! She plays young mum Cora, who without warning stabs a man to death on a beach one day in view of dozens of people, including her own family.

Cora is set to spend the rest of her life in prison, but Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) needs to know  why she did it. As he tries to unravel the mystery and find Cora’s missing memories from her past, they uncover a startling crime.

Biel is magnificent in this role and the mystery will have you on the edge of your seat – definitely one to check out.

Black Mirror

This series is so clever and there are more episodes being made as we speak.

Each episode is a stand alone story imagining a not-too-distant future where technology has advanced. It takes different ideas for technological advances and poses moral dilemmas and ethical questions.

The writing is superb and the stories are compelling – and sometimes a bit scary!

13 Reasons Why

A controversial and heartbreaking story where one of the main characters is dead. Hannah Baker tells her story of why she killed herself from beyond the grave through a series of cassette tapes she left for the people she deemed responsible for her suicide.

This is a difficult issue to tackle, and there has been anger over the scene where Hannah actually takes her life, but it’s so moving and a bold look at teenage angst, problems, peer pressure, alcohol abuse and date rape. This is dark stuff, and you will absolutely need tissues at the ready.


You may have already seen every episode at least a dozen times, but let’s face it we could all watch Friends repeats again and again and never get tired of them.


With actress Meghan Markle just days away from joining the royal family, why not check out what she was up to before she met Prince Harry.

Markle plays lawyer Rachel. The story follows big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter when he hires college dropout Mike Ross to join his firm. The problem is, Ross isn’t actually a qualified lawyer. However, in order to keep their jobs, the charade must remain strictly between them.

Love Island

Trashy reality TV at its absolute best! Netflix now has season one and two of Love Island and I am loving it.

Presented by Caroline Flack, pretty singletons are thrown together in a stunning holiday villa where they fall in and out of love with each other quicker than you can say celebrity wannabe.

The rows, the romance and the hilarious sayings (“he is 100 per cent my type, on paper) make this must-watch braindead telly.

Making a Murderer

With the new series on its way very soon, I hope, it’s time to get up to speed on the story of Steven Avery. He was convicted of a rape he did not commit, but now he is in jail for a murder he may have committed. It’s divided opinions, is Avery guilty or not guilty? Was he set up by the cops or not?

You need to keep up with the twists and turns in this real life documentary, otherwise you won’t have a clue what everyone is talking about by the water cooler at work.

What are you watching right now? I would love to hear your recommendations!