The Blogging Bubble


Do you have a passion for writing, but lack confidence when it comes to hitting publish?

Are you struggling with writer’s block, or maybe we should call it blogger’s block, and need help coming up with ideas to keep your site updated, exciting and super appealing for your audience?

Well I have got the solution for you that’s going to make your writing sing and help grow your blog like crazy! And the brilliant thing is, anyone can do it.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in 15 years as a trained journalist and one year of blogging and created a course just for mummy bloggers, like you!

This is a one-stop shop to solving your problems with writing, whether it be that you struggle to come up with ideas, you have no idea how to start your blog post off or that you cannot seem to find the time to fit writing into your busy life.

I’ve also included my secrets to success with Pinterest and Facebook, the two social media platforms that have helped me explode my blog traffic!

Not only do you get access to my course, which is packed with all the tips I use to make my own blog a success, and get me more than 25,000 page views per month, but you also get loads of support from me.

I want to hold your hand as you progress through the course and answer any questions that you have. I’ll be there to read over your writing and offer advice, guidance and inspiration to get your blog moving in the right direction towards where you want it to be.

Wondering if this could be the course for you?

If you dream of making money from your blog, and even turning it into a full-time career one day, you’re going to need to create amazing content that speaks to your reader and keeps them engaged.

All of that talent is locked away in your head, but I can help you harness that and use it to create fantastic content that builds your audience and gets attention from brands.

Included in the course is lectures that will guide you through my writing thought process, and help you brainstorm enough blog post ideas to keep your site brimming with fresh content for the rest of the year and beyond.

I’m offering ALL of this for just £20. That includes lifetime access to the course and any updates.