Brown leather wrap charm bracelet from Merci Maman

Being a new mum brings you a lot closer to your postman.

There he is knocking on your door every day with an exciting surprise. Who’s it from, what’s it going to be?

I remember receiving box after box of exciting goodies with my first. The volume slowed down a bit with my second baby – I guess I did have another rather quickly after!

Having a baby isn’t all about the stuff. But getting nice gifts for a new mum does help celebrate her. It’s great buying bits for the new baby, and I was extremely grateful for all the things I received both practical and adorable.

But sometimes it’s nice to get stuff that’s just for you. Having a new baby is a tiring and stressful time. Sure we’re filled with love but the realisation is dawning on us that life will never be the same again.

With that in mind I’ve picked out a few things that I either received or would love to give a new mum.

Selfish Mother clothing
The Selfish Mother sweaters, vests and tees are essential new mum wear. The sweaters are super soft and cosy. I confess to having a Winging It t-shirt and a Mama vest which have both been brilliant. They wash great and look good.

Mama grey sweatshirt

Mama sweatshirt from Selfish Mother £50

Merci Maman jewellery
I love the pieces from Merci Maman. I bought my own mum an initial charm necklace with the initials of her grandchildren on each charm. She wears it nearly every day. This leather wrap bracelet is just gorgeous. I want one, hint hint.

Brown leather wrap charm bracelet from Merci Maman

Merci Maman leather wrap charm bracelet £49

Storksak changing bag
This new Mini Fix changing bag (£38) from Storksak is perfect for those quick trips out where you don’t need everything but the kitchen sink. The best thing about it is the built in wipes dispenser. I’ve never seen anything like this in a changing bag. This is on my wish list.

Storksak Mini Fix changing bag

Storksak Mini Fix changing bag – released later this month £38

I love a new pair of pyjamas. Hubby got me some Victoria’s Secret ones for my birthday recently. They’re so comfy and I love the pale pink stripe. These teacup print ones from Fat Face are bound to go down a treat with a new mum who’s relying on tea for survival. Plus as she will be living in them for a while, it’s nice to have a new pair!


Teacup pyjama bottoms Fat Face £32


Mums don’t really have time for baths in the early weeks. To be honest we don’t really have time to shower! But if we do manage to treat ourselves to that luxury, it’s great to have some beautiful body wash and moisturiser to bring us back to ourselves again. I really like little wash bags with cute slogans on too.


Cowshed Knackered essential bag £20

If only I had known about these Marloe London scarves before I had mine they would definitely have been on my wish list. They come in beautiful patterns so you can happily wear them as s scarf even without the kids around. But they can also be used as a swaddle, blanket or cover-up when breastfeeding. You can also personalise them with the baby’s name or mum’s initials.

Blue and lilac mum scarf from Marloe

Marloe London blue and lilac scarf £75

Nails Inc polish
I am a huge fan of Nails Inc. Their polish just seems to last much better than other brands. Plus their shades are just beautiful. My favourite is Porchester Square, which is a mushroom shade. But their pinks, reds and deep aubergine shades are also stunning. A new mum may just grab 15 minutes of quiet time to herself if she has a bottle of this as inspiration.

Nails Inc nail polish

Nails Inc polish in Porchester Square £15

She will be drinking a lot of tea and coffee so a new mug is bound to be a hit.


New Mummy mug £6 from Bundles of Joy

I would have forgotten to get my newborn’s footprints if someone hadn’t reminded me by getting me a footprint kit. The inkless ones are easy to do and mum can frame them or put them in her baby book afterwards.


Inkless baby foot and handprint kit £11

If all else fails, don’t forget some chocolate and a bottle of prosecco will always be gratefully received.

Do you have any recommendations for new mum gifts? I would love to hear about any gifts you received that helped in your first few weeks as a mum.