You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it’s well worth making it a room that you love.

Sure you might be asleep for most of that time, but if you want to get a restful night then you can increase your chances by creating a sanctuary that you love to be in.

Your bedroom should be a place that’s cosy, but also pleasing to your eye. It should have some of your favourite colours, but not be too over the top. You want it to be relaxing.

Once your baby reaches a certain age and you regain a bit more time to sleep and do things around the house, then it’s a good time to give your bedroom a bit of a makeover.

And what better time of year to do it than the spring!?

I love spring colours so much, the yellows, pastels and pale pinks. There’s a lot of inspiration to be drawn from springtime.

So I thought I would share with you my tips for making your bedroom somewhere you love to be.

Beautiful blooms

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of brightening up any room immediately.

A beautiful bunch of daffodils, tulips or a mixed bouquet filled with rainbow colours will cheer up your bedroom instantly and put a spring in your step.

A change of bedding

Because the bed is of course the most dominating piece of furniture in the room, this is where you can make a big impact on the room’s look.

Going for white bedding can really brighten up the bedroom and you can add a pop of colour with some bright throw cushions and a pretty blanket.

Give it a lick of paint

You may not fancy, or have the time, to give every wall a new coat of paint.

In which case you could pick just one wall and turn it into a feature. Paint it a bright pink, or a beautiful deep blue. Think about what colour scheme you have in the room and find a colour that will compliment that.

New bedside lamps

I think this is a really crucial area because you want them to be practical for reading but you also need lights that match the rest of the furniture and decor.

Look for styles that you love, but also remember to double check they will give off the light that you need.

Bedside lamps are an area where you can make a real statement with colour or an unusual design, so think outside the box!


There’s nothing less relaxing than seeing piles of paperwork, dirty clothes and makeup on every surface when you go to bed.

Spring is the perfect time to declutter. Get rid of clothes that you’ve doubled up on, ditch old makeup you haven’t used in ages, bin socks with holes in and have a root around the wardrobe for any old bags you don’t use any more.

Get smart with storage

If you can invest in some beautiful pieces of furniture that’s great. But you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Have a look at what you do have and think about whether it works in the room. If it doesn’t can you move it out of the room to elsewhere?

Can you give it a lick of paint to make it look more in keeping with your colour scheme?

Try not to have too much furniture and storage boxes cluttering the room and wardrobe. Have a good clear out and move boxes you rarely open to the loft.

New curtains or blinds

There’s no better way to lift a room than getting some new curtains or blinds. It can totally change the mood!

Pick a colour that works for you, and don’t be afraid to make a statement with them.

There’s so much choice when it comes to design and fabric so have a good look at retailers such as Direct Blinds and think about what would work in the space you have.

So those are my top tips for sprucing up your bedroom this Spring, I hope they gave you some inspiration. Are you looking to overhaul your bedroom? What plans do you have?