Whether your theme is rainbows, monochrome, chevron yellow or farmyard, you need to pick the right bedroom linens and curtains to make your nursery complete.

Curtains and bedding are such a dominant part of a bedroom, and so they can make an immediate difference to the mood and style.

It’s these key pieces of decor that stand out among everything else. You can have pretty furniture and colourful pictures, but if you’ve picked drab curtains and uninspiring bedding then the room is just going to look dull.

The good thing is that there’s so much choice out there when it comes to children’s bedroom linen that you can do one of two things – pick the curtains and bed linen first before basing the entire room around that or pick a theme and search for the best curtains and bed linen to work with that.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite themes for children’s bedrooms based on what my two girls like and found some gorgeous curtains and bedding to go with them. I hope this gives you some inspiration!

Peppa Pig

I haven’t met a toddler yet who doesn’t love Peppa Pig.

If your child has a big collection of Peppa toys then make a little display of them on a shelf, chest of drawers or on the bed.

Peppa bedding and curtains are easy to find, as they are so in demand! These children’s curtains from Yorkshire Linen are fab.

Stars and planets

I adore this theme because it’s fun and educational. Children are never too young to learn about space, in my opinion.

Get a mobile to hang with all the planets, find glow in the dark stars for the ceiling and pick out stunning pictures of starry skies for the walls.

When it comes to curtains I love these from Yorkshire Linen.


Farmyard fun

Why not find some wallpaper with farm animals on? Your child will love learning the noises each of the animals make!

If your child has lots of animal toys, group the together on a chair in the corner.

Pick out little accessories, such as coat hooks for the door, that are in keeping with the theme.


Rainbow brights

This is where you can let you creative side to wild. Use every colour in the rainbow to create a beautiful and bright bedroom.

A cheap and easy way of bringing this theme to life is using tissue paper Pom poms in every colour of the rainbow, group them together and hang them from the ceiling.

Use rainbow curtains to complete the look.

What do you think of these themes? How did you decorate your child’s bedroom.