Is there anything more exciting to a child than superheroes? I’m not sure there is, apart from maybe cake!

My girls are absolutely obsessed with playing superheroes at the moment and will tear around the house pretending to “save the day” for hours. 

That’s why I was thrilled to give them these super fun DC Super Friends vehicles. 

The new Herodrive DC Super Friends Collection is a fantastic range of toys aimed at your very own little superheroes. Inspired by DC characters such as Batman and Superman, these vehicles come in a range of sizes that are perfect for little hands. 


What we tested

Herodrive Batman Racer (£24.99). Perfect for fans of the caped crusader! This exciting motorised vehicle features lights, music and engine sounds to bring the fun to life. 

The car also features wings that pop out – getting it ready for action! When the logo on the hood is pressed once it makes the Batman sounds, then when it’s pushed again it goes racing forwards. 

This was the largest of the Herodrive toys we were sent to try out. 

Herodrive Mash Machines (£7.99). These are such a fun little concept! The Mash Machines are mash-ups of your fave DC super friends with rescue and urban vehicles. Pushing the symbol at the front of the car gets the sound effects and flashing lights going. 

These are the smallest of the Herodrive range. They are perfect for tiny hands!

The Superman vehicle is a fire engine and the Batman vehicle is a police car, both come complete with flashing lights on top!

Herodrive Signal Squad (£12.99). Even I got really excited by this car, it’s so clever. Pushing the Superman signal causes the car to illuminate the logo at the front, so that you can project it onto a wall in front of the car. The girls loved this feature!

What did we think of Herodrive?

The girls loved pressing the buttons to bring the vehicles to life. It made playtime so much more fun, and really sparked their imaginations. 

It’s fab that this toy combines two things that kids love – vehicles and superheroes. 

The buttons are really easy to push down. I sometimes end up having to operate toys for my kids as they can’t get to grips with stiff buttons that they can’t press themselves. These are large and clear buttons that are simple to push. 

There is fantastic attention to detail on each of the cars, from the logos to the colours that are used. 

The Mash Machines are a lovely size, as they are just big enough to not get lost easily but small enough to slip into a changing bag if you need a toy to distract your kids on a day out. They would make amazing stocking fillers!

The Signal Squad car is a brilliant idea, kids can light up the Superman symbol to call their heroes to action. It’s really exciting when done in the dark!

These make lovely and affordable gifts for children, and are sure to bring a lot of fun this Christmas!

You can buy these fantastic toys from Amazon at the following links: 

Bat mobile

Mash machines

Signal Squad

This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.