‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, every creature was stirring even though mummy tried to be quiet as a mouse.

The stockings were strewn on the floor by a chair,
With the Elf on the Shelf who also laid forgotten there.

The children were supposed to be tucked up in their beds,
But were wide awake wondering when it would be Christmas instead.

And mama and dada had just settled down,
To catch up on MasterChef and then maybe The Crown.

When upstairs there arose such a clatter,
Mama sprang to her feet to discover what was the matter.

Up to the nursery she tore like a flash,
Pulled open the door and then there was an almighty crash.

Mama had stumbled into a pile of VTech toys,
There was nothing she could do to contain the noise.

There was but one dull light in the entire room,
From the GroEgg emitting nowhere near enough glow in the gloom.

And then what to her wondering eyes should appear,
But a toddler, sitting bolt upright clutching a cuddly reindeer.
She said “mama, I’m not sleepy, I want to get out”,
To which mama replied “don’t be silly it’s nighttime, please don’t shout”.

Mama knew in a moment the baby would stir too,
Then sure enough the cries started from bedroom number two.

More rapid than ever the curses they came,
Which mama forgot to censor for the listening little dame.

And she whistled and shouted and called out by name, the characters adorning her child’s bedroom wall:
“Now Rocky, now Skye, now Ryder and Rubble,
“On Chase, on Marshall, on Everest, on Zuma.
“No job is too big, no pup is too small,
“So make my kids go to sleep, I’m begging you all.”

As both children’s cries rose in volume to fill the night sky,
Like a hurricane that refused to ever die,
Mama clutched at her head and looked up high,
Wondering what on earth she could do to make these children sleep and not cry.

So she patted her toddler on the head and said night night,
Then rushed next door to the other who was clearly wound up tight.

The baby would not be so easy to settle back to sleep,
Mama knew from the baby’s cries she was already in it too deep.

This night will be long, mama said with a frown,
So she plugged baby in to the boob and got comfy sitting down,
And baby fed and fed until her tummy was full,
While mama whispered lullabies about cradles that fall.

At last mama decided to detangle herself from the clinging tot,
And braced herself as she lowered the dozing infant into her cot,
But baby snapped awake with eyes full of rage,
And cried once again for what felt like an age.

At last mama settled the baby to sleep,
Then went downstairs to fill the children’s stockings without making a peep,
Come morning they would see the hard work she had done,
To keep the Christmas magic alive, and make sure they had fun.

At last mama fell into bed tired from the drama,
Yet her mind ran at a million miles an hour,
Thinking of the dozens of things to do,
To make sure Christmas Day is just right for you.

Before sleep finally claimed her she whispered as she turned out the light,
Happy Christmas to all, may our kids sleep through the night.