Eliaabeth Moss as Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale

Does anyone else think that television has never been better?

With the launch of on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon making their own television shows, I now feel spoiled for choice when it comes to a night in front of the box. 

Because we spend so much time spending evenings at home we’re in the market for a new TV, so I’ve been browsing TV deals.

These are the shows I’ve been watch:

The Handmaid’s Tale

I remember reading the book when I was a teenager and being totally blown away by the story. 

In a dystopian society that was once America where much of the population is infertile, handmaids are trained to serve married couples by providing them with a baby. 

The subject matter is hard going. With rape, violence, oppression of women and kidnapping just some of the horrors unleashed in the place now known as Gilead. 

Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, real name June. She was taken while trying to escape America as the founders of Gilead took over the country. 

She is now a handmaid to Fred and his wife Serena. In regular ceremonial rapings, Offred must sleep with Fred in order to bear the couple a child. Babies born to handmaids must be handed over and the handmaids are never allowed to see the child again. They are treated as breeding stock, nothing more. 

Despite the dark themes, this is such a watchable show. Moss is incredible as Offred, able to convey terror, anger and defiance effortlessly. 

Better Call Saul

A prequel to Breaking Bad, this series takes us back to when Walter White’s crooked lawyer Saul Goodman was Jimmy McGill, and just starting up his law practice. 

It’s funny, witty and full of twists and turns. It’s a very different show to Breaking Bad but there are a lot of familiar faces including Mike and Gus. 


The second series of this show is due to stream on Netflix at the end of August and I cannot wait. 

The show follows an accountant who has been cooking the books for the mob for years. When his business partner screws them over, he must try to cut a deal and save his skin by making money at a lakeside holiday resort known as The Ozarks. 

Starring Laura Linney and Jason Bateman, the acting is superb and the dialogue is razor sharp. Not to be missed!


I just started watching this comedy drama about the cut throat world of beauty pageants. 

It’s fast-paced and edgy with lead character who make you laugh and roll your eyes at how utterly vile they can be. 

The story follows Patty who spent most of her life being overweight and bullied. When she is involved in a fight she breaks her jaw and drops a ton of weight. 

When she’s offered the chance to become a beauty queen, she jumps at it. 

The show has had me laughing so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what direction it goes in. 

Escape to the Chateau

A totally different type of series to the ones above but I had to mention it as I’ve been binge watching lots of this one recently!

Escape to the Chateau follows married couple Dick and Angel as they buy a ruined French chateau and set about fixing it up. 

The Channel 4 series is so fascinating as you see the troubles the couple face as they work to make the mansion a luxury hotel venue, and family home for themselves. 

What are you loving on TV right now?