It’s very easy to imagine others around you have the perfect life.

Perfect looks, perfect kids, perfect relationship, perfect house, perfect bank balance. It’s hard to decide which one you’re most envious of, right?

You think you know what someone else’s life is like. And when it comes to their life, it’s all happy days, job promotions, cocktails, fabulous dinners, fancy shindigs and plain sailing all day long.

Social media shoves it under our noses all day every day. So-and-so we used to know from school has just posted photos of herself on a yacht she’s renting for the summer. Another friend has just renovated their new house and it looks like something straight out of the pages of an interior design magazine. That girl I used to work with is never seen out in the same dress twice. How on earth does that mum manage to take such super perfect photos of her family wearing designer outfits with no mud, food, snot or milk all over them?

We think other people get it all right and we get it all wrong. But what if we could lift the veil and see behind the glamorous picture we have in our heads and glimpse the truth.

You think you know. But think about all the supposed imperfections in your life that no one else knows about.

When I worry about falling behind, being second-rate at best, slack in my career, a lazy mum; I think about what others may see when they look at my life. Even close friends don’t always see us at our worst.

You think I’m super confident, I doubt myself at every turn.

You think I know what I want, aside from my kids and my husband I have no idea.

You think “I don’t know how she does it”, I cut corners and squeeze time out of moments I should really spend with the kids.

You think I manage to keep a pretty decent wardrobe even when I’m lounging at home, my new Victoria’s Secret PJ bottoms got pooped on last week and the stain won’t come out.

You think I’m doing great on very little sleep, the other morning I cried because I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day.

You think I’m so happy all the time, I focus way too much on the negative side of things and often forget about all the positives in my life.

You think I’ve done so great breastfeeding both my kids, I wasted too much time stressing about getting this one thing right and not enough time just enjoying my babies.

You think I’m lucky, and I am, there is no doubt about that. But that doesn’t equal perfection. I get stressed, fall out with my other half and lose the plot when my kids have spent an entire afternoon engaging in a whinge-off.

We might appear to have it all on paper but it’s a simple fact of human nature that we don’t feel happy all the time. We all have problems, insecurities and envy what others have.

If we can see that picture perfect really is just that – a snapshot of perfection, not telling the whole story outside of the frame – then we would be a lot happier with our beautifully imperfect lives.